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Hello, I’m Glenn Zucman. Thanks for visiting my portfolio website. I believe that all art is Identity Art. In my work, I try to have a little bit lighter author’s hand and to empower participants to express their own identity.

The range of expressions of love or hate from people at Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood Boulevard. A “Mixed Reality” public art event where people at RL Venice Beach, and avatars on a virtual beach in Second Life, can all express their reflections on love and being a part of humankind.

On this website, you’ll find a reverse-chronologic list of projects. In the menus under corpora, you’ll find collections of works. A corpus is a body of texts, it’s plural corpora, are bodies of texts. I use the term corpora instead of a term like “media” because my work is less about painting or sculpture or video, and more about Social Production, or Public Art, or Incarnation, or Resurrection.

Thanks for visiting my portfolio. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to talk further, see the contact page, where you can send me an email, find me on Instagram, grab my phone number, or contact me via the platform of your choice.

Thanks for visiting!

Turning Pages

During her visit to Runaway University, London-based, Spanish artist Marta Troya worked with my students to create a performance work Turning Pages that reflected on the idea of texts in our media age. Before her departure, Troya and I decided to keep the conversation going through a series of online letters.

Runaway University

Runaway University Los Angeles (RULA) is an alternative, unaccredited, international university operated out of my home. RULA has been a laboratory for understanding that a different college experience is possible. A bottom-up college experience where motivated students pursue knowledge, instead of a top-down experience where faculty preach to lethargic supplicants.


When I arrived at his house in Three Rivers, CA, Mike gave me a stack of used Chop Saw Wheels and invited me to make something.

Medici University

Medici University is an alternative university for avatars. We grant (unaccredited) MFA degrees and other certificates. MU’s VR campus includes 100 studio spaces on 6.5 hectares of virtual land. The MU experience allows self-driven learners to pursue projects of their own design.

Compass H2O

Collaborative project with Samy Kamkar, Natalia Fedner, Sharon Gong, David Wang, Joseph Kan, Susan Zhang & Vivia Liu. We explored the new space of Ephemeral Wayfinding and created a prototype for a new product Compass H2O, a wrist-worn, database-backed, device that leads to water in both developed and undeveloped regions.

Alexis F. Smith

Alexis F. Smith, aka “Banksy’s Girlfriend.” As Lois Lane could probably tell you, having a boyfriend with a secret identity isn’t nearly so fun as people might think.

Mixed Reality Cabaret

I produced a new media / mixed reality performance evening Mixed Reality Cabaret at Long Beach State University’s University Theatre. The evening featured new documentary, music, and performance works in the University Theatre and in the virtual world Second Life.

Automatic Drawing

Collaboration with Lee Tuyet Le. Partner Drawing, or Tandem Drawing, made not with our conscious minds, but with other brain areas: the motor cortex, the basal ganglia. Drawings enabled by our mammalian brain.