Another Monica
Another Monica

Another Monica

Wedding Bell Blues

Donald Trump’s boasting about sexual assault uncomfortably reminds us of an earlier President who boasted less, but may have done more. Ethics. Values. Liberal. Conservative. Gender. Power. Abuse.

A footnote to President Bill Clinton’s affair with “That Woman,” Monica Lewinsky is that a conservative would-be-spy Linda Tripp befriended the distraught Lewinsky and recorded many hours of conversations in hopes of taking down the president. More political divination. More ethical conundrums.

While those many hours of tapes may have revealed a salacious bit or two, what they revealed more than anything else was two friends living ordinary life. Ordinary life under extraordinary circumstances. Their friendship may have come about from contrived circumstances, and later circumstances may have made that friendship impossible, but for a moment it was two friends who worried about weight, getting to the gym, and splitting cheeseburgers because that makes it ok.

On Saturday, 1 May 2004 Melissa Lawson and Kara Revel performed selections from the transcripts of those tapes.

Video frame of Monica Lewinsky raising her hand to be sworn in for testimony. The frame has the date 02-01-99 burned into it.
Monica Lewinsky / ABC News

Melissa Lawson as Monica Lewinsky
Kara Revel as Linda Tripp

-1- Jane Doe #6, 1:51, Download


-2- K-Mart Hooker, 10:31, Download


-3- Dear Mr. P., 1:42, Download


-4- Radio Address, 5:45, Download


-5- Email, 1:11, Download


-6- His Definition, 2:00, Download


-7- Vernon Jordan, 1:02, Download


-8- “Leaves of Grass”, 7:46, Download


-9- Voice Mail, 3:01, Download


-10- Over Forever, 15:34, Download


-11- Wedding Bell Blues, 2:44

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