Meeting Dolores De Luce, 8:53 pm

two young women beam joyously at meeting Dolores De Luce after her panel talk at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, CA

8:53 pm

Meeting Dolores De Luce after her oral history panel:

Oral Histories of Queer Resistance in collaboration with Dirty Looks On Location and the Los Angeles LGBT Center

As an effort to create a living archive of queer resistance and community in LA, Mutant Salon and Young Joon Kwak invite seniors in the LGBT community to share stories of past struggles and resistance, along with the current challenges faced by this community. 49 years after Stonewall Riots, younger generations are invited to learn about the time when it was illegal to be open about one’s sexual orientation or gender, while understanding that the struggle still persists and needs to be connected with its history. In order to understand our position in this current political and social climate, and to imagine the possibilities of what queer resistance could look like, it is crucial to hear and archive the stories of older generations who dealt with the stigmas of illness, perversion, and policing bodies.

Guest speakers: Dolores DeLuce, Fayette Hauser, Leon Mostovoy, and SheAh Prince Eternal

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