Jane’s Walk: Skid Row / Downtown LA

a view of Indian Alley in Downtown Los Angeles with murals and portraits painted on the backs of buildings along the alley

Indian Alley, Downtown Los Angeles, photo by Stephen Ziegler

  • Walk: Skid Row/DTLA
  • Day/Time: Saturday 5 May, 1-2pm
  • Meeting at: Skid Row Museum, 250 South Broadway
  • Walk Leader: Tom Grode of the Skid Row Museum, and Center for Homeless and Indigenous Perspectives of DTLA
  • Walk Coordinators: Sara Lyons & George Lugg

You are invited to join Jane’s Walk: Skid Row/DTLA, a free community walk through Skid Row. Organized in conjunction with Umyuangvigkaq Yaanga, a community Long Table and durational sewing bee led by local Indigenous leaders at the Ace Hotel DTLA on May 6th. We will join volunteers and organizers of the event in exploring the visible and invisible histories of the land underfoot. We will center homeless and Indigenous perspectives in a walk punctuated by generous conversation, provocations, and creative initiations. In community, we will embody the complicated fabric of our vibrant city center as we walk, talk, listen, and look.

Major stops on the walk:

  • Biddy Mason Memorial Park
  • Main Street
  • Indian Alley
  • Beta Main Museum (Leonard Peltier exhibit)
  • Firehouse #23

We hope to see you Saturday!

Questions? glenn.zucman@gmail.com

Jane’s Walk 2018 will include 245 cities in 43 countries:

a graphic of the earth and a big list featuring the  245 cities in 43 countries that are participating in Jane's Walk 2018

Jane’s Walk 2018

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