… and one Samoa Girl Scout Donut… 12:39pm

a woman orders a Samoa Girl Scout donut from the Dream Donut Truck at Union Station in Los Angeles on Donut Day

… and one Samoa Girl Scout Donut…

Metro held their DTLA Donut Fest at Union Station today from 9a – 4p. The entire Union Station courtyard was solid lines to get to the various donut vendors. You could hardly tell what line went where it was so packed. One place was selling donuts at $5 each, and customers were gleefully filling boxes with them. I was planning to rant about health issues, but it was such an explosively popular day, I feel like I should just shut up! 😛

The only booth that didn’t have a line was Coffee with a Cop. I was looking forward to chatting with officers, but sadly they weren’t at their booth during the time I was there.

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