Standing on the driveway in front of the house, just a minute before leaving for the airport


Welcome to Los Angeles!
I hope you have an awesome time here!
Here’s a few details about my place:

Anthony & Kevin in the (not) themed "Budapest Train Station" room
Budapest Train Station: sleeps 2-3

Your Chalet Awaits

Casa Glenn features four (not actually) themed (not actually private) rooms:

  • Budapest Train Station
  • Sonthofen Ski Lodge
  • Curaçao Beach
  • Kuala Lumpurlet

Sleeping: All are public spaces and none have beds. I have 2 couches and 6 foam pads. I have some blankets but probably need more. The couches are just couches, they are not fold-out beds.
Bathrooms: I have 2 bathrooms, but only 1 shower.

Isnaya, Lara, Zeinab & Stefanie in the Sonthofen Ski Lodge
Sonthofen Ski Lodge: sleeps 2-4-6
Elena, Maria & Antonio in the Curaçao Veranda
Curaçao Beach: sleeps 1-2-3
sleeping bags & pillows in the Kuala Lumpurlet room
Kuala Lumpurlet: sleeps 1-2

No Smoking

RULA is a no smoking facility.


“Los Angeles” can mean 3 different things: The City of Los Angeles, The County of Los Angeles, or the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. “New Taipei” (Rosemead) is one of the cities in Los Angeles County. RULA is located 10 miles East of Union Station / Downtown Los Angeles.


Unlike most world cities, Los Angeles is defined more by “Sprawl” than by “Density.” Everything is spread over the vastness of the LA Metropolitan Area. There is no one place that is close to everything. To help you get a sense of locations, here are the distances by car from RULA and The Santa Monica Pier, to different LA Metro Attractions:

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame – from SM: 14 miles / from RULA: 18 miles
  • Griffith Observatory – from SM: 24 miles / from RULA: 17 miles
  • Disneyland – from SM: 41 miles / from RULA: 27 miles
  • Huntington Beach – from SM: 46 miles / from RULA: 37 miles
  • Venice Beach – from SM: 3 miles / from RULA: 28 miles
  • Disney Hall & Broad Art Museum – from SM: 16 miles / from RULA: 11 miles
  • 888 Seafood (dim sum breakfast) – from SM: 27 miles / from RULA: 2 miles
  • Nearest Walmart – from SM: 12 miles / from RULA: 1 mile

LA is Huge

I know I just said sprawl! But let’s do some numbers. First, you should know that “Los Angeles” can mean 3 different things:

  1. The City of Los Angeles
  2. The County of Los Angeles (bigger)
  3. The Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area (even bigger)

Places like “Santa Monica,” or “New Taipei (Rosemead),” or “Compton” are cities in Los Angeles County. A place like “Hollywood” is an unincorporated area, so not a city in LA County, but a district that’s part of the city of Los Angeles. A place like “Disneyland” isn’t even in LA County, it’s in Orange County, but it’s part of the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

American Counties by Area

#1. San Bernardino County, CA - 52,000 km2 of land
#74. Los Angeles County, CA - 10,500 km2 of land (not counting about 2,000 km2 of water)

By Population

  1. Los Angeles County, CA: 10+ million people
  2. Cook County, IL (including Chicago): 5+ million people


  • Cook County, IL (including Chicago): 5 million people in 2,500 km2 = 2,122 people / km2
  • King’s County, NY (including Brooklyn): 2.5 million people in 183 km2 = 13,656 people / km2
  • New York County (including Manhattan): 1.6 million people in 59 km2 = 26,820 people / km2
  • San Bernardino County, CA: 2 million people in 52,000 km2 = 39 people / km2
  • Los Angeles County, CA: 10 million people in 10,500 km2 = 934 people / km2

Getting Here

LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)
The cheapest & fastest way to get to RULA in New Taipei (Rosemead) is to take a US$8 “Flyaway” bus from LAX to Union Station in downtown LA. Then:

Union Station
If you’re heading to Los Angeles by bus you’ll probably wind up at Union Station or the nearby Greyhound Terminal. From Union Station to RULA is only 12 miles. From Union Station, you can Bus for US$1.75 or Uber (about US$15) to my place.

If you’re going from LAX to RULA, the 2 buses will cost you US$10 (US$9.75) and Uber Estimate lists the cost from my place to the International Terminal at LAX as US$34-46. I think there is no extra charge for more passengers on Uber. So if there’s 3, or even 2 of you, Uber to or from LAX is pretty competitive with the bus and probably a lot faster. Eleonora took the “Airport Shuttle” (those blue vans I think) for US$40, so Uber’s probably a better deal than them.


  • New Taipei (Rosemead) is 12 miles east of Union Station / Downtown Los Angeles
  • Rent-a-car
  • Uber
  • Uber Estimate
  • Bus: the 70 & 770 buses stop around the corner at the laundromat. They drop you off on the laundromat side. You catch them across the street from the laundromat. They’ll take you to & from Union Station, and from there you can get to pretty much anywhere in LA. If you buy a US$1 “TAP Card” at someplace like Union Station you can “fill it” with money for the bus. This way you don’t have to have “exact change” plus the TAP Card gives you a Free Transfer – you can catch a connecting bus to get where you want within 2 hours without having to pay again. I think most buses are US$1.75 and they don’t give change. (aka “exact change”)

Metro Rail

The bus is cheap and slow. Uber or rent-a-car is faster but more expensive. Metro Rail is the same price as the bus, $1.75 one way, and with free transfers, but is a lot faster than the bus.

As an example, let’s say you wanted to go from RULA to the hot new Contemporary Art space in LA: The Marciano Art Foundation at 4357 Wilshire Boulevard. Uber Estimate puts a 1-way ride on UberX at US$21-28, or on UberPool at US$21-22. If 3 peeps go it will be something like $8 each, or $16 round trip. (The MAF has free admission BTW (and free parking if you drive))

Another way to get there would be to Uber (or Lyft) from RULA to the Metro Gold Line Atlantic Station in East LA. Uber Estimate puts that at $8-12 for X, or $8-9 for Pool. Then you could take the Metro Gold line to Union Station for US$1.75, get a free transfer to the Metro Purple line, ride that to Wilshire & Western, and then walk 1.4km / 0.9mi down Wilshire to MAF. If 3 peeps go that’s about $3 for Uber, and $1.75 for the Metro, or something like $5 each, or $10 round trip.

From Uber to Gold Line to Purple Line to walking down Wilshire will still definitely take some time! But hey, it’s LA, going everywhere takes forever! 😛

Food Here

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Hot Water for Tea, etc
  • Backyard Barbecue


  • Asian Markets 0.6 miles / 1.0 km West on Garvey Avenue
  • Walmart 0.9 miles / 1.4 km South on Walnut Grove Avenue
  • Bake Code OMG! my new favorite! 2.4 miles / 3.9 km North on Walnut Grove Ave. & West on Valley Blvd.

Walmart, Panda Express, Subway, Honey Boba

Starbucks, East Gourmet Seafood (dim sum), Asian Markets, Walgreens Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, Subway, Pawn Shop, Domino’s

Bake Code

At 2.4 miles / 3.9 km, Bake Code is a bit longer walk, or heaven forbid, drive, but the breads and pastries at this place are so fresh and amazing! You’ll love all the free tasting samples! Plus Valley Blvd. is kind of like “New Taipei” so that might be fun to see. PRO TIP: do not drive there on the weekend! Traffic on Valley and parking are a nightmare. Walking is fine. Or driving on a weekday.

Dining Areas

During non-sleeping hours, the Sonthofen Ski Lodge converts to a nice dining space. We also have 2 dedicated dining areas:

  • Czech Tea Bar
  • IP3 (Italian Peninsula Patio Piazza)
people gathered around a stand-up cocktail table
Czech Tea Barfor all your tea fusion experiments. Wine sometimes also available.
people at an outdoor table
IP3 by day
people at an outdoor barbecue at night
IP3 by night

Also Possibly Useful

What Else?

What else would you like to know!? 😀

photo of folded towels
mmm… towels!


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