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detail view of a Scientology "Oxford Capacity Analysis"

The Church of Scientology building in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard on Aug. 28, 2011.

There’s a building on Sunset Boulevard here in Los Angeles with a giant “SCIENTOLOGY” sign on it. As a local, of course, I’ve never actually had the nerve to walk into the place. But 2 of our intrepid CouchSurfers coincidentally visited just 2 days apart. The “testing” takes about 2 hours, but apparently there are no dungeons in the building and the doors are not actually locked. They both successfully managed to leave. And while giving them money is highly encouraged, Elena & Larra both managed to leave unharmed and without paying anything.

L. Ron Hubbard (1911 – 1986) was an American Science Fiction author. Later he wrote a book, Dianetics which has been translated into a zillion languages. It’s the modern science of mental health and is sort of the “bible” for the religion that followed, Scientology. You might know that some famous peeps like Tom Cruise or John Travolta are members.

Anyway, Elena & Larra were both generous enough to share their cool Scientology Personality Profiles (“Oxford Capacity Analysis”) with us.

Charts & Graphs, yay! Sooooo sexy!

Here’s today’s dataporn:

photo of a Scientology "Oxford Capacity Analysis"

photo of a Scientology "Oxford Capacity Analysis"

Image: North Country Public Radio