Mixed Reality Cabaret
Mixed Reality Cabaret

Mixed Reality Cabaret

I produced a new media / mixed reality performance evening Mixed Reality Cabaret at Long Beach State University’s University Theatre. The evening featured new documentary, music, and performance works in the University Theatre and in the virtual world Second Life.

Mixed Reality Cabaret event poster featuring artists: CSULB Laptop Ensemble, Ciaran Dochas, ChatRoulette, Charlie Gage, Kristine Schomaker, Vanessa Blaylock, Glenn Zucman, The Poubelle Twins, and the date Tuesday 8 May 2012, 7:30pm at the University Theatre

Charlie Gage
Activist / Producer Charles Gage discussed his work and screened clips from his films including his most recent documentary Inspired: The Voices Against Prop 8

Using 3 large-screen projectors on the back wall of the University Theatre, my students played multiple live-streams of Chatroulette with a range of global participants.

Ciaran Dóchas & Vanessa Blaylock
Ciaran Dóchas and Vanessa Blaylock collaborated on the mixed-reality performance Isomorphic featuring 4 laptop musicians live at the University Theater and 4 avatars in the virtual world Second Life. The 4 avatars and 4 fleshvatars all played sound loops from a new work composed by Dóchas. Each RL person held a laptop with a video stream of their avatar in VR, and each avatar held a laptop with a video stream of their fleshvatar at the University Theatre.

CSULB Laptop Ensemble
The CSULB Laptop Ensemble performed new and existing works under the direction of Martin Herman. Works included the CSULB Laptop Ensemble’s signature (Big) Knobs composition.

Kristine Schomaker
Painter, Curator, and Mixed Reality Performance Artist Kristine Schomaker performed her new mixed reality performance work An Avatar is an Avatar is an Avatar featuring a reading by her in the University Theatre, and simultaneously by the projection of her avatar from the virtual world Second Life.

The Poubelle Twins
The Poubelle Twins, Fifi & Bibi, brought their Slapping Booth to the Virtual Pyramid on the Virtual CSULB Campus in Second Life.

Long Beach State University's University Theatre with the large apron, stage, and backstage areas united as an interactive-performance stage featuring performance, mixed-reality, multiple projections into various worlds including ChatRoulette and Second Life
Mixed Reality Cabaret, interactive, many-media, performance-installation, University Theatre, Long Beach State University, 8 May 2012
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