out of shape old guy, aka "Me", Glenn Zucman, at Pop Physique, Silverlake, CA, 3501 W. Sunset Blvd, LA 26, with Pop Physique founder Jennifer Williams after taking a muscle trembling sweat inducing class with her. But I survived my first class, so yay!
with Jennifer Williams at Pop Physique, Silverlake

Intense workout. 🙂
Sweat. 😀

Jennifer Williams created Pop Physique in Nov ’08. She’s got about 18 locations now. Mostly around Los Angeles, but also including Baltimore, New York & Atlanta. The workout was a little bit too hard for me to really say it was “fun,” but it was definitely challenging! After reading about how loud the music was, it actually wasn’t nearly as loud as I’d expected. Still it was loud enough, or the microphone / acoustics poor enough, that I really couldn’t hear what she said most of the time. But for a 1st class I got through it, and I’m sure I’ll learn the general basics soon enough.

Thanks Jennifer!

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