Video: 345 Photos in 600 Seconds

Montage of street photos from Metro from the past 9 months

I’ve been shooting Street Photography around Los Angeles for 9 months now: August 2017 to April 2018.
Here’s a video from those 9 months in Los Angeles. 345 images in 600 seconds.


Mine + Yours = Ours
by George_Ellinas, featuring Snowflake (Emily Richards)

The Fish in the Deep Soup
Music by frompast0
Spoken Word: The Fish in the Deep Sea Water Probably Gives Out a Deep Sigh
by Yamamiya
Featuring Riyu Konata
Words by Bun Onoe

Bob Your Head (Like Louise Brooks)

Thank you CCMixter for making beautiful music accessible for creative projects. Thank you to all the artists contributing to CCMixter and remixing with such compelling results.

Thank you to the mostly anonymous residents of, and visitors to, Los Angeles County. Thank you for being. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for smiling.

Metro 1c

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