triptych of a food cube, Mackelmore in a fur coat, and Katy Perry with blue hair

Summer Wk9: Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure!

Hi guys! Great work with Street Photography last week. We’ll look at a few of your pix in a minute, but first this week, we’re on to Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure!

triptych of a food cube, Mackelmore in a fur coat, and Katy Perry with blue hair
Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure!

Activity #9

Guy Tang & Kat Von D

To go with our Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure activity this week, our Artists OTW are Hair Artist Guy Tang, and Tattoo Artist Kat Von D. Context and discussion ideas are in the video:

Representation & Abstraction

For our Art Talk last week we looked at the 20th century. This week we’ll take a detour from our Art History Chronology to think about Abstraction & Representation:

Street Photography

Lots of interesting ideas for you to explore, discuss & try this week!

Meanwhile, here’s a few samples from Art110’s 1st dive into Street Photography:

woman walking on a sidewalk
Little Tokyo by Ariza Padua
black-and-white photo of a couple kissing
Las Vegas by Deanna Soward
kids with a zillion rose petals on the grass
Santa Monica Wedding by Kevin Alipour
a woman walking a dog... or maybe the dog is walking the woman
Justine & Aspen by Kevin Armentrout
3 guys crossing the street
Long Beach by Krishan Bhakta
people walking on the Huntington Beach pier
Huntington Beach by Lisa Bernhauser
people on a tram watching a giraffe
San Diego Zoo by Lisa Mann
photo cropped mid-body so we don't see heads or legs, of a person with pamphlets handing one to another person with a camera
Prague by Niko Kroha
a woman with a lot of tattoos and dressed in black walking through a mall
South Coast Plaza by Rannah Jahedi
motorcycles riding down the street at night as shot out a car window
San Francisco by Sho Nioka

Meanwhile in Santa Cruz…

Layla continues to practice her graffiti writing and exploring legal places to paint. After Venice Beach and Sunken City in San Pedro, she’s now headed off to Santa Cruz. About 20 miles out of Santa Cruz, in Davenport, she found Davenport Ditch, a great place to practice, meet peeps, and learn stuff:

wide shot of a huge basin covered in graffiti writing
Davenport Ditch
Large "LAYLA" letters painted with spray paint
“Layla” at Davenport Ditch


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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