people milling about outside Guinness Museum Hollywood

Guinness Museum Hollywood


Would you like a print of an image you see here on Metro?

You already have permission

All the photography on this website is licensed Creative Commons Attribution. You already have permission to print it, display it, remix it, make mashups of it with other images, and so on.

Fine Art use vs Commercial use

The Creative Commons Attribution license grants you permission to do anything with these photographs. No further permission from me or payment to me is required. However, this is Street Photography, which implies 2 things you should be aware of:

  1. All the images include people, usually recognizable
  2. None of the images have model releases

For Fine Art use this shouldn’t be an issue. You are free to make prints and display them on your wall. Use them as wallpaper for your laptop or phone. Remix them or make mashups with them. You could even make a print and sell it in an art gallery. The only thing you would owe me is attribution, giving me credit as the photographer of the original source image.

While you do have my permission to use these images as you like, because there are no model releases, these images are not suitable for Commercial use. You can’t really use them to advertise something.

If you’d like more info on law & street photography, here are a couple of good articles:

Prints up to 8×10 inches

For prints up to 8×10″ (or probably 11×14″) the images on this website already have sufficient resolution. For example, with the image below, simply right-click it, save image as, and then print it from your favorite printer. Or remix it. Or do whatever you like.

Prints over 8×10 inches

For prints over 8×10″ I can send you a higher resolution file that will be more suitable. For any image on this website, right-click it and copy link address. Then visit the Contact Form. LMK that you’d like a hirez file and paste the link address for the image(s) you’d like. In the case of the image below, it would be:

If you haven’t experienced large-format printing, I definitely encourage you to try it. You’re welcome to use any of my images, or perhaps you’ll print one of your own. The experience of a large print, say 40×60″ or 30×40″, is a world apart from a tiny Instagram image on your phone. If you don’t happen to have a fine art Epson printer in your studio, there are many fine art printers around who can make prints for you. Here’s the Yelp listing for fine art printers in Los Angeles.

If you work with camera RAW files and would like a .dng of the file for your remixes & mashups, LMK and I can also provide that file.

Thanks for going Metro!

a guy and three girls skate down Sunset Blvd in Hollywood in front of Amoeba Music

Skating down Sunset

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