Category: <span>Fall ’16</span>

Wk 15 – Shalane’s getting married! (+Finger Painting & Last Week ‘o Class)

We’re trying Finger Painting and visiting the SOA Holiday Art Sale this week! Plus samples from your Instagram activities last week and your thoughts about EDU-2036. Plus you get to meet UnCollege students Mihir Kathpalia & Allison Bouganim!

Wk 6: Zines & Flip Books!

Something a little different this week: 1st 1/2 of roster upstairs in FA4-311 for 1st 1/2 of class & downstairs @Galleries for 2nd 1/2. Opposite for 2nd 1/2 of roster. We’ll be upstairs working on your Zines or Flip Books, and down at the SOA Galleries doing another (great) Artist Conversation.