Category: Spring ’16

  • Wk 15 a bang or a whimper

    Wk 15 a bang or a whimper

    Seems like almost everyone enjoyed sketching at the Japanese Garden. Your feedback on our 14 Art Experiences.

  • Wk 14 Sketching in the Garden

    Wk 14 Sketching in the Garden

    Some beautiful Art Care Packages created & sent last week. This week we’re off to the EBM Japanese Garden for some sketching.

  • Extra Credit!

    Extra Credit!

    We’ve had 190 points or EC so far, and here’s 120 more! (that’s 310 EC points total!) Chances to Explore, Read & Go See!

  • Wk 12 Location Based Gaming

    Wk 12 Location Based Gaming

    Thanks everyone for giving Marta Troya such a warm welcome last week. This week it’s on to Location Based Gaming.

  • Visiting Artist: Marta Troya

    Visiting Artist: Marta Troya

    Sculptor, Performance Artist, and Social Practice artist Marta Troya is visiting Art110 this week!

  • Wk 9 – Moonbase Alpha

    Wk 9 – Moonbase Alpha

    An amazing range of experiences with Automatic Drawing last week! This week we teleport to Moonbase Alpha!

  • Wk 8 Automatic Drawing

    Wk 8 Automatic Drawing

    So many awesome video projects last week! Let’s watch a few! This week: on to “Automatic Drawing”!

  • Wk 7 Group Video Prod.

    Wk 7 Group Video Prod.

    Lots of great Photowalks last week, and thank you to all of our awesome Photowalk Guides! This week: the pictures move!

  • Wk 6: Photowalk!

    Wk 6: Photowalk!

    Photowalk this week! Which “guide” will you follow? Bring your phone or “real” camera if you have one. Exercise your creative eye!

  • Wk 5: Cuisine & Beyond!

    Wk 5: Cuisine & Beyond!

    Nice work with painting last week! This week we’re on to Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure. Which will inspire you?

  • Wk 4 Graffiti Writing

    Wk 4 Graffiti Writing

    Nice work drawing with Snapchat last week. Now it’s on to painting with spray paint. AKA, Graffiti Writing! AKA “Street Art”!

  • Wk 3 Drawin’ w Snapchat

    Wk 3 Drawin’ w Snapchat

    Beautiful landscapes projects from everyone. This week Drawing w Snapchat & visiting the SOA Galleries!

  • Wk 2 Beachin’ It!

    Wk 2 Beachin’ It!

    Last week’s “pretend” disasters included lots of falling, which my mom, unfortunately, did for real on Sunday. And this week Plaster Casting.

  • Wk 1 Welcome 2 Spring ’16!

    Wk 1 Welcome 2 Spring ’16!

    Happy 2016 & Welcome to Art 110 everyone! Here’s who’s in the class with us (Year & Major) & our Discussion Groups for Week 1!