Anthony Estalilla painting at Venice Beach

Wk 5: Cuisine & Beyond!

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Anthony Estalilla painting at Venice Beach
Anthony Estalilla painting at Venice Beach
Catherine Chin at the Giant Robot booth at the LA Art Book Fair
Catherine Chin at the Giant Robot booth at the LA Art Book Fair


Through the end of Week 4 we’ve had a total of 260 points available. Here’s how many points you should have on BeachBored now to be on track for each grade level:

260 points = 100% = “A+” – 56 peeps
234 points = 90% = “A” – 43 peeps – 56+43 = 99
208 points = 80% = “B” – 13 peeps
182 points = 70% = “C” – 8 peeps
156 points = 60% = “D” – 3 peeps
155 points & below = “F” – 4 peeps

Based on these projected grades, the current overall class GPA is 3.57, which is up from last week’s 3.46 by 0.11

Lots of high scores and lots of EC! Awesome!
But a number of peeps are also losing points on Artist Conversations because of “simple” mistakes. Be sure to look at the Grading Rubric and check the “Coded Points” so you can see your mistake and get full credit next time. Most of you already are using the Artist Conversation Template, yay! If you’re not, it really helps you get full points!

Hannah Mandias sketches for her graffiti writing activity
Hannah Mandias sketches for her graffiti writing activity
Dominique Gomez at the LA Art Book Fair
Dominique Gomez at the LA Art Book Fair

Week 5

15-21 Feb

  • Discussion: Fashion: Alexander McQueen & Gianni Versace
  • Art Experience: Social Practice 1: Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

Group 1

  1. Joshua Hyun
  2. Vanessa Betancourt
  3. Valentina Ramirez
  4. Cheryl Peng
  5. Kordell Tan
  6. Jessica Addonizio

Group 2

  1. Julio Garcia
  2. Catherine Chin
  3. Bez Middleton
  4. Regan Cameron
  5. Tareena Woods
  6. Katherine Shinno

Group 3

  1. Leon Phung
  2. Dorothyrose McMahon
  3. Nicole Chovit
  4. Maria Barreda
  5. Christopher Moore
  6. Colleen Siongco

Group 4

  1. Ramtin Yousefi
  2. Jennifer Garcia
  3. Meng Chu
  4. Peter Bay
  5. Alfonso Madrigal
  6. Charles WAtson

Group 5

  1. Kimberly Gutierrez
  2. Anthony Sanchez
  3. RaVen Montgomery
  4. Carlos Madrigal
  5. Jennifer Lee
  6. Christine Kim

Group 6

  1. Sean Hernandez
  2. Ashley Batres
  3. Jing Huan Ooi
  4. Leslie Echiveste
  5. Gabriela Hernandez
  6. Marlon Fernandes

Group 7

  1. Francisco Miranda
  2. Madison Braverman
  3. Florenz Francis Baltazar
  4. Christian Aguirre
  5. Aaron Dela Rosa
  6. Crysta Tim

Group 8

  1. Helen Lee
  2. Shannon McGuinness
  3. Lorena Rubalcava
  4. Amber Bolden
  5. Jazlyn Tabar
  6. William Luna

Group 9

  1. Christopher Williams
  2. Rejina Hernandez
  3. Elizabeth Moledo
  4. Sam Tan
  5. Oscar Alvarez
  6. Brandon Nhem

Group 10

  1. Enrique Vega
  2. Andrew Andrade
  3. Rebekah Johnson
  4. Hunter Mervosh
  5. Xiomara Barnes
  6. Leah Perez

Group 11

  1. Hannah Mandias
  2. Francesca Butler
  3. Cassandra Topete
  4. Christopher Chadwick
  5. Alanna Godinez
  6. Valerie Laslo

Group 12

  1. Haley Anderson
  2. Daniella Galindo
  3. Molly Poyer
  4. Lainie Le
  5. Anthony Estalilla
  6. Jesus Viramontes

Group 13

  1. Jamie Filosa
  2. Kyle Shishido
  3. Glenda Castillo
  4. Biance Dominguez
  5. John Stouras
  6. Kyu Jung Lee

Group 14

  1. Jonathan Behzadian
  2. Annie Ronning
  3. Megan Stevens
  4. Natalie Guevara
  5. Gregory Plantenga
  6. Margarita Reyna

Group 15

  1. Tiffany Van Gilder
  2. Jhonatan Ramos Lopez
  3. Adilene Leon
  4. David Brown
  5. Destiny Farihi
  6. Justin Marquez

Group 16

  1. Carlos Cucufate
  2. Cynthia Esquivias
  3. Carlos Nava
  4. Andrew Hana
  5. Ngozi Ekwedike
  6. Gina Householder

Group 17

  1. Patrick Dong
  2. Hilario Saucedo
  3. Enrique Plascencia
  4. Ciprian Robielos
  5. Mia Miller
  6. Nancy Tran

Group 18

  1. Rosa Velazquez
  2. Jerry Pleitz
  3. Elida Ramirez
  4. Aaron Satterfield
  5. Eduardo Castillo
  6. Daniella Garcia

Group 19

  1. Erick Diaz
  2. Shayenne Prasad
  3. Brianna Hastie
  4. Tiffany Tran
  5. Marylin Try
  6. Aaron Valenzuela

Group 20

  1. Alexander Lucero
  2. Martin Diaz
  3. Reuben William Dyce
  4. Alyssa Castro
  5. Symon Pallett
  6. Dominique Gomez

Group 21

  1. Devon Carus
  2. Daniel Bursch
  3. Katherine Pantoja
  4. Jayson Fields
  5. Elihah Yee
    6.Tyler Kedis
  6. Maison Chiu
Elizabeth Moledo painting at Mammoth
Elizabeth Moledo painting at Mammoth
Hannah Mandias painting at the Venice Beach Art Walls
Hannah Mandias painting at the Venice Beach Art Walls


21 responses to “Wk 5: Cuisine & Beyond!”

  1. jzlynt Avatar

    McQueen: focused on romantic ideals and being reflective of his family history and culture in his clothing. a lot of his inspiration came from this and his early start as a tailor’s apprentice and from clothing around the world. his art is more flamboyant and works with a variety of colors in which are chosen based on his concept.

    Versace: focuses on more minimalist silhouettes and neutral colors. his work is also reflective of his Italian roots. His fashion transformed over time incorporating bright colors, however he maintained the slim silhouettes and minimalist cuts throughout his fashion career.

    both utilized various materials which was innovative and new to the industry

    McQueen focused mostly on flamboyant and eccentric details in his work which was reflective of his history as a tailor’s apprentice and his family history and culture. For example, the dresses he designed were regal, elaborate, voluminous, and layered many fabrics.

    Helen Lee
    Jazlyn Tabar
    Amber Bolden
    William Luna

  2. Alfonso madrigal Avatar

    Group 4: Alfonso madrigal, Meng Chu, Peter Bay, Ramptin Yousefi, Charles Watson, Jennifer Garcia

    Our group discussed the similarities and differences between the Versace and McQueen. McQueen’s work was more black and white and to us it seemed like more of a message in his work. Mcqueen’s clothing line was specifically designed to send out a message to its audience. It was interesting to find out that McQueen worked with Lady GaGa and she often expresses herself by the way she dressed. On the other hand Versace had more colorful work. His work had more variety to it with its random use of shapes and color effects. Something similar that they had in common was that their work was often used in fashion shows and that they both deceased.

  3. Alyssa Castro Avatar

    Group 20 Alexander Lucero, Martin Diaz, Alyssa Castro, Reuben Dyce, Symon Pallett, Dominique Gomez.

    Overall the two designers had very different styles, McQueen designed very extravagant statement making pieces while Versace designed more wearable pieces. McQueen’s pieces were very artistic and had a darker theme and Versace’s had a very sexy, Greek goddess inspired theme. Versace used more pattern in his clothing and McQueen had a lot more structure.

    Although the two designers both influenced celebrity culture, started trends, and dressed important people.

  4. madisonbraverman Avatar

    Madison Braverman
    Florenz Francis Baltazar
    Aaron Dela Rosa
    Crysta Tim
    Danielle Dallas (honorary student)

    Fashion is a huge part of the society that we live in. Today in class we learned about two fascinating designers Alexander McQueen, and Gianni Versace. McQueen is a British fashion designer who was influenced by his right hand woman Katy England. He makes impractical fashion, turning it into an art instead. He mainly uses muted colors, with the exception of a vibrant red color. He is known for “Bringing drama and extravagance to the catwalk". On the other hand, Versace is influenced by Greek history and Andy Warhol. In contrast to McQueen, he uses mainly bright colors and is the first designer to link fashion to the music world. We thought both fashionistas come from a different time and combatted the trends of their time very well. Where Versace uses color and short clothing, McQueen really embodies the era of the 2000’s. We also believe both designers work was a reflection of their personal lives. McQueen was known for being depressed and struggling with drugs throughout his career, so we believe all of his work being dark colors resembled this sorrow. On the contrary, it seemed as though Versace lived a content life which reflected in his colorful and outgoing fashion designs.

  5. chriswils Avatar

    Group 9
    Our group thinks that Versace has a more 80’s style in his fashion design while McQueen is more modern in his design. This may be because Versace passed away in ’97 while McQueen passed in 2010. We also noticed that both artists are pretty pop culture. Even though Versace passed away earlier than McQueen, our whole group agrees that Versace is a more popular name brand than Alexander McQueen. McQueen’s fashion is more artsy, this may be because of his theater work. Our group preferred McQueen because Versace’s style is too flashy while McQueen’s style is more artistic.

    Chris Williams
    Elizabeth Moledo
    Sam Tan
    Oscar Alvarez
    Brandon Nhem

  6. fahrenheit393 Avatar

    Alexander McQueen- His fashion is very abstract, and had a lot of ruffles/flairs to make the whole design seems luxurious. His work was more for special events rather than everyday wear because he tend to change the original shape of the clothing and turn it into an extraordinary piece. thereby, less available to the everyday person. The color that he used is mainly dark and low profile.
    Gianna Versace- HIs artwork is very colorful and vibrant. His desgins really stand out in a crowd. His work, while still a little ‘out there’ and unique it can still be considered more everyday wear. Versace also sells extras like watches, colognes, and perfumes, as well as other accessories. Also compared to the rest of his clothing his shoes are rather plan. His shoe’s design on the other hand, was more plain, the color used was mainly black. His design on clothes, unlike Alexander, he remains the original shape of the clothing but he uses a lots of colors to creates his design.

    Sean Hernandez
    Jing Huan Ooi
    Gabriela Hernandez
    Marlon Fernan

  7. haleyandersonsite Avatar

    Alexander Mcqueen became prominent in the fashion world in just ten years, starting after he left school at 16. We noticed he mainly uses bland colors in his work. His work explores the ideas of contrasting elements such as fragility and strength. Gianni Versace, on the other hand, started his career much later. His trademark is siren dresses, and his work is mainly loud and colorful, almost reminding us of the hippie era. Versace doesn’t use traditional materials for his work, but he is very innovative in what he uses to make his clothing. Versace was also a prominent designer in under ten years like Mcqueen, and they both were of foreign origin. An interesting thing about Versace is that he was a gay icon at the time. Both Mcqueen and Versace’s work is different than anything you would see day to day on the street, but is very popular among celebrities for red carpet events.
    -Group 12-
    Haley Anderson
    Daniella Galindo
    Molly Poyer
    Lainie Le
    Anthony Estalilla
    Jesus Viramontes

  8. eliyee Avatar

    Group 21:
    Elijah Yee
    Maison Chiu
    Katherine Pantoja
    Tyler Kedis
    Daniel Burch
    Jayson Fields
    Devon Caruso

    Both Alexander McQueen and Gianni Versace are brilliant fashion designers that suffered very tragic deaths. However, what makes each designers are their sense of creation, style, and presentation. McQueen would be described as more edgy with his work. McQueen is a British designer who presented a style that was more Roman Gothic and Victorian inspired, while Versace is an Italian designer who seemed heavily influenced by early Greek fashion. McQueen took on a darker feel in his sophisticated fashion, while Versace was more abstract and vibrant in his own fashion. However, both designers did take on costume designing and took on a theatrical feel with their fashion.

  9. eddiescastle Avatar

    Rosa Velazquez
    Elida Ramirez
    Aaron Satterfield
    Eduardo Castillo
    Daniella Garcia
    Alexander McQueen’s designs are much more modern compared to Gianni Versace’s work. McQueen has multiple designs that manipulate the way a persons face looks. For instance, in one of his 2015 Fashion shows, he placed partial face masks on the models’ faces. He also changes the shape of his models during runways to go with his outfits to convey a stronger message that catches the audiences eyes more. In addition, they typically have piercings going through lips and near the eye region. Gianni Versace on the other hand, utilizes color in his designs that make his dresses pop to the observer instead of the actual shape. McQueen makes his dresses in different shapes and sizes, much like what the singer Lady Gaga wears.

  10. morganmooreart110 Avatar

    Group 3
    Leon Phung
    Dorothyrose McMahon
    Nicole Chovit
    Maria Barreda
    Christopher Moore
    Colleen Siongco

    Whilst comparing the two fashion powerhouses, our group was drawn to the elaborate patterns and colors of old Versace collections. The pieces were flattering and drew attention to the shape/figure of the models. McQueen, on the other hand, tended to push the limits of “wearable” fashion; most of his pieces were more suited for the runway than a meeting or a walk through the neighborhood. We felt that the lifestyle of the two reflecting on the collections. McQueen was from London, a city more known for it’s gloominess and dark fashion trends (skinheads, punk, etc.) and his collections were always harsh, dark, and Victorian. Gianni was a flamboyant, eccentric, and loud individual hailing from Italy, the land of beauty. His collections were colorful, slender, and easily accessorize-able.

  11. cassandratopete16 Avatar

    Group 11
    1. Hannah Mandias
    2. Francesca Butler
    3. Cassandra Topete
    4. Christopher Chadwick
    5. Alanna Godinez
    6. Valerie Laslo

    Alexander McQueen was considered politically controversial because he was known for shocking his audience. His designs were also very theatrical. He is known for turning down an invitation to the Queen of England. This was his own unique way of making a statement to the public. His clothing consist of lots of bright abstract colors. He also has more neutral colors in his designs as well. Each design however, has a sort of prop to it. One dress even has horns attached to it.

    Gianni Versace also has a variety of abstract designs. Stylistically, Versace uses classic shapes as well as more formal/evening wear in his designs. The patterns are more rich as far as colors and patterns are concerned. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez wear Versace to award shows like the Grammy Awards. Most of his designs seem to be something that most people would not wear daily, unless they were celebrities.

  12. rebekahhjohnson Avatar

    British fashion designer Alexander McQueen delivered fashion reflecting nature. He used feathers, butterflies, and neutral tones and patterns to express his inner self through design. An interesting piece of information about McQueen is that he ended up committing suicide with only 80% of his fall/winter collection complete. His team decided to carry on with the final show, and realized that his latest works were reflecting of the afterlife. It is interesting how one’s self and ideas can be reflected upon one’s work, not only with fashion but with other ways of expression as well. In contrast, Italian designer Gianni Versace was more flamboyant with his designs and patterns, using bright colors and unique shapes and styles. This is also, in part, due to his personality embodying and reflecting in his works. Versace has also left his mark on the music industry, with icons such as Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez displaying his designs. We gathered that when contrasting the two designers, Alexander McQueen is more reserved and wearable in everyday life, while Versace is rather bold and unique.

    Group 10
    Rebekah Johnson
    Leah Perez
    Hunter Mervosh
    Enrique Vega
    Andrew Andrade

  13. Gina Householder Avatar

    The designs of both Alexander McQueen and Gianni Versaci are very dramatic in style. However, although both designers’ pieces share a comment element of dramaticism, they quite evidently were influenced by different elements and ideas. Perhaps influenced by McQueen’s own life events, many of his pieces convey darkness. This is reflected by elements such as dark colors, heavy accessories and fabrics, and especially by many sharp angles. Additionally, McQueen seemed to be inspired by naturalistic elements. The influence and utilization of elements such as flowers, butterflies, moths, and leaves are evident in many of his pieces. Also, the majority of McQueen’s designs are grand in size and tend to feature skirts that extend outwards. Gianni Versace, on the other hand, seems to favor sleeker designs that hug the form more closely. Versace was evidently influenced by bright colors and innovative design. He was also innovative in the techniques and materials he utilized, such as aluminum, rubber, and laser technology. The bright and pattern-centric pieces of Versace suggest a significant influence of modern art and a desire to be innovative in design and execution.

    Gina Householder
    Carlos Cucufate
    Andrew Hana
    Ngozi Ekwedike

  14. Tiffany Van Gilder Avatar
    Tiffany Van Gilder

    Group 15
    Tiffany Van Gilder
    Jhonatan Ramos Lopez
    Adilene Leon
    David Brown
    Destiny Farihi
    Justin Marquez

    Alexander McQueen plays with architecture through out all this clothing. He makes more fairytale-like clothing. He uses headpieces, hair and make up to go with his dresses. For the men’s clothes, he uses more dark colors like different shades of grey. Whereas for the woman’s clothing they at more out there. His clothes are so over the top it’s not something people would usually wear out in public. Gianni Versace does more 90’s party clothes with a lot of gold and cultural patterns such as Native American, Indian, and Aztec. Looking at his different pieces you can see the cultural influence he has on them. Both of his men and woman clothing are out there with using a lot of colors.

  15. kyleshishido Avatar

    Group 13
    1. Jamie Filosa
    2. Kyle Shishido
    3. Glenda Castillo
    4. Biance Dominguez
    5. John Stouras
    6. Kyu Jung Lee
    Just looking at the dresses made by each designer, we can tell that Alexander Mcqueen experiments more with space and form of the dresses and Gianni Versace uses more conservative designs with vibrant colors. Both are influential fashion designers and even though they are both deceased, both are still very big in today’s fashion industry. Versace uses innovative materials such as aluminum mesh and new techniques such as “neo couture” that uses lasers to fuse materials together. Alexander Mcqueen uses more earth tones in his work with an emphasis on bold designs. His inspiration for his early works was based on his experience as a scuba diver. Gianni Vesace draws inspiration from the classical European past and mixes it with modern culture such as pop, rock, and celebrity themes.

  16. Breezy Hastie Avatar
    Breezy Hastie

    McQueen has an elegant femine style resulting in a resemblance to an old Victorian style. He creates long ball gowns and has a very statement piece of the skill scarf. He is creating a romantic view of women’s apperal.

    Versace is creating clothes for this really trendy want to be seen girl. He has more tailored jackets and women’s pants sets. He wants to dress the girl that is willing to take a risk.

    Brianna Hastie
    Erick Diaz
    Marylin Try
    Aaron Valenzuela

  17. Group 5 Avatar

    Our group found both of these artist to be very interesting people who depict different images. McQueen appears to be inspired by birdlike/moth/nature factions and we made a connection to the character from the hunger games costume design with the extravagant costumes from the ceremonies. On the other hand Versace’s “art” seems to resemble Egyptian and Greek styles but both of these designers’ work seem like something that can be worn by today’s celebrities at higher-end parties.

    Carlos Marvin Madrigal
    RaVen Montgomery
    Kimberly Gutierrez
    Anthony Sanchez
    Christine Kim
    Jennifer Lee

  18. Regan Avatar

    Gianni Versace and Alexander McQueen are both fashion designers famous for their revolutionary creativity in fashion. Versace’s creativity is seen more in the patterns he uses and his wide variety of products (furniture, fragrance, dresses, etc…) Versace is also known as the first designer to link fashion with music because of his close friendships with singers such as Madonna and Cher. McQueen on the other hand is known for his creativity in the form and shape of his designs. Rather than his patterns being creative the shape of his dresses and clothes are very bold and creative. McQueen also shows creativity in his fashion shows, using different mediums such as rain and creative displays to send various messages to the audience of the shows.

    Regan K. Cameron
    Katherine Shinno
    Catherine Chin
    Julio Garcia
    Tareena Woods
    Bez Middleton

  19. Nancy Tran Avatar
    Nancy Tran

    Both, Gianni Versace and Alexander McQueen, are well known fashion designers. Versace was the first designer to link fashion to the music world. While McQueen is known for his dramatic constructed pieces combining elements of British tailoring with French couture. Signature looks included billowy dresses cut in hourglass silhouettes, frock coats with skinny pants, and romantic gowns covered with lace and embroidery. Each piece of clothing worked into a dramatic narrative plotted by McQueen. Versace was influenced by Greek history. His clothing were more vibrant, colorful, and retro. His clothes seemed to make some kind of fashion statement. On the other hand, McQueen’s clothing were more elegant and more darker. Our group thought that McQueen’s clothing is something we would wear.

    Group 17
    * Hilario Saucedo
    * Enrique Plascencia
    * Ciprian Robielos
    * Nancy Tran

  20. megstevens2 Avatar

    Looking at Alexander McQueen’s style and Gianni Versace’s fashion, they wanted people to be able to wear art instead of just wearing clothes. Alexander McQueen used fashion to represent his feelings considering he committed suicide, he used a lot of skulls and dark colors to emphasize how he was feeling and the conflicts that he faced daily. Gianni Versace used bright colors and out of the box styles to express that being different its a good thing. He wants people to express life and value the importance of being different with out feeling ashamed of it. McQueen’s models express his art work, the fashion wears the models while Versace’s models wear his fashion. Main point is is that both brands are expensive.

    Jonathan Behzadian
    Annie Ronning
    Megan Stevens
    Natalie Guevara
    Gregory Plantenga

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