Diptych of images of Amber Heard and Glenn Zucman posing for the cover of Shape Magazine, December 2018
Amber Heard photographed by James Macari. Styling by Brooke Ely Danielson. Hair by Jon Chapman/Carol Hayes using Leonor Greyl Hair Care and Ibiza brushes. Makeup by Katey Denno/The Wall Group. Manicure by Kylie Kwok/Tracey Mattingly. Glenn Zucman photographed by Sony Remote Commander. Styling? Glenn uses Joico Hair Care and Denman brushes.
Amber Heard on the cover of Shape Magazine, December 2018
Amber wears Chantelle Segur bustier, Tory Burch high-waisted satin pants. Necklaces: Doyle & Doyle Victorian Repousse Fob necklace, Dudley VanDyke Cross Fob & Open Link chain necklace, Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz Royal Charm Carnelian pendant necklace. Rings: Doyle & Doyle Arts & Crafts Amethyst, Vintage Shell Cameo, Gregorian Ouroboros Snake, Art Deco Amethyst, and Moonstone. Earrings: Doyle & Doyle Victorian Etruscan Revival.
Glenn Zucman mirroring Amber Heard's pose from the cover of Shape Magazine, December, 2018.
Glenn wears Forever 21 Lace Longline Bralette & Basic Scoop Neck Cami, Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier high-waisted cotton pants, Shoes: Cole Haan+Nike Air. Bling: model’s own. Rings: model’s own.
Camera: Sony a9, Lens: Sony 85mm f1.8, Settings: 1/250 @f4, ISO 100.

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