Jane’s Walk Los Angeles 2018

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Jane’s Walk

Jane’s Walk is an annual festival of free, citizen-led walking conversations inspired by Jane Jacobs.

Jane’s Walks encourage people to share stories about their neighborhoods, discover unseen aspects of their communities, and use walking as a way to connect with their neighbors.

Walks take place in hundreds of cities around the world. Join the next global Jane’s Walk Festival on May 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2018!

Want more info? Read the brief intro I wrote last year! On Facebook: facebook.com/janeswalkla

Jane’s Walk Los Angeles

This page will feature a list of 2018 Jane’s Walks in Los Angeles. All walks are free. Everyone is welcome.

YOU can lead a walk!

Hi, I’m Glenn, the city organizer for Jane’s Walk, Los Angeles. Want to lead a walk of some piece of LA that you love? You don’t have to be the expert on its history. Just lead a walk, share what you know, and let others fill in with their own stories. You can contact me at glenn.zucman@gmail.com, or leave a comment at the bottom of this page, or use the contact form below:

Friday 4 May ’18

  • Walk: Art & Culture in Venice Beach Led by: Glenn Zucman Details:
  • Walk:
  • Walk:

Saturday 5 May ’18

  • Walk: Streets of Hollywood, from the Donald Trump Star to Amoeba Music Led by: Glenn Zucman Details:
  • Walk:
  • Walk:

Sunday 6 May ’18

  • Walk: Eating our way through New Taipei Led by: Glenn Zucman Details:
  • Walk:
  • Walk:

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