Scooter Sharing, 8:53pm

a couple riding the bike path between Venice and Santa Monica on an electric scooter
Scooter Sharing

Have you tried one of the electric scooters from Lime, Bird, or Spin? Apparently, they’re collaborations with Segway, so I assume they’re gyro-balanced, easy to ride, etc. I’ve seen a few in Hollywood, but they’re breeding like rabbits all over Santa Monica & Venice!

Starting in China, where they’ve been hugely popular and also created scooter congestion problems, they arrived in Santa Monica in October 2017, and have also touched down in San Francisco, and a handful of other American cities. Millennials love them! Cities appear a bit more wrought over their congestion, safety, and other implications. Last night, the Santa Monica City Council voted to limit them to 1,500 scooters, with provisions for flexible expansion during a 19-month pilot program.

To use them you download an app, use it to find a scooter, and start riding. The rate is about $1 to start, and $9/hour (charged by the minute – $0.15). Unlike the Metro bicycles that you have to return to a Metro rack, when you’re done with your Lime, Spin, or Bird, you just park it anywhere and log out.

At night, the headlight, red running lights, and green underbelly light are so cool! They’re everywhere on the bike path between Santa Monica and Venice.

Venice Glow Flow, 8:37pm

A guy in the park at Venice Beach juggling illuminated clubs at the "blue hour"

Venice Glow Flow!

Very friendly and talented peeps. Every Wednesday. I’ll have to come back with a flash sometime so I can light the person with that and then use a long exposure to let the LED and other lights drag out patterns. These were all shot at 1/40th of a second, which allows for a small bit of light tracing, yet still makes it possible to have sharp faces.

a woman juggling in the park at the blue hour. Venice Beach, CA. with the group Venice Glow Flow
Photos of the Venice Glow Flow group in Venice Beach, California. A cloudy sky over the Pacific Ocean in the "blue hour" after sunset. A woman works with an LED hoop.
A juggler with an LED hoop working out in Venice Beach at the "blue hour" after sunset. Her face is illuminated by her LED hoop and there is a cloud-filled sky behind her. The group is called Venice Glow Flow.
Three people examine a new "LED Umbrella" that one of them has made. He's taken a regular umbrella, removed the fabric, reinforced the armature, and then strung sequencing LEDs along the armature. One person twirls the umbrella as the other 2 look on. Venice Beach, California with the Venice Glow Flow group half hour after sunset in "blue hour" lighting and with a cloudy sky over the ocean behind them.

justin_vsc, 7:18pm

Justin, from Paris, with his 2-week-old Nikon D850, and 50mm f1.4 lens at the Venice Beach, CA Skate Park

I met Justin, and his two-week-old Nikon D850, with 50mm f1.4 lens, at the Venice Skate Park. He says it’s the greatest camera ever. Today’s the last day of his week in California. Tomorrow he flies home to Paris.

Justin used to love to skate. But after his 2nd broken ankle, his doctor convinced him that photographing other people skating was a better long-term strategy.

Player (Charlissimo) 2:09pm

C H A R L I S S I M O  (Jasmin Charles)
C H A R L I S S I M O (Jasmin Charles)

On sheet music, the Italian suffix “-issimo” makes the adjective it is attached to much more potent

CHARLISSIMO is a queer afro-latina millennial who focuses on combining fine art, music compositions, + visuals in a way that inspires people to FEEL more

I ran into Charlissimo at the 7th Street Metro Center. She was trying to figure out which train would take her 1 stop to Pico. I was useless (signage at these stations is often poor or confusing). Anyway, thanks to the confusing signage we wound up having a conversation. She figured out that the Expo line was the train that stopped at Pico. I later learned that both The Expo line and the Blue Line go from the 7th St Metro Center to Pico. We rode 1 stop to Pico together. She headed to a studio visit with a friend. I continued west to the Pacific Ocean.

She’d been visiting with homeless around town earlier. She tends not to ask them about homelessness, but about ordinary life stuff: dating advice, whatever. She doesn’t ask to take their pictures, they ask her to take one.