Kim Willsher, Stranger 1/100, 2:57 pm

Publicist and Tahitian  dancer Kim Willsher smiles in-between performances in Los Angeles' Chinatown
2:57 pm


Kim Willsher is from England and has been living in Los Angeles for about 9 years now. By day she’s the Director of the Public Relations firm Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Communications Ltd’s Los Angeles office in El Segundo.

Manea Dancers

To balance that tension, her weekend passion is dancing with the Manea Dancers, a Tahitian dance company based in Lomita, a city in the southern part of Los Angeles County, not far from El Segundo. Kim and Manea are performing on a stage in the middle of Chinatown today.

Ballet > Tahitian Dance

Kim has practiced ballet and other dance forms pretty much since forever, but she’s only been doing Tahitian dance for about a year now, the length of time she’s been with Manea. She thinks Tahitian might be her favorite form of dance. The company practices a couple of times a week and performs just about every weekend. She can’t dance with them every weekend, but manages to be on stage at least once a month.

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