When I arrived at his house in Three Rivers, CA, Mike gave me a stack of used Chop Saw Wheels and invited me to make something.

Medici University

Medici University is an alternative college for avatars. 100 studios on 6.5 hectares of virtual land allow learners to pursue projects of their own design.

Compass H2O

Teammates Samy Kamkar, Natalia Fedner, Sharon Gong, David Wang, Joseph Kan, Susan Zhang, Vivia Liu and I explored the new space of Ephemeral Wayfinding and created the product Compass H2O. Project Website: Compass H2O Presentation Slides:

Alexis F. Smith

Alexis F. Smith, aka “Banksy’s Girlfriend.” As Lois Lane could probably tell you, having a boyfriend with a secret identity isn’t nearly so fun as people might think.

Mixed Reality Cabaret

I produced a new media / mixed reality performance evening Mixed Reality Cabaret at Long Beach State University’s University Theatre. The evening featured new documentary, music, and performance works in the University Theatre and in the virtual world Second Life.

Automatic Drawing

Collaboration with Lee Tuyet Le. Partner Drawing, or Tandem Drawing, made not with our conscious minds, but with other brain areas: the motor cortex, the basal ganglia. Drawings enabled by our mammalian brain.