Rich Sprout

photo of a surf ski in an ocean swell

A surf ski is a high-performance hack of the ages old kayak. I’m pretty sure the most amazing thing I’ll ever see a surf ski do is this video of US Olympian Rich Sprout crossing a large breaker at The Wedge in Newport Beach, CA.

On 1September 2011 Rich Sprout paddled over a big wave at The Wedge in Newport Beach. I was talking about the Rich Sprout video with Riley at the Newport Aquatic Center yesterday. He was also very impressed and said they’d dissected that clip for an hour. Riley might have been a little less overwhelmed than me though. His comment on Sprout was,

He’s from South Africa, that’s what they do there.

Riley also said that this clip wasn’t quite as random as it looks. That Sprout had sat on the beach for maybe an hour watching the surf before paddling across it.

Photo: Johan Linder i Clapotis Sea Kayak by Erik & Pia Sjostedt