In this collaboration, London-based, Polish artist Lena Janczak and I share an Instagram feed. Ethereal letters. A conversation. An exchange of ideas. Of cities. Of people. Of love.

Letters 2

Collaboration with Ukrainian artist Irene Prokopets: What if the Terminator movies are actually documentaries? What if “Skynet” becomes sentient? How will it judge humankind? By all the hate speech online? In this project, Prokopets & I invite people to make short video Letters to Skynet explaining to our future AI overlords why humankind is a thing of value & beauty worth saving.

Shame Wrapped in Repulsion

Indiana artist Alyssa Arney and I were inspired/repulsed by the shameless audacity of Burger King’s fractal foodenstein mashup “Mac ‘n Cheetos”. We curated an exhibition focusing on shame, repulsion, and capitalist over-consumption run amok.

Turning Pages

During her visit to Runaway University, London-based, Spanish artist Marta Troya worked with my students to create a performance work Turning Pages that reflected on the idea of texts in our media age. Before her departure, Troya and I decided to keep the conversation going through a series of online letters.

Compass H2O

Collaborative project with Samy Kamkar, Natalia Fedner, Sharon Gong, David Wang, Joseph Kan, Susan Zhang & Vivia Liu. We explored the new space of Ephemeral Wayfinding and created a prototype for a new product Compass H2O, a wrist-worn, database-backed, device that leads to water in both developed and undeveloped regions.