black and white photo of Anthony & Hannah sitting back to back

Wk 8 Automatic Drawing

black and white photo of Anthony & Hannah sitting back to back
Anthony Estalilla & Hannah Mandias.

Points Update

Through the end of Week 7 we’ve had a total of 475 points available. Here’s how many points you should have on BeachBored now to be on track for each grade level:

475 points = 100% = “A+” – 45 peeps
428 points = 90% = “A” – 48 peeps – 45+48 = 93
380 points = 80% = “B” – 14 peeps
333 points = 70% = “C” – 15 peeps
285 points = 60% = “D” – 3 peeps
284 points & below = “F” – 2 peeps

Based on these projected grades, the current overall class GPA is 3.51 which is down from last week’s 3.57 by 0.06

Artist Conversations

Strong work from many of you this week. Here are a few examples:

Art Experience

Don’t Touch the Art!!

Lost of great videos this week. And it’s very cool that some of you made your videos in and around the School of Art, Art Gallery Complex! One surprise and disappointment was seeing many of you touch the art in the galleries!?!?

You should NEVER touch art in an Art Gallery or Art Museum! Occasionally the artist might intend for art to be touched or interacted with. But this is never the norm. If you see a sign inviting you to touch something, then you can touch that element. If you’re unsure, you can go ask the artist at an SOA Gallery, or ask the receptionist at any other type of Art Gallery you might visit.

Art is often fragile. Popular art can be seen by many millions of people. Many artists go through great effort and expense to create archival artworks that can endure over many centuries. All of this fragile art and human culture can be damaged by acid from your hands, by accidental mechanical damage from touching, by being bumped into by your backpack when you walk around or take a step back to take a photo.


Your Video Projects

Wonderful collaborations on your video projects last week! Nice work everyone! Here’s a few of your many cool videos:

College Problems

Aaron DeLaRosa
Chris Williams
Justin Marquez
Natalie Guevara

College Problems

Aaron Valenzuela
Josh Hyun

Drunk Driving

Adilene Leon
Rejina Hernandez
Rosa Velasquez

Don’t Stress Out!

Alfonso Madrigal
Enrique Vega
Hilario Saucedo
Julio Garcia
Tyler Kedis
William Luna

Do’s and Don’ts of Art

Andrew Hana
Marlon Fernandex

College Problems: Doritos

Brandon Nhem
Christian Aguirre
Christopher Morgan Moore
Crysta Tim
Ngozi Ekwedike


Cyeryl Peng

Cranberry Spinach Salad

Elijah Yee

Who Are You Voting For?

Enrique Plascencia
Glenda Castillo
Helen Lee
Jing Huan Ooi
Lainie Le
Margarita Reyna

SpongeBob SquarePants

Danielle Dallas
Jamie Filosa
Jayson Fields
Maddy Braverman

College Problems

Katherine Pantoja
Mia Miller

Beach Club Water Polo

Christopher Chadwick

The Goods

The same scene shot twice. First as a static camera, single take, and second as many camera angles cut together.

Alyssa Castro
Amber Bolden
Carlos Barreto
Ciprian Robielos
Israel Rivera
Jessica Addonizio
Michael Banares
Nathalie Velasquez

Video Games

Cassandra Topete
Gina Householder

Can’t Help Falling In Love

Anthony Estalilla
Hannah Mandias


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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