Architecture without Architects, 3:08pm

suspended in a large gallery at the Marciano Art Foundation is Damián Ortega's "Architecture without Architects" - an "exploded" view of a 3 story home. Elements like doors and tables and chairs hang in the space like pieces on a 3-dimensional chess board

Damián Ortega, Architecture without Architects, 2010, Marciano Art Foundation

2 thoughts on “Architecture without Architects, 3:08pm

  1. Jess Pacheco (@_jess_stranger_)

    I just saw this piece at the Marciano Art Foundation and I absolutely loved it. This is exactly how we live in today’s world – stacked on to of each other, carbon copies of each other. The idea of American freedom equates to a cell phone now – back in the 1920’s, it was a ford motor vehicle. Freedom today is navigating the world with a 400 dollar monthly payment cell phone, as opposed to a car payment. So, we move to metropolises, where we live stacked on one another, looking the same, doing the same. This is what this piece spoke to me and I loved it.

    1. Glenn Zucman Post author

      Wow, Jess, powerful insights!

      Yes, I too love this piece. It has that exploded/deconstructed Pollock-esque sensibility to it. And, formally, it’s just a gorgeous installation. It’s nice to have the space to breath in the cavernous upper floor of The Marciano/Mason’s.

      IDK if I got all the way to iPhones and Model-T’s – interesting take! And for sure, it does feel very of-our-moment.

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