Victor Vargas

photo of woodworks
photo of woodworks
Woodwork by Victor Vargas: Ice Cream Scoop, Bottle Opener, Wine Stopper, Chopstix


My cousin Victor Vargas is a woodworker. It’s not his day job. But it is his passion.

Victor & Alicia

There are all kinds of reasons that Christmas Eve at Alicia & Victor’s house is a wonderful evening. One of my favorites is the screaming kids. But up at the top of the list has to be getting some new wood creation from Vic. There was the year of the Ice Cream Scoops. And the year of the Bottle Openers.

Victor & Kristen

And then Vic’s son, Victor, married Kristen. That was the summer of 2012. Vic undertook the monumental task of making wine stoppers. One for every single guest at the wedding! I think he hand crafted 200 wine stoppers. For 3 Christmases after that, we saw no sign of Vic’s craft. I can only imagine what a long recovery it was!!


This year Vic was back with chopstix! They’re far more diminutive than the big boisterous wood of an ice cream scoop, but they’re a very rich wood, and living in New Taipei (Rosemead) as I do, I actually use chopstix a lot more than ice cream scoops! 😀

I’m glad to see Vic’s recovered from the massive wedding project, and I can’t say how lucky I feel to have more of his woodwork be a part of my kitchen.

photo of different designs of chopsticks
My chopstix collection, with cousin Victor’s creation in front