The familiar Snapchat ghost wearing an artist's beret and holding a paint brush and an artist's pallet

Final for S3 / 2:30 – Snapchat Challenge!


The familiar Snapchat ghost wearing an artist's beret and holding a paint brush and an artist's pallet

Exciting News!

Instead of the same, old boring final the poor peeps in 1p had to take, you lucky 2:30 peeps will be getting your own, special, way cooler final! We’ve contracted with Savannah Avalos of Savvy Parties (aka, your classmate Savannah) to offer you the 1st ever Art110 Snapchat Final!

Change of Location! Because of our cool, “Snapchat Final” we’ll be meeting in FA4-311! Also, we won’t be using the 8-person teams previously formed (sorry, and thank you everyone for the effort!) Instead we’ll be forming teams of about 4 each when you get to FA4-311. Good Luck Everyone!!

The Final

Date: Wednesday 14 December 2016
Time: 2:45-4:45
Location: FA4-311
Teams: 4 peeps each, make teams when you get to FA4-311
Bring: Your Phone

From Savannah

Glenn allowed me the opportunity to come up with our class’s final! I put together a scavenger hunt for us to do that will hopefully allow us to relax and have a good time during this stressful week. The class will be divided into 15 or so teams (around 4 people per team depending on how many people show up).

  • 4 short activities
  • Recorded & submitted to @art110final on Snapchat
  • Please designate ONE Snapchat account / team to submit all snaps
  • Once your team is finished, please return to FA4-311 by 3:45 so we can enjoy watching everyone’s snaps

  • Bonus Snap round (judged by the class) to qualify for this round, the first 4 activities must be completed properly!
  • 1st place team: +30 EC / person
  • 2nd place team: +20 EC / person
  • 3rd place team: +10 EC / person

Art110 Snapchat Scavenger Hunt Final

One person per team add @art110final on Snapchat

  1. Find somebody wearing makeup, kindly ask them to give their best makeup advice to the Snap. The video should include an introduction.
  2. Find a new person, preferably somebody in pants and quality sneakers, and ask them to have a cartwheel race with you. Record it on Snap.
  3. Record somebody in your group picking up trash off the floor and throwing it into a proper waste bin while dancing. (If the dancing stops at any point in the video, the team will be disqualified from the Bonus Snap competition 🙁
  4. Find somebody new who is willing to perform! Whether it be rapping, singing, dancing, yodeling, juggling, or any other type of on-the-spot performance, record them stating their name then showing the world what they’ve got!
  5. Bonus: Trust fall! Be creative with how you execute it. Find help, find the perfect spot, whatever you think will make it unique and entertaining. Record it and submit it to Snap.
photo of Savannah Avalos, founder of Savvy Parties and CSULB Hospitality Management student sitting on a brick wall wearing a denim shirt, black pants, and knee high boots
Savannah Avalos / Savvy Parties


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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