The Newsroom in the age of Coronavirus

The Old Newsroom

What a difference a week makes.
Were we too slow?
Weren’t we paying attention?
Should we have been on this weeks ago?
We are 3 decades late on Climate Change.
Are we 3 weeks late on COVID-19?

Time will tell.

What we do know is that last week Santa Monica College (SMC) and the SMC Corsair newspaper were business as usual. We put out a print edition on Tuesday 10 March. After the paper was done some of us ate chips ‘n guac and watched Spotlight in the newsroom. 48 hours later, on Thursday the 12th, we had our final meeting in the newsroom. We’ll be working remotely now until at least June.

TUESDAY 10 MARCH, 9:18 am — new Corsair photo editor Marco Pallotti works on a story with previous photo editor Yasmin Tehrani.
TUESDAY 10 MARCH, 11:26 am — Corsair Copy Editor/Opinion Editor Evan Minniti (lower-right) leads a read-through of Corsair content.
TUESDAY 10 MARCH, 11:32 am — managing editor Jack Hughes and editor-in-chief Jackie Sedley share a light moment on a busy day.
TUESDAY 10 MARCH, 5:56 pm — EIC Jackey Sedley (center-bottom) makes a final adjustment to The Corsair before sending files off to the printer at 6:00 pm. Around Sedley are, clockwise from lower-left: Kiran Baez, writer/photographer, Dana Binfert, social media editor, Jack Hughes, managing editor, Izzy Colindres, writer/photographer, Marco Pallotti, photo editor, Fernando Duran, multimedia editor.
TUESDAY 10 MARCH, 7:14 pm — Movie night (Spotlight) in the newsroom. You can see Carolyn’s rubber boots on the right – it was raining that day. We didn’t know that the next morning the COVID-19 virus would be pouring over everyone’s plans.
THURSDAY 12 MARCH 10:07 am — what the Corsair newsroom looked like at our last meeting there.

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Images below photographed with a 14mm f1.8 Sigma lens + Sony a9

The New Newsroom

We occupied the Corsair Newsroom for 4 weeks. And then, maybe we should have expected it, but we didn’t, the newsroom, like so many others around the country, was closed. Here are images of our virtual newsroom from a staff meeting on Tuesday 17 March:

Jackie Sedley, Editor-in-Chief, 9:52 am PDT
Jackie Sedley, Editor-in-Chief, 9:56:24 am PDT
Glenn Zucman, Writer/Photographer, 9:56:51 am PDT
Dana Binfet, Social Media Editor, 9:58 am PDT
Aleah Antonio, News Editor, 9:59:06 am PDT
Fernando Duran, Multimedia Editor, 9:59:29 am PDT
Jessica Harper, Staff Writer, 9:59:49 am PDT
Chrissa Loukas, Staff Writer, 10:00:04 am PDT
Yasmin Tehrani, Senior Staff Photographer, 10:00:18 am PDT
Emely Chavarria, Staff Writer, 10:00:43 am PDT
James Shippy, Staff Writer, 10:01:01 am PDT
Valentin Contreras, Staff Photographer, 10:01:30 am PDT
Drew Andersen, Staff Writer, 10:01:40 am PDT
Clyde Bates, Staff Photographer, 10:02 am PDT
Paris Wise, Staff Writer, 10:05 am PDT
Marco Pallotti, Photo Editor, 10:11 am PDT
Carolyn Burt, Digital Culture, 10:12 am PDT
Rebecca Hogan, Staff Writer, 10:30 am PDT
Tele Max, 10:31 am PDT
Missael Soto, Staff Writer/Photographer, 10:32:39 am PDT
Jack Hughes, Managing Editor, 10:32:48 am PDT
Bennet Barone, Staff Writer, 10:34 am PDT

The New Normal

And so the staff of The Corsair, the students of Santa Monica College, and the people of California, America, and The World embark on our nobody-knows-how-many-months-long new normal of living with COVID-19.

New Newsroom – my new home newsroom in Monterey Park, CA. It’s comfy. Which is good, since I’ll be here for months.
Hello Corsair!

Inside the Newsroom: The Heart of the Media Industry

Hello, fellow news junkies! Today, I want to take you on a journey into the heart of the media industry: the newsroom. As a former journalist myself, I can tell you that there’s nothing quite like the thrill of being in a bustling newsroom, where reporters are frantically typing away at their keyboards, editors are shouting out assignments, and the constant hum of breaking news fills the air.

But what exactly goes on inside a newsroom? Well, it’s a lot more than just people yelling “stop the presses!” (although that does happen on occasion). A newsroom is where stories are born, where ideas are brainstormed, and where the hard work of journalism takes place.

One of the most important aspects of a newsroom is the sense of community that it fosters. Whether it’s sharing tips, collaborating on stories, or just commiserating over a tough day, the bonds between colleagues in a newsroom are strong. And that’s crucial, because working in the media industry can be incredibly demanding and stressful.

Another key element of a newsroom is the technology that powers it. From the computers and software that reporters use to file their stories, to the cameras and microphones that capture interviews and footage, technology is at the center of everything that happens in a newsroom.

But perhaps the most important part of a newsroom is the people. Journalists are the ones who go out into the world to find stories, to ask tough questions, and to hold those in power accountable. And while the media industry has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years, the commitment of journalists to telling the truth and shining a light on important issues remains as strong as ever.

Of course, no discussion of the media industry would be complete without mentioning the role of social media. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram have revolutionized the way that news is disseminated and consumed, and they have become crucial tools for journalists to connect with their audiences. And for those looking to boost their social media presence, why not go directly to Marketing Heaven and see what they have to offer?

Finally, the newsroom is the beating heart of the media industry, where ideas are born, stories are told, and the truth is uncovered. It may not always be glamorous, but there’s no denying that there’s something special about being a part of the journalistic community. So here’s to the newsrooms of the world, and to the journalists who work tirelessly to bring us the news every day.