Edie Sedgwick
Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick

1943 – 1971 – 2014

I wanted to enroll in Glyn Davis’ Warhol MOOC, but the prospect of simply enrolling as “me” seemed so boring, uninteresting, and unworthy of the Warhol corpus. Since the Isabella Medici Twitter Resurrection 3 months earlier had gone so well, it seemed that there might be no better way to enroll in a Warhol MOOC than as a resurrected Edie Sedgwick.

Glyn Davis’ Warhol MOOC was generally excellent and especially so in that it emphasized the familiar 2D works a bit less, and powerfully integrated Warhol’s film oeuvre. Warhol’s film oeuvre of which Sedgwick was such an extraordinary presence.

How might Edie Sedgwick choose to live in the 21st century? You might argue that absent her father’s protection, Isabella Medici’s life was doomed no matter what she did. Sedgwick on the other hand lived a fast life and died young. Might she take the chance to choose a different path?

In interacting with some of Sedgwick’s legions of fans online I came to understand that they want the power and sex appeal of 1966 Edie. They know it’s a volatile power that ended her life at 28, but at least to a degree, they don’t care.

Therefore the choice to consider an alternate life path for Sedgwick seems dubious, still I can at least contemplate it. For each of us there are myriad possible life paths. Even if you live to be 100, you only have enough time to explore a few of your potential paths. For each of us on our death, the life we lived will be dwarfed by the many lives we never had a chance to live.

Since Andy’s Industrial Factory proved to be both the source of Sedgwick’s power, and also the seed of her destruction, I chose to explore an alternative life path, and helped her to create Edie’s Farm.

Edie 2014 Online

Screen Tests

Edie Sedgwick appeared in some of Andy Warhol’s most compelling films and Screen Tests. I have expanded the body of work:




a blurred image of a girl in a farm setting
On the farm with Edie?
photo of a pair of dog tags around a neck and over a v-neck t-shirt. 1st tag reads: "Isabella Medici, FLOFL, 31 Aug 1542, 16 Jul 1576, uxoricide". 2nd tag reads: "Edie Sedgwick, Youthquaker, 20 Apr 1943, 16 Nov 1971, overdose".

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