Boy’s Room, LAX Terminal 1, Southwest Airlines, 6:21 pm

a selfie in the men's room mirror at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal 1 - Southwest Airlines

6:21 pm

Every time I go to Union Station (at least once a week) I get angry. On this LA Metro Green Line ride, I took the free shuttle from Aviation/LAX Station over to LAX. The contrast between LAX and Union Station – the contrast between LA’s Air Hub and LA’s Rail & Bus Hub – could not be more dramatic.

Things that are true about Union Station

  • Zero places to sit
  • Zero drinking fountains
  • Given the number of commuters, near-zero bathrooms. And the few stalls are ancient and disgusting.

Things that are true about LAX

  • a million places to sit
  • a million drinking fountains
  • a million bathrooms

Given the obvious and extreme security issues that a facility like LAX faces, how does it manage to be so human and humane? Why is Union Station so cold and uncaring?

Is there something different about human beings who ride on airplanes and human beings who ride on buses and rails?

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