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Photo of the 5 of us standing in front of my house around 8 or 9 in the morning
Akos, Csenge, Glenn, Eszter & Denes (Budapest, Hungary)


Welcome to Los Angeles!
I hope you have an awesome time here!
Here’s a few details about my place:

Banu & Cansel (Turkey) in Taipei 101 (2019 – )

New Campus

From 2015-2017 RULA (Runaway University, Los Angeles) was located in Rosemead, CA. We had 4 student dormitories there:

  • Budapest Train Station
  • Sonthofen Ski Lodge
  • Curaçao Beach
  • Kuala Lumpurlet

In 2019 RULA has moved to its new home in Monterey Park, CA. Our new dorms are:

  • Tamagringo Beach
  • Taipei 101
  • Goiquito Lounge
  • Valencia Veranda

In both locations it’s been public spaces, not private rooms. I have some air mattresses & blankets. Since I try to host multiple students at the same time, it’s great if someone has a foam pad or sleeping bag. But we usually have enough to go around!

Karolina & Ambra (Poland) at Tamagringo Beach (2019 – )

No Smoking

RULA is a no smoking facility.


"Los Angeles" is a city, a county, and also a "metropolitan area." Big, bigger, biggest!

You probably already know, yet can’t possibly fully appreciate, that Los Angeles is a city (metropolitan area) defined by sprawl! To give you some idea: LA & NY both have about 10 million people. But NY packs those 10 million into about 1,000 km2, and in LA it’s 10,000 km2!

American Counties by Area

#1. San Bernardino County, CA – 52,000 km2 of land
#74. Los Angeles County, CA – 10,500 km2 (not counting about 2,000 km2 of water)

American Counties by Population

  1. Los Angeles County, CA – 10+ million people
  2. Cook County, IL (including Chicago): 5+ million people

American Counties by Density

  • Cook County, IL (including Chicago): 5 million people in 2,500 km2 = 2,122 people / km2
  • King’s County, NY (including Brooklyn): 2.5 million people in 183 km2 = 13,656 people / km2
  • New York County (including Manhattan): 1.6 million people in 59 km2 = 26,820 people / km2
  • San Bernardino County, CA: 2 million people in 52,000 km2 = 39 people / km2
  • Los Angeles County, CA: 10 million people in 10,500 km2 = 934 people / km2
Gosia (Poland) & Irina (Russia) in the Goiquito Lounge (2019 – )



  1. Rent a car
  2. Uber/Lyft
  3. Metro…


  1. Take the nonstop Flyaway Shuttle from LAX to Union Station, $9.75.
  2. Then take the Metro Gold Line from Union Station south to the last stop, Atlantic Station.
  3. If you don’t have a lot of luggage, it’s a nice 20 minute walk North on Atlantic to RULA. If you have a lot of luggage or it’s raining, diagonally across from Atlantic Station you can catch the Metro 260 bus up to Atlantic & El Repetto.
  4. House is just a few doors up from El Repetto. It’s the brightest colored house on the block – it shouldn’t be hard to find!
Beni (Berlin) out on the Valencia Veranda (2019 – ) There’s plenty of room inside! Nobody has to sleep outside! However, at least in the summer months, a number of people have preferred to sleep outside! 🙂

Groceries, Food, etc

Just a few minutes walk south of RULA is a shopping center with everything you might want:

  • Market: Ralph’s Grocery Market
  • Pharmacies: CVS & Rite Aid
  • Banks: Wells Fargo & Bank of America
  • Sporting Goods / Camping: Big 5
  • To eat/drink: Starbucks, McDonalds, IHOP (24 hours), and many other places

Also Possibly Useful

What Else?

What else would you like to know!? 😀

Elena, Maria & Antonio in the Curaçao Veranda
Elena (Poland), Maria (Sweden) & Antonio (Italy) at the Curaçao Veranda (2015-2017)
Anthony & Kevin in the (not) themed "Budapest Train Station" room
Anthony & Kevin (France) in the Budapest Train Station (2015-2017)
Isnaya, Lara, Zeinab & Stefanie in the Sonthofen Ski Lodge
Isnaya (Italy), Lara (Valencia), Zaineb & Stephanie (Germany) in the Sonthofen Ski Lodge (2015-2017)
sleeping bags & pillows in the Kuala Lumpurlet room
Kuala Lumpurlet (2015-2017)

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