Shalane & Josh's engagement pix!

Wk 15 – Shalane’s getting married! (+Finger Painting & Last Week ‘o Class)


Adrian Munoz & Maritess Inieto in a black-and-white, muted silver-ish SnapChat image with purple, round, wire-rim glasses superimposed over Inieto
Adrian Munoz & Maritess Inieto


Need Help?

  1. Ask online
  2. Come to before class OH on Wed 11:30-12:30 @Robek’s / Coffee Bean umbrella tables
  3. I can go to AS-120 (AS building is next to The Beach Hut, next to The Library) after class on Wed, at 3:45 and help anyone with anything.
  4. Make an appointment to meetup another time
Yonathan Sahle & Allison Cruz in CSULB Classroom FA4-311 in the School of Art
Yonathan Sahle & Allison Cruz

The Final!

Don’t forget, The California State University at Long Beach requires me to give a final, and requires you to attend it!

  • 1pm Final is Monday Dec 12, 12:30-2:30 in the SOA Gallery Courtyard
  • 2:30 Final is Wednesday Dec 14, 2:45-4:45 in the SOA Gallery Courtyard

The Final will be: Art Games!

  1. Do not be late.
  2. Do not book an airline ticket for December 11

You can check the final schedule for Art110, or any other class here.

Final Teams

Both classes will be divided into 8 teams for the final. For team leaders, we’ll use the Top 8 in each class from this week’s leaderboard. Teams can have up to 7 peeps each, or the leader plus 6 more. If you want to be on a team, just message the team leader of your choice, who will either say “OK,” or let you know if their team is already full. Also team leaders can ask anyone they like to be on their team.

To message a team leader, you can leave a comment on their website, their names are linked below. Or you can email them via the roster page on BeachBored. Leaders can recruit members via BeachBored, or by using the roster page here on BeachArts.

Team Leaders

We’re using the Top 8 in each class as the leaders for each team. We have 1 new team leader for 2:30: Jessica Obrique. I know there were a number of peeps at 2:30 who didn’t get on a team, so please message Jessica and join her team.

Team Names!

Team Leaders – please message me with the name of an artist, living or dead, that you’d like to choose for the name of your team.

Pot Luck?

Both classes voted for no food for the final.

Stuff 2 Bring 2 Final

  1. 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper with one letter from the alphabet drawn on it. Not just a skinny pencil or pen line. Make the strokes of the letter 1″ wide or so. Pick any letter you like.
  2. 4 words torn out of magazines or old textbooks you couldn’t sell back. Preferably not super tiny words, but at least 1/2″ letters or so.
Lourdes Sandoval & Ruiwen Lin posing for a selfie in CSULB classroom FA4-311
Lourdes Sandoval & Ruiwen Lin


Here’s our current leaderboard for Week 15! And also our Team Leaders for the final.
Top 8 @1pm:

  1. Hannah Adams, 879
  2. Stephanie Arciva, 819
  3. Maritess Anne Inieto, 807
  4. Melissa Rios, 799
  5. Selena Lara, 783
  6. Brian Sath, 779
  7. Amanda Martinez, 778
  8. Joy Elizabeth Uba, 772

Top 8 @2:30:

  1. Nathan Davalos, 940
  2. Felix Huynh, 845
  3. Zack Ngov, 841
  4. Yesenia Hernandez, 821
  5. Jamie Van, 814
  6. Jessica Obrique, 793
  7. Adriana Maciel, 793
  8. Linney Sar, 792

Points on BeachBored

All points through Week 14 are now up on BeachBored. Be sure to check your points and know where you stand! So far we’ve had 739 points possible. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level, and how many peeps in 1p / 2:30 are currently at each grade level:

A = 665 points – 52 / 44
B = 591 points – 8 / 10
C = 517 points – 1 / 0
D = 443 points – 1 / 1
F = 442 points – 3 / 7

  • 1p GPA = 3.62
  • 2:30 GPA = 3.34
Selena Lara & Marysol Jimenez
Selena Lara & Marysol Jimenez

Wk 15 – This Week!

  • Art Talk Discussionat the bottom of this post
  • ActivityFinger Painting
  • Artist Conversation@SOA Galleries
  • Classmate ConversationNone this week
  • Optional EC:Feedback on Art110 & Activities

Artist Conversation

We’re meeting at the SOA Galleries and doing our last Artist Conversation this week. It will be just slightly different this week. All the galleries will have the School of Art, Holiday Art Sale. In the past Gatov East & West has had ceramics, The Dutzi has had fiber art, The Werby has had printmaking and photography, and, hmm, I forget what was in The Merlino. Each gallery will have students there helping with the sale. These students also have work in the sale, and you can ask them where their work is. You can ask them about their work as you always do, and you can optionally also ask about things like selling their work, funding for the arts, artist travel, etc. It should be fun! Buying holiday gifts there is totally optional! 😀

Finger Painting Activity

Our last activity of the semester is Finger Painting. I hope you have fun. Wear an old t-shirt! Full details on our Finger Painting page:

EC: Your Feedback

Submit this as an extra blog post for this week.
I’d love to hear your feedback on the class, and I’ll pay you 15 points of EC for it. A lot of past Art110 students have helped develop the class you just took, and you can help develop an even better version for future students. For our 11 Activities, please list Your 3 Favorite and 3 Least Favorite activities and a few words about what worked or didn’t work in these activities for you. Here’s a reminder of our 11 Activities this semester:

  1. Plaster Casting
  2. Landscapes with a Corpse
  3. Automatic Drawing
  4. Graffiti Writing
  5. Zines & Flip Books
  6. Sketching in the Garden
  7. Art Care Package
  8. Fiber Art Social Network
  9. Vlogs
  10. Instagram
  11. Finger Painting
  • I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the Hybrid Format. Better or worse than F2F / Online?
  • What about the SOA Gallery visits? Artist Conversations? Classmate Conversations?
  • What about these weekly blog posts from me? Is it valuable to see samples of what your classmates did? Or not really necessary?
  • I’ve preached about the value of an ePortfolio. Is this useful? Or just a faculty member ranting about something that mostly doesn’t interest you? What do you think of using WordPress?
  • How about the Art Talk OTW video? Useful? Was discussion on the website good? Would a more interactive discussion space be better?

Thank You!
It’s been great spending this semester with you guys. Thanks so much for being a part of Art110. Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2017, the rest of your time @CSULB… and have a great life! 😀

Claudia Sanchez & Alfredo Gonzalez in CSULB classroom FA4-311
Claudia Sanchez & Alfredo Gonzalez

Last Week:

Instagram Activity

I realized that for the first time in the 3-or-so years that we’ve been doing the IG Activity more peeps have Private Instagrams than Public Instagrams. 3 years ago when I created this activity students were super-excited to be doing an activity with the mobile tools they use in their real lives. But I feel like since then IG has become, at least for Art110, more of a personal/private space and that maybe this project that was cool 3 years ago is a little invasive now. A lot of peeps with private IGs wound up making new accounts for the day. That’s easy and not a big deal of course, but it does feel like we should probably retire this Activity now. This might be the last IG Activity, but it still seemed like most of you enjoyed seeing a little bit of what your classmates’ days look like.

Screen capture of Demi Kong's phone on Instagram with her profile and recent photos
Demi Kong

On Wednesday, November 30th, both Art 110 classes participated in posting photos throughout the day on Instagram using the hashtag #art110f16. Up until I got to class at 1pm, I realized I had been using the wrong hashtag lol. I was using #art110OF16 and was confused as to why I only saw my posts and maybe two others. For this activity, I made a new Instagram so I would not spam my other account with things I would not regularly post. On my new account, “koisurudemi” (which is a reference to AKB48’s song Koisuru Fortune Cookie) I posted random things that I liked. I actually really liked posting random things even if they got no likes so I might keep this account and post pictures that are not relevant to my main account.

As I went through the hashtag, I had fun seeing what everyone else was posting. My personal favorite pictures were pet pictures and seeing what kind of drinks people got at Starbucks. I did feel a sense of community looking through all the pictures because for the most part, we were all on campus that day taking pictures of recognizable places or things and it was interesting seeing these photos from different perspectives. I thought this was a fun activity and I enjoyed seeing what my classmates do outside of class.

Demi Kong

grid display of a couple dozen Instagram images by Lukas Fuentes
Lukas Fuentes

Some of these images are beautiful in their own right, while others may just be okay looking photos of random objects or scenes. BUT, when you smash them all together in this collage type thing that results after searching the hashtag, you get this beautiful series of images. I uploaded two screenshots of differents sections of the images next to each other. I enjoy looking at this set of images as a whole and then going into each individual photo and analyzing them. It’s amazing what can be done with technology and websites like Instagram. I barely used my Instagram before this activity, but this kind of inspired me to be more active on it.

Lukas Fuentes

photo of green and yellow Ginkgo biloba leaves by Marcelo Ceballos
Marcelo Ceballos

This weeks art activity was to use Instagram and document the happenings of your whole day. At first I wasn’t all that jazzed to do this activity because although I do have an Instagram account, I haven’t posted for a long time. That being said I didn’t want to make a bunch of posts all in one day, but this mentality went away after my first post. It just got easier to share the more photos I put up.

Looking at the groups album under the hashtag #art110f16 I found that many people do and were doing very similar things on that Wednesday. Of the pictures above, only the Ginkgo biloba leaves picture is mine, but they all show things that I did or interacted with that day. As someone else did, I interacted with a dog but with one on campus and took a picture. In the second picture, I also went to In-n-Out with friends that day. Before I never really understood why people use hashtags on pictures but now I do. Hashtags really help people to connect and find similar people with similar interests they may have. I now think that Instagram can be a great way to connect and share with others and hopefully I will remember to capture moments to share in the future.

Marcelo Ceballos

photo of Maritess Inieto's black and white checked shoes against a concrete sidewalk
Maritess Anne Inieto

I looked through the hashtag and really enjoyed everyone else’s pictures as well. I felt like their pictures said a lot about their personalities and what they enjoy. I also noticed that a few people take pictures in the same sense that I do. For example, I took pictures of my shoes and so did someone else. I enjoyed doing this activity because it made me look at things that I see on a daily basis in a new light. I think what I enjoyed the most about this activity was seeing how many pets there were. I love animals, so when people were posting about their pets, my heart was warmed. I also loved the wide variety of food that was posted on the hashtag. My mouth was watering! When I was looking at the pictures, I felt like even though everyone was so different, we were still a community. We are all college students who do different things but all come together in this one class. That’s something that I started to truly appreciate about Art 110, that people from a bunch of different majors are coming together and being united.

Maritess Anne Inieto

I don’t use Instagram at all but I made a temporary account for art110 to share some pictures of my day. I posted 4 pictures. My little egg button, a computer, and 2 pictures of thai food. Thai food and computers are my favorite things so I had to include them in there. We were talking in class about this activity and some privacy issues regarding Instagram. I have had some privacy issues in the past so I stay away from all social media now. Doing this project or even blogging about my activities is a bit iffy for me because I don’t like sharing my life publicly anymore. I think this activity was the only one that wasn’t enjoyable for me.

Jessica Obrique

triptych of phone screens showing many different instagram inages
Jillian Ayala

In my own experience of Instagram, or at least from the 559 people I follow, I see a lot of selfies or pictures of people doing things, with less pictures of things about what people are doing or of random things. The posts on our group selfie felt a lot more authentic because they didn’t look like they filtered/edited their photos to try to impress anyone else.

People didn’t really seem to care about a “theme” which is where all photos posted correlate with one another or are filtered/edited in the same way so their posts go together more on their profile.

I saw a lot of different pictures of animals, scenery, or of something they were doing at the time. Its very interesting to see what some of my classmates do or where they go to when they’re not in class. It doesn’t feel very connected as a community because to me it seemed like people were doing their own thing, which is understandable because it is their own Instagram account.

It’s really personal, letting people see what their favorite food is, what they like to do for fun, or just what they enjoy. It’s not something many of us know about each other but it lets each of us connect more on a personal level, as opposed to just getting to know each other during class.

My favorite post had to do with a girl posting photos with a mini hand doing something. I was laughing really hard at them and I can tell we have the same sense of humor. I’ve seen pictures like that all over twitter and it reminded me of funny tweets with the mini hand. Also the animal photos were very cute, I enjoyed seeing everyone’s dogs and those pictures were some of my favorite as well.

Jillian Ayala

Classmate Conversation & EDU@2036

Shalene Holm & Janis Vernier smiling in CSULB classroom FA4-311
Shalene Holm & Janis Vernier

This Wednesday I met Shalane Holm who is a Studio Art major and in her fourth year at CSULB. As we were discussin what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036, we came to some interesting ideas. First, we considered if the future college Experience will progress after all – regarding some recent politicle events- but since it’s more fun to imagine an utopia, we thought of ways to improve the current situation. One of the ideas was that new Virtual-Reality technique could improve the way we learn in many different ways. It could be used for virtual classrooms where you can choose your teacher and topic independently of your real location. Also It could be used to experience scientifics historical events at first hand. Games like minecraft already have education licenses to be used in class – its very possible that this trend of ingame-learning will go on.

Shalane also mentioned how bad the current parking situation is at the campus – maybe there will be a solution for that in 20 years. There might be big underground parking lots or maybe cars are a thing of the past by then and you can easily use public transportation from wherever you come from.

Last – it is well possible that the american education system will develop towards the scandinavian models which are often praised to be more effective and also less expensive for the state.

Janis Vernier

I talked with Janis Vernier this week. He is from Hamburg, Germany. He did illustration back in Germany, but is taking lots of fun classes like Furniture Design here at CSULB. He has six years of college under his belt so far!

What will college be like in 2036? Janis had some interesting things to say about this. He said that school couldn’t possibly get any more stressful, because students can’t maintain a descent mental health as it is. That means there is not way it could get harder. People would not be able to take it! He also said that it probably won’t get more and more expensive forever. It will plateau at some point. He also toyed with the idea that college will be 100% virtual classrooms! Technological advances will make it more interactive than online classes offered now.

Shalane Holm

Also… OMG… Shalane posted her ridiculously cute engagement pix this week!!

Shalane & Josh's engagement pix!
Shalane’s engagement pix!

Education in 2036

On your ID Card Drawings last week you offered some thoughts on:

Describe what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036.

Many of you said it will be more, or a lot more, expensive. Just a few of you said it would be less expensive. One said it would be free. Almost all of you thought there would be a lot more technology in the classroom. Some of you thought there would be flying cars, or at least “real” hoverboards. Many thought it would be all online. Others thought it would be mostly online but there would still be some F2F classroom classes. A few hoped it would not be all online.

A lot of you thought that faculty would be projected either into a classroom of students, or into multiple classrooms, or distributed to each student’s terminal. One thought that classes would be taught by robots. Several said holograms.

One said all class registration would be handled by Facebook. Another said LinkedIn would be the portfolio of your university accomplishments. One said that in addition to SATs & Grades, that college admissions would take into account your “online persona.”

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

pencil drawing on a 4x6 index card imaging what a college education might be like in 2036

Education in 2016

The consensus of your Education in 2036 thoughts seemed to feature higher costs and more detachment. Nobody described the 2036 educational model that I personally hope for, but as luck would have it, I spent the weekend with Mihir Kathpalia & Allison Bouganim who are living my 2036 dream right here in 2016!

Mihir Kathpalia & Allison Bouganim in a waist-length photo with smiles
Mihir Kathpalia & Allison Bouganim

Mihir & Allison are students at UnCollege in San Francisco. They came down to LA to be volunteers at TEDxLA and they stayed at my place. We had some late night conversations about education, life, and many other things. Mihir & Allison are both 18. They finished High School last year and UnCollege is a “Gap Year” activity for them. The idea of a Gap Year between high school and college is pretty popular in Europe, but much less common here in the US. I like the idea a lot! I think it gives you a break from all that study. Lets you travel and experience the world. When you do go to college the year after that, you have a better idea about the world and how you’d like to live in it. You’re more mature, focused, and can get a lot more value out of your college experience.

For their gap year Mihir & Allison both chose to do UnCollege. They both said they might go to a 4-year college next year, or they might not. They really didn’t know yet. I can tell you they’re both smart, passionate people. College or not, I know they’re going to make their mark on this world. The UnCollege experience is 3 parts. Sort of like 3 quarters. The first is to volunteer abroad. Mihir went to Brazil. Allison went to Tanzania. The 2nd is spent at the UnCollege “campus” or more like “building” (they don’t have zillions of students!) in San Francisco for 10 weeks. They have 2 weeks left in San Francisco. After the holidays, part 3 will be an internship. Allison wants to stay in San Francisco and intern in the tech sector. Mihir plans to be a mentor in Spain and The Netherlands.

My own hope for 2036, although Mihir & Allison are already doing it in 2016, is that students will get out of the classroom. And that instead of college being about University Requirements it will be more about Student Passion. That you’ll be able to pull your educational plan together from multiple sources. An internship here. An online class from Stanford or MIT there. A ballet or ceramics or electronics experience F2F @CSULB. A project discussion group online or on campus or both.

Less top down information.
More bottom up interest explored.

Yesenia Hernandez & Claudia Sanchez in CSULB classroom FA4-311
Yesenia Hernandez & Claudia Sanchez

Art Talk OTW

  1. 3 Million Years of Art History
  2. Joseph DeLappe
  3. Mahsa Soroudi
  4. The Mind in the Cave
  5. documentary: Bomb It
  6. Classical Greece & Rome
  7. Renaissance & Baroque
  8. 19th Century
  9. Aesthetics & Beauty and Realism & Romanticism
  10. 20th Century
  11. documentary: The Internet’s Own Boy
  12. Abstraction & Representation
  13. Carla Dauden
  14. 21st Century
  15. Hennessy Youngman: To Catch a Millennial

For our final Art Talk OTW we have a guest speaker: Hennessy Youngman. Here’s his talk To Catch a Millennial given at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. In it he thinks about how Cultural Institutions (eg Museums) can engage your generation.

  1. Be sure to include your name on your comments.
  2. Be sure to include 1p or 2:30 on your comments.

Interactive Art History Timeline

If you want to play with the Art History Timeline that you see me using in these talks, you can get your very own copy & the Freemind software to view, modify, or make your own, here:


166 responses to “Wk 15 – Shalane’s getting married! (+Finger Painting & Last Week ‘o Class)”

  1. patriciaarienne Avatar


    Hennesy Youngman makes a valid point about the millennial generation’s acceptance of technology because for us, technology is our reality; it’s what we grew up with. Our everyday life consists of instantaneous media, and we’re not used to anything else. We are attached to our phones, our Facebook status, memes, immediate access to the world, etc. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that because all we can really blame is time and our natural desire for advancement. But because of this, some things fall behind and the best thing to do in order to avoid utter failure is to adapt.

    Personally, I like museums the way they are now. Sometimes, we do need a break from our usually fast lives. Museums can act as a reminder for us to slow down and simply appreciate something that’s physically in front of us, not just something on a screen. We can enjoy art at its finest, in person. Our society should strive for variety, and acceptance is the path to this. Millennials can open up to technology-unrelated entertainment the same way as older generations should accept technology and its influence on today’s world. Like Youngman said, “it takes some radical programming and a mindset.”

    However, it makes sense to alter some details about cultural institutions. Although Youngman presents his ideas in an entertaining and satirical manner, making things interactive, working with causes and having a good PR office can engage a little more millennials to enjoy museums.

    1. amazeeana23 Avatar

      Ana Gomez – 2:30 pm
      Hi Patricia,
      I agree that we need to appreciate things physically in front of us more, and that’s why I enjoy hiking because it isn’t just having fun with others, if you go in a group, but you take the time to appreciate nature as well. The view is the best part, once you’ve finished the trail.

    2. duhmarkymark Avatar

      Hey Patricia! I do appreciate your belief to keep the museums pure and not modify the interaction with those peaces, I do think that there has to be a change with how museums attract visitors. The public relations department has to create an interactive way to attract visitors in order for them to see all of the masterpieces that may not be as interactive for people. I do think that people should appreciate art and not need extra incentive to go to see it but I believe because of all the changes that have happened in society and technologically, we have to change the way we introduce people to the arts and other disciplines.

      1. duhmarkymark Avatar

        ^^ Marcelo Ceballos Jr. – 1 PM

    3. Tiffany Phan Avatar

      Tiffany Phan, 2:30

      Hi Patricia,
      I definitely agree with you, millennials have evolved and help society in many ways and even in some that people may have not noticed. People blame millennials for changing the way a phone is for example and they’re not trying to “change” it, they’re simply trying to improve it. There’s always room to grow and it’s not a bad thing to want to find improvements in our daily lives. Everyone complains about how life is hard, but when someone finds a solution for their trouble they complain about it. Like an iphone for example. It has evolved through many years and now we have the ability to take to someone face to face which is useful for those need it like for a job interview. Millennials aren’t casing the world to change in a negative way, they;re simply trying to improve with the world want to see be improved.

    4. esmerized Avatar

      Hey Patricia,

      First of all let me say your reply had me shook. It was the first one I read but every word you wrote is the truth. I couldn’t agree more that technology is our reality, we’ve never really known what it was like growing up for just being a kid without any type of technology around us. We are very attached to our phones and everything it contains that has to do with being social or an internet connection. I personally also really like museums the way they are and don’t think they need any kind of alteration, I like them just the way they are.

      -Esmeray Lopez, 1 PM

    5. Selena Lara Avatar

      Hello Patricia,
      I agree with your idea that technology is our reality because it is what we grew up with. However, I think that Museums need to catch up with Millennials because without these advancements Millennials will continue to deprive themselves from the arts found in museums. Sure the art in them shouldn’t change because it is how we learn about our history but I think that the way the art is presented should change. It should change in the way that it is more intriguing to those that lack the open mindedness.

      1. alilovesart Avatar

        HI Selena,

        I completely agree with most of what you said especially on technology, I do think that technology is our reality because it is what we grew up with. I also couldn't agree with you more on the issue of museums, they do need to update to catch up with millennials, otherwise millennials will out revolutionize in other words the museums and not be able to appreciate them. The art should not change, and it truly cant change art is art but it do agree with you it should indeed be presented in a much better way.

    6. Marlene Rodriguez Avatar

      Marlene Rodriguez 1pm:
      Hey Patricia! I agree with you I think we’ve been exposed way too much to technology and its pretty much all we know. Because of this we find it so hard to explore things and open our minds without the use of technology. I definitely agree with you when you say you think we should keep our art museums the same because it really does make you stop for a second away from the phones and technology and just appreciate the beauty that we still have in this world 🙂

    7. leslie2213 Avatar

      Hennessy Youngman makes a great point that Millennials have heavily relied on technology to function in their everyday lives. The idea of making art museums more engaging is an excellent way to appeal to the millennials who are not used to putting down their phones and visiting art museums. However, I believe that the purpose of an art museum is to visually analyze a painting and its function and creating an interactive would take away from the museums purpose.

      Leslie Meza

    8. Abigail Manuel Avatar
      Abigail Manuel

      Abigail Manuel 1PM

      I totally agree that this generation still needs to be able to appreciate tangible things that are in front of them. I share her liking for the way that most museums are today, in that I appreciate how they force you to kind of slow down and just see and experience what is in front of you. Everything is so immediate because of technology these days, and being able to take it back and experience something real feels really good. I think it’s important for not only our generation to be able to appreciate art as a tangible art form, but it is important for generations long after us as well.

    9. Henry Pham Avatar

      Hey Patricia,
      I loved how you commented that we, as millennials live a fast life paced by technology and that we use museums as a way to slow ourselves down. I completely agree that with social media and the internet, we receive information like never before, allowing us to the luxury of living fast lives. However, it is great to look at paintings from past times to take a breather from out lives.

    10. seewhychris Avatar

      Hey Patricia,
      I totally get what you mean when you say that museums should be a place for people to realize that they need to slow down and to gain a sense of peace and distance from their busy lifestyles. I myself love going to museums and seeing the different types of creations that so many people work their butts off to create and I definitely feel like it is a scene totally different from the outside world. The entire world is packed with so much technology nowadays and we are almost constantly surrounded by it. I don’t get why we would want to turn museums into another powerhouse for more technology when we already have so much of it. I would agree with your point about keeping things the same, because I would hate to start walking into museums filled with screens and lights, my eyes are bad enough!

    11. irepbrian Avatar

      Brian Sath 1:00PM

      Hello Patricia,

      I definitely agree with you that everyone’s everyday life has been centralized around technology. I definitely can’t tell if it really hinders our success, or advances it. Technology has allowed us to simply our tasks, but it also distracts us. I definitely agree that people are glued to their phones while driving, in class, and at work. I see my little cousins growing up and technology has made them anti-social and less talkative.

      I agree with you that museums are perfect the way they are. I love going to museums and just being awed because of the aesthetics. A lot of people enjoy this and it is the reason why people go to LACMA and The Broad. These museums are always hard to attend and there’s a reason for it.

  2. amazeeana23 Avatar

    Ana Gomez – 2:30 pm

    I feel like Henessy Youngman is spitting the truth out here. The older generation before us, really is more understanding and more openminded. Millennials differ from us but we grew up with some of their traditions as well. We’ve become to dependent on technology, like he depicts in the video. Not a single day goes by that I don’t see someone on a laptop, tablet or phone. Some people’s lives have become these social platforms and I’ve noticed that many people are looking for acceptance in everything they post. For example they can’t go out without posting pictures and videos on Snapchat or Instagram. Nowadays even little kids have better phones than me! I remember I got my first phone in 8th grade but because I began staying after school. It would be nice if they made it a priority, for everyone to take a break from this second life and just live in the moment.

    1. giancarlovento Avatar

      Giancarlo Vento 2:30

      Hey Ana, I agree that Hennessy Youngman is speaking the truth. People today are too dependent on technology, but thats where are world is going. Since we are so dependent on technology, institutions must change for the times they operate in or face extinction. Museums must morph to please the average millennial consumer in 2016. They have to come up with fun ways for consumers enjoy museums more, in order to keep cultural institutions, like art museums, alive for generations to come.

    2. Zjlinney Avatar

      Linney Sar 2:30PM
      Hi Ana,

      The current generations are more tech savvy, however people are more focus on their electronic devices and more distracted then any other generation will ever be. The millennial generation may have started the tech savvy generation and have many important minds who have contributed to this generation advances. But what will the newer generation contribute to the future? Hennessy Youngman made many great points including snapping picture and posting them online. People are aware of what goes around them, but decide to ignored the turmoil in low income country who kill and die to mine natural resources reserves for the big markets. I agree with, “ just live life in the moment” enjoy the small things take a look around and talk to someone.

    3. allison cruz Avatar

      Allison Cruz 1pm
      Hi! i completely agree with you. It is funny to think how stoked I was in middle school to get a Nokia cell phone that I was ONLY allowed to use for emergencies… that literally had nothing on it. I see my nieces and nephews growing up with iPhones, iPads, and laptops and it is scary. During Thanksgiving, I couldn’t even get them to get off and enjoy time with the family. I think it is partly the parents who push these devices on their children by making them be quite and play games and watch movies or shows on them. I am interested to see where the future takes us as a whole and what future generations will contribute to this technological boost.

      1. adamshannah96yahoocom Avatar

        Hello Allison!
        I thought that was so funny that you too had a Nokia in middle school. I was also only allowed to use mine only for emergencies, and I didn’t get a phone with internet capabilities until my Junior year. It is so strange to see the world progressing so quickly in terms of technology. Norms change so fast I wonder what it will be like when I have my own children in the future. My cousins are about ten years younger than myself, and I see how technology is changing them in so many ways. I spent my childhood doing mock science experiments, drawing, and making little creatures out of clay. My mom and grandparents always taught me to be creative and to explore. I barely was able to use a computer until middle school, and couldn’t type proficiently until 9th grade. My cousins though, have been using iPads and smartphones for years, and they can easily navigate the internet. I don’t know if this is necessarily better or worse. The older of the two certainly has learned a lot from science themed Youtube videos and games, but he has also missed out on a lot of the physical experiences of childhood, like some of the ones I had. Our world is slowly becoming less tactile and more information based with each rising generation. I hope to soon see how this will influence the society of my generation.
        -Hannah Adams

      2. beentired Avatar

        Kayla Tafoya-Sablan 1 PM

        Allison, I totally get you! It’s crazy to see the difference in how the generation after us millennials are adapting to technology at such earlier stages in their lives than we were as kids! I do think that kids should be kids and enjoy more hands-on activities. No doubt that technology can help with possible mental and developmental benefits to their growth but I believe that the exposure is causing these kids to grow up faster than is good for them. Sounds like a plot to Black Mirror, ha ha. But anyways, I am pretty excited to see how far technology advances while we have the time to experience it!

    4. Marissa Sar Avatar

      Hi Ana!

      Marissa Sar 2:30PM
      I think it’s great that our generation are able to use technology to make more advancements in society, and just seeing how Facebook and other social media apps can connect people worldwide is amazing. But I do agree that it can become an addiction and a distraction from the “real” world. I also noticed kids that are born after millennial are now being taught how to use iPads. So, it’s definitely a drastic change.

    5. Janett Moctezuma Avatar

      Janett Moctezuma, 2:30pm

      Hi Ana,
      I agree with your comment that we’ve become so dependent on technology and I think a lot of other people would agree as well. Also, how you mentioned little kids with better phones, I think that the younger they are the more they know about technology. Like my little brothers, they have to teach me how to work with our smart tv. It has like so many things you can do on it, you can watch netlfix, hulu, and ever go on the internet. I see my brothers doing stuff that I don’t even know. It is just incredible that as the years go by we are more and more into technology.

    6. hrandonbong Avatar

      Brandon Hong 2:30 pm

      Hey Ana, I kind of disagree with your comment about how older generations are more understanding and open minded than millennials. Referring to the fact that racism, hate crimes, etc. were very prominent in the lives of the older generation. I do agree with your stance on how some of the newer generations have intertwined their very existence with technology. For example when I go out and I see kids, its usually a situation where all of their heads are buried into their phones and their idea of recess is gathering around one kid and watching him play a game (I use to work at an afterschool). I think its really important to be able to use technology, but there needs to be a balance between technology and actual life.

      1. laurajlockett Avatar

        Laura Lockett 1pm

        Hi Brandon, I do agree with you on the fact that older generations are more close minded then millennials simply because how much has changed at how we view the world. I feel like we are more understanding of how others are treated such as minorities in any situation, not just races but sexual preference, gender in the workplace and much more. It seems that everyone is only interested in their phones and what their online life is like instead of what is going on around them. Millennials may have been the generation to start the obsession of the phone but i know plenty of baby boomers and older generations that are more obsessed with their devices than others are.

    7. Nathan Davalos Avatar

      Nathan Davalos 2:30
      Ana, I agree with some of your views. I agree when you say that technology is taking over and that people are posting too much about what they are doing and where they are on their social media pages. However we need to come to accept the fact that we live in a technology run world now and there is only going to be more technology in the future. Yes, we do not need to always be on our phones, but we also have to take a step back and admire all of the great things that have been created/started in the last 20-30 years. A lot of these things would have never been possible without the use of technology. Preach

  3. giancarlovento Avatar

    Giancarlo Vento – 2:30

    In Hennessy Youngman’s speech he says that the defining factor of millennials is their acceptance of technology. I find his take on this to be true as millennials have technology incorporated into very aspect of their lives, from their personal lives (facebook) to their education (beachboard, online HW), to their professional lives (linkedin). Hennessy Youngman’s proposal to attract more millennial patrons at museums is comedic yet really true. Millennials are over-stimulated with all kinds of technology (televisions, smartphones, etc.) accessible to them at all times. His suggestion to have some sort of a twitter like feed where museum goers could post their thoughts on exhibitions is a good idea because in this social media age everyone wants to be heard. The whole point of twitter in my opinion is to give everyone a voice and allow them to express their thoughts and feelings, as many people (especially millennials) want to have their opinions heard. Museums definitely should find a way to market exhibitions to millennials in a way that will catch their attention and make them go to the museum. What cultural institutions need to realize is that times do change and people change as well, so they have to at least change the way they market to consumers, because if they don’t all interest in cultural institutions will eventually be lost.

    1. Stephanie Arciva Avatar

      Stephanie Arciva 1pm
      Hi Giancarlo!
      I completely agree with your viewpoint that cultural institutions need to realize that times change, so if they want to attract this different generation, that involves changing the way they appeal to audiences! I feel that this is what different producers do including entertainment, technology, and many other social aspects. I feel they should take this as a lesson to find a way to transform the way they want to present their cultural pieces, not as a way to alter the specific culture itself but to be able to connect with the audience to make the experience more personal. Overall, I think you brought up a strong point that these are the things that are happening and cultural institutions can either watch it happen from the sidelines, or take an active part in the movement!

  4. Zjlinney Avatar

    Linney Sar 2:30 PM

    The Millennial generation was born during the 1980 to the 1990. This generation is the turning point for the twenty-first century. This is the generation where the Internet was made, changing the world and how people network with one another. An example of change is the duration of sending an enveloped mail through the postal services versus a text message through electronics. The development of newer technology has allowed for more efficiently data sharing no matter how far the distance people are from one another. Those that are born during this generation are more adaptable/accepting to new and emerging technology and ideas. People are more open-minded to acceptance of the old controversial ideas. Museums are significant places that hold a lot of knowledge and evidence of recorded history. However the millennial period is different from the older generations, how should the art museum catch a millennial? Making things more interactive, creating ways for the millennial to relate to the museums by incorporating their technology cultures. The Millennial generation is more aware of the world to catch their attention, using good causes and creating a group of a well-composed team of a PR office to change the institution for this generation to be able to enjoy also.

    1. dannyvel23 Avatar

      Hi Linney
      I agree with you that during the 80’s and 90’s the world went through a major change. The start of the millennials, the world was making great innovations and continues to do so. This changed the ways of people, children began to live life in technology rather than the real world. Museums will lose viewers if they do not find a way to connect to millennials because millennials are all about the technology.

      Daniel Velazquez 1pm

  5. duhmarkymark Avatar

    Marcelo Ceballos Jr. – 1 PM

    Listening to the presentation Hennessy Youngman gave, I do agree with many of his viewpoints he has on millennials and this new generation of technology. I find his point about making things more interactive very intriguing and true. Although I do enjoy experiencing things in a pure form, I do find myself using technology in many activities that I enjoy. I think that technology has been improving so rapidly that people and societal norms have not had time to catch up. People sometimes use technology too much to the point that it detracts from the main thing they are doing. For instance I once went to a concert and there was a girl holding up two cameras and taking video of the band. I did not understand this at all because she had to focus on not only one but two cameras constantly in order to make sure the video came out okay. I think that a happy medium does exist between this and not using technology at all. Hopefully as a society we will be able to figure out a balance and a way of living that is sustainable and lets us experience all that life has to offer.

    1. amanateeseawarrior Avatar

      Amanda Martinez, 1pm

      Hi Marcelo! I agree with you that people sometimes do use technology too much at times and there needs to be a happy medium. Technology is helpful up to a certain point, but like the example you gave it could take away from what people are trying to enjoy in the moment. I’m sure there are always going to be a few people who are consumed by technology, but at least it will only be a few.

      1. alilovesart Avatar

        Hello Amanda,
        I do agree with you! well with most of what you said, people do indeed sometimes use technology too much at times almost to the point where they are completely dependent on technology, and with out it becomes hard to go about there day. Technology is and only should be helpful to a certain extent and should have its time and place, but now a days it seems like its everywhere, and it does indeed take away from what life is suposto be about and the moments people need to cherish and how technology does hinder some people from being able to appreciate a certain moments, people should keep there distance form technology.

    2. Evan Burton Avatar

      1:00 PM

      The current generation of Millennials does spend a lot of time using technology, but so do their parents. The difference between us and our parents is that we use technology for entertainment while they use it more for functionality. My mom and I both have an iPhone, but she doesn’t have any social media on it besides Facebook. Even with Facebook, it’s only used by my mom to connect to relatives and good friends. It’s not like she is playing games on her phone or watching YouTube. Younger people are probably on their phones more so than matured adults, but we are all heavily affected by technology in different ways. It grabs the attention of Millennials because there are so many opportunities within apps. Meeting people, gaining income, and becoming famous are now all possibilities through your phone. I think that too much blame is being put on technology for Millennials’ lack of interest in museums. Teenagers in the 1970s weren’t excited about museums either, because they were more interested in hanging out with friends and doing normal things concerning their age.

  6. Tiffany Phan Avatar

    Tiffany Phan, 2:30PM

    In Hennessy Youngman’s video, he explains how millennials are accepting of technology. I agree because millennials have evolved with technology and have been there to see all the changes that have been made from decade to decade. He also explains how people view millennials and that is that they are using technology because they’re “lazy” and its not that at all. Technology has grown throughout the years and people perceive it as something that everyone is obsessed with and that it impacted our world in a negative way. Technology has helped us connect more with each other and help something like the environment and struggles that our world has been looking to find a solution to. People only see the negative aspects of it and blame millennials, but they don’t look at how they have helped the world change and how much it has improved throughout the years.

    1. amybecerraart Avatar

      Amy Becerra 2:30
      Hi, Tiffany!
      When reading your response, I also had to agree about how millennials have evolved with technology. Like you, I’ve also seen that there is the stereotype that millennials are ‘lazy’ for being dependent on technology. I never really got that because technology makes things more efficient. Instead of having to do math on paper for something, you can instantly take out the phone on your calculator. It’s not really being lazy because insignificant things like that that can take a prolonged amount of time can be done instantly with a phone. It’s beneficial because you can spend more of your time doing more important things. I like to think that millennials aren’t lazy, they’re just more resourceful, but that’s just me 🙂

    2. Jessica Obrique Avatar

      Jessica Obrique 2:30 p.m.

      Like you, I don’t agree that because people use technology they are lazy. I feel that technology has evolved to make life easier. We can communicate with each other faster than we can doing it in person. We can even access tons of information or become more educated on different topics just by going on the internet. I think technology has it’s benefits in those regards and in much more. But I can see the case where there may be a negative downside and that’s when we become too obsessed or dependent with technology. It can come to the point where it’s unhealthy. But overall technology is a wonderful thing. I’m happy I get to speak to my friends all over the world. 🙂

  7. Fatima Negrete Avatar

    Fatima Negrete – 2:30 pm
    When started the video, I was drawn immediately. I was drawn by the music and the way the guy was talking to the audience. The video was very funny and informative. When he put Bernie and Ernie together from Sesame Street, I found that funny. He was trying to make a statement about how the millennial people are accepting of groups of people such as gay people. In addition, there was a clip of one of my favorite shows Saved by the Bell. When Zack Morris had a huge cell phone, I found it hilarious as he also brought that up. Technology is advancing in many ways. Some people are adjusting while it takes some others awhile. LMAO but the best part of it all was the comments from Twitter and Youtube. I felt that I connected to this video the most because we are the millennial.

    1. Bunny Horn Avatar

      Hi Fatima,

      I like your post. I was wondering what is Millennial. I heard of it before. I agree that I was also drawn in by the word Millennial and the music. The video is informative and interesting. I also finds it funny when he presented Bernie and Ernie together from Sesame Street picture when trying to explain Millennial. I agree that it is funny how he brought of Zack Morris having a huge phone. Also I am in with you that technology is advancing in many ways. I agree the most people are always on their phone.

      Bunny Horn- 2:30

      1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

        haha Bunny, YOU are a “millennial! About every 20 years we come up with a new name for generations. So in the 20th century we’ve had: “The Greatest Generation”, “The Silent Generation”, “Baby Boomers”, “Gen X”, and currently, YOU, “Millennials”. Peeps born between something like 1982 – 2004 are all considered “Millennials”. So at CSULB today we mostly have Baby Boomers & Gen X teaching Millennials. That’s the point and the power of Youngman’s statement “it doesn’t behoove an emerging generation to placate the worldview of those who came before them”.

        Pretty much every young person @CSULB today is a Millennial, but kids today are already not Millennials. Anybody not yet in high school is the next generation, so-called “Generation Z” or “Homeland Generation”. Unlike previous generations, the name “Homeland Generation” hasn’t been used much yet, so some other label may come along and stick.

        Obviously classifying large groups of people in huge bulk “generations” is very simplistic and leaves out a lot. Still, it does seem to say something a bit useful.

  8. allison cruz Avatar

    1pm – Allison Cruz
    I thought that this video fun to listen to- I don’t know if Youngman spoke on the same level as me or if I’m just excited that this is the last video discussion haha BUT a good one to end on. I completely agree with what he had to say about the millennials today and how hooked they are on technology. I remember going up being addicted to playing snake on my dad’s “cool new” nokia phone…and now technology is at a whole new level. It is great that people are into technology and sharing things that they think are important but it becomes negative when they are not using it to better and grow the world. I don’t necessarily think that it is bad all together but it is hard to focus on the present when you are so attached to something in your phone, iPad and computer. As he mentioned it is great because it can connect us to so many people from all over the world and spread knowledge. I personally love museums the way they are now. They are as interactive as they can get for the art that they are displaying. As for new forms of art, I would totally consider what he suggested. It will always be hard to bridge the gap between different generations but that is the beauty of growth, development and evolution of humans and societies over time.

    1. Tina Nguyen Avatar

      Hi Allison,
      I liked how you mention that you used to be addicted to playing ‘Snake’ on your dad’s cool Nokia phone. It reminded me of the days in the past when we still had flip phones, and we couldn’t do all these awesome things we can do on our smart phones, such as go on Twitter or Facebook. I totally agree with you that technology isn’t technically bad all together. Our cell phones have allowed us a form of communication with others all over the world. My parents use their phones to go on Facebook to keep in touch with our relatives in Vietnam, which is a nice thing they did not have many years ago.
      -Tina Nguyen 1PM

  9. amybecerraart Avatar

    Amy Becerra 2:30

    This week’s art discussion revolved around a video of a talk held by Hennessy Youngman. In my opinion, it was kind of hard to see what the point of the video was because as Youngman was talking, I didn’t know where he was going with what he was saying. He was mainly talking about generations and about how millennials were more accepting than prior generations to things like interracial couples, same-sex marriage, and more. He also talked about how much more dependent our generation is on technology.
    I can relate to this because I often look around me and realize how everyone always has some type of technology in their hand. Just yesterday, I noticed while in the elevator in the USU on campus that everyone in the elevator was looking down on their phones. It’s much more common to do that instead of making small talk. I think that’s interesting because I remember when I was in elementary school, phones were usually ‘just for emergency’ or simply just to make calls. Now, they’re a source of entertainment and almost like an extension of our hands because they always seem to be in them!

    1. lizzystiller Avatar

      Hey Amy,
      You bring up a good point. Is technology turning us into antisocial robots? I too see people would rather play on their phone then engaging in a bit of small talk. That is very sad. In this way technology is doing more harm than good and every generation it is getting worse. I grew up on the rules of no phone until you get to high school and do not pull it out when you are with family or friends.But now when I go to dinner I see 3 year olds playing with their mom’s phones or couples on a date both on their phones.

  10. Tina Nguyen Avatar

    Tina Nguyen 1PM
    In the video, Hennessy Youngman discusses how technology is more prevalent in today’s culture, especially in regards with millennials who use it more than any other generation. I agree with Youngman’s assessment because cell phones are easily obtained these days and everyone has one. Many people are always on their phone 24/7, checking their social media accounts and keeping up with things happening around the world. Cell phones have made it easier for us to keep in touch with our friends and family because we can easily communication with them and see what they are up to, however, it seems to have also kept us distant. When we are on our phones, we are forgetting our surroundings. We don’t pay attention to the people around us nor care to have small talk and get to know others that we may not know. Our cell phones have given us an excuse not to talk to people we may not know face to face because we are glued to our phones.

    1. Cindy Le Avatar

      Hello Tina!
      I agree that many millennials are constantly on their phones. I am also guilty of this. Yet, sometimes I feel that it is something we use to fall back on to. The way we approach a person varies by person. Maybe the other person is just as shy as you, or you’re the friend who is stuck in the group because your friend is talking to their other friends. Yes there is a tendency to ignore the real world, yet technology has allowed us to catch up with people who may be halfway across the world or perhaps “experience” the world in a different way in their own comforts of home. More importantly, it has allowed us to be more outspoken, to have our voices heard. But it is agreeable that not many of us capture the full experience that reality has provided for us.

    2. Gabriel Gonzalez Avatar

      Gabriel Gonzalez 2:30 pm

      I agree with Tina as well, millennials have nothing better to do but be on their phones, thats just what technology has grown on to us. Millennials are known to get bored much faster, there is nothing much to do but to browse the internet and be active on social media accounts in modern days. And we have become less social out in the real world, but more active online, and although this is a bad thing for some, for others it can be good in the way that you can chat with people you haven’t seen in years or people you want to meet. Yet, personally I believe there is nothing better than experiencing something in person rather than just seeing it on your phone screen or computer monitor.

    3. nhitruongg Avatar

      Hi Tina,
      You bring up a really good point. When we do not have our phones, we get a little anxious. We become uncomfortable because we do not have the safety net of just ignoring the world and looking at our phones. Our social accounts are always updating and changing. Therefore, we always have something to look at no matter where we are. Even when we are doing something, we try to capture the moment by taking snapchats or videos to save. We see things through the screen instead of with our eyes. I guess we need to learn to balance technology within our lives.

      Nhi Truong 1pm

  11. Bunny Horn Avatar

    Bunny Horn; 2:30 pm

    This week art talk is based on Hennessy Youngman. Young talks about, To Catch a Millennial given at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. I like the music that was introduction in the beginning of the video. He explained what is Millennial. Millennial is a generation born 1980 through 1990. They multi-culture and multi-ethnic. The way to explain Millennial is technology. A person loves the power of technology. I don’t what is Millennial. How does the cultural such as museum catch one? Millennial don’t want to come to the museum just to watch, they want to do stuff. Millennial accept authority and not question. They are not obedience, but they are friendly. Millennial are generation of high self-conscious consumers. The generation before is more open-minded. We become more depended on technology. For example, my family each of us have a smart phone. Sometimes we are always on our phone. Young made a good point about how people snap a picture of themselves and post it.

  12. Marissa Sar Avatar

    Marissa Sar 2:30pm
    Based on the title of the video, I did expect it to be about Millennials. However, I did not expect the speaker to incorporate humor and sarcasm. I like that he incorporate visuals along with his speech. Also there were several points that I agree with that Millennials are more likely to accept differences in people whether it’s ethnicity, or gender than other generations. Of course, prejudices and discrimination still exist today, but just looking at far our country has changed since then. So, I am in awe that our generation we are able to attend schools that allow diversities in background and ethnicities where as before schools were segregated. Another point he made that Millennial are know for accepting technology. I think it’s great that technology can advance our society in terms of communicating long distances, or even networking. But I would say that it has also can be addicting/ time consuming and even seclude the person from the reality or the environment around them. Another point that he makes is that our generations are more likely to accept/ not question authority, but it does not mean that makes them obedient. I think because the generations in the past has helped our generation until to have the rights we have now, so maybe that’s why we accept the authority that’s given. However, I do not think it mean that there aren’t any improvements or controversies about the current society.

    1. kayaquarles Avatar

      Hi Marissa,
      I have to agree that I enjoyed Hennessy Youngman’s humor and sarastic tone throughout his presentation. I agree with you that millennials are more likely to accept differences because times are constantly evolving. I feel like in generations previous to the millennials people were a lot more conservative and one-sided. While technology is a blessing because it allows for greater communication it is also a curse because of it’s addictive qualities. All of the points that Hennessy Youngman brought up were valid and I could relate to all of them, especially when he mentioned that parents are seen more as friends rather than people to rebel against. I think that point is still controversial, but I could relate.

      Kaya Quarles, 1PM

  13. Cindy Le Avatar

    I agree with Youngman. The term millennial is constantly thrown everywhere in today’s time, along with the term, technology. The millennial generation was very accepting of the technological era, where its presence redefined and improved the normal lifestyle that the previous generation had. For a suburban kid like me, I had the chance to enjoy both the outdoors and the beginnings of the kind of technology we see today. The millennials are also very tech savvy. Considering the age range that Youngman gives us, our generation falls just a few years after the millennial generation. But we still hold traditions from the baby booming generation that some of our parents grew up in, and also ideas appeared during the millennial generation. Like the millennials were, we also were just as tech savvy and more open-minded. I agree, that’s just how we grew up as a generation. We also seem to be more involved and very successful in getting our voices to be heard.

    Interactions with various arts do make museums enjoyable, this method coincides with the kinds of interactions we have with technology. I enjoyed how Youngman was very casual in approaching the topic in a way that was not only was relatable but seemed like an everyday kind of conversation one person would have to another.
    Cindy Le 1pm

  14. Gabriel Gonzalez Avatar

    Gabriel Gonzalez 2:30 pm

    This weeks video was really interesting and relateable because it has everything to do with technology. Youngman talks about how millenials are all about technology, the difference between art no in days. Youngman makes a point as to how easy it is to get a hold of technology now for people. Personally i have noticed how everybody has the ability to get a hold of a cellphone now in days. Back in the day, i couldn’t even get a hold of an ipod, and now elementary and middle school kids walk around with iphones and galaxys as big as their own heads. Going back to the video, millenials are people that are not as attracted to regular art, they are attracted by modern day art which includes music and things like funky art made up of objects rather than just paintings. Millenials will always be attached to their phones, and as technology keeps upgrading, so will the change of art and the ways of society.

  15. Selena Lara Avatar

    1pm- Selena Lara
    Technology defines a Millennial it’s incorporated in their everyday lives from sunrise to sunset and with more frequency as it continues to advance. But as Millennial’s invest their lives more into technology Millennials lose the appreciation for the arts such as the art found in museums. Being a Millennial myself I know that growing up I wasn’t intrigued by Museums. I remember being excited about going on field trips but never interested in the learning experience I could have gotten at the Museums. However, by the time I reached 14 my older sister made my younger sibling and me spend our summers from Museum to Museum. It was then when my appreciation for art changed but I have to admit a lot of the art at those museums was contemporary and I felt connected. I believe that Millennial do spend more than half of their time on their phones which cause a lack of appreciation for Museums. I think that in order for Museums to change this mentality of Millennials they should spend more time at making not so contemporary more connected to technology. This in turn should allow Millennials more interested in the arts.

  16. lizzystiller Avatar

    Lizzy Stiller 2:30

    It is interesting that we are talking about this subject of a generation gap as I see it very relevant today. With the election that had just happened, our country was very torn apart. We saw one generation wanting to take back the old conservative ways in order to “make america great again”, and the younger generation who want more peace and equality. When Trump won many people just couldn’t understand how it had happened. How can someone actually agree to vote for someone who has said some awful racist, sexist things? We have a very deep generation gap with “generation X” and the “baby boomers” as our world’s we were raised in were so different. We grew up with all of this technology around us which helped us connect and learn more easily and become more accepting of each other. We see shows on the TV that depict every relation possible and therefore find a sense of normality in it. Many of the older generations grew up with strict stereotypes and therefore their mindsets were shaped around them.

    1. cslabell Avatar

      hey Lizzy, yup the generation gap was definitely a factor in this election. without getting TOO political; i have to say that i was one of those who was in complete utter “awe” of peoples decision to back up trump. but you are absolutely right the link between older generations and older traditions is very strong and sometimes changing old ways is very hard. personally i think its very sad and unfortunate but hopefully younger generations, myself included, see this as the opportunity to become even more united and find an even stronger drive and motivation to do good and change the future for the better. older generations should know that we wont go down quietly, infact we wont ever go down! =) but you are right alot of media sources have been able to spread the word about changes through time and how people now have different lifestyles and beliefs.
      By: Claudia Sanchez @2:30pm.

  17. Evan Burton Avatar

    1:00 PM

    The premise of this Art Talk video was interesting, focused on exploring the Millennial generation. He spoke of the generation’s tolerance, multiculturalism, and adeptness with technology. These are all great traits which have certainly contributed to the progressive movements of the country. Civil rights have never been closer to actual equality in the US than during this decade, and it’s because of people in their 20s and early 30s adding their beliefs to the public opinion. Our government policies are the way that they are because they reflect the overall opinion of the citizens. Before the 2000s, when Millennials were just kids, public opinion was still controlled by people who were born as early as the 1920s. There are still people voting today who were already adults in the 1950s, an era of conformity and racism. Those older demographics are trying to keep conservative values alive as long as possible, which is why they get so frustrated while trying to understand Millennials. The fact that this video exists means there’s a heavy disconnect going on. Although Millennials are super focused on their phones, I don’t think it has anything to do with their non-interest in museums. People become so focused on the differences in these generations that they forget we don’t actually change significantly with time. No generation of 18-25 year olds has ever been interested in museums, they’re just something that older people enjoy more. It’s not a cultural shift, Millennials are still young and they have other priorities.

    1. Samuel De La Cruz Avatar

      Samuel De La Cruz 1pm

      Hey Evan, I agree with what you mention about the millennials tolerance about multiculturalism and adeptness with technology. It will push the American society to what the true American dream is when it comes to all man or woman being equal by their own merit. I feel that if we millennials keep striving and trying to change the erroneous ways of the older generations that thought it was ok for racism to be a normal thing we can eventually make a good impact for American society. I also agree with you that the older generations do not understand us because millennials are more inclined to be concerned with all the damage that has been done by people in power right now. It is a mess that they are leaving behind for the newer generations to have to fix and clean up because of their arrogance and greed to make more and more money. If older generations and newer generations would work together maybe then they can come to a compromise where it would be better for everyone and drop all the old beliefs that are out of date and obsolete in our times now.

  18. adamshannah96yahoocom Avatar

    Maybe I am close to the right age group to comment about this video, but after listening, I realize I am really more old-fashioned than I realized when it comes to technology. When I think of a museum I really think more of the traditional type, with paintings and sculpture to be enjoyed by the crowds with maybe a few tour-guides. I thought these would be what museums would always kind of be, but after hearing Youngman’s thoughts, I see this isn’t the case. Being raised in a large part by my grandparents, I have always been a bit out of touch with the majority of my generation. I hardly use social media and there are a lot of references I don’t understand. So I thought this was a valuable video to watch to know what the current generation’s views are. I was quite interested in seeing Youngman’s proposed museum ideas. Museums that are more interactive and allow the use of internet resources. Since museums are made for an audience, and the rising generation is the millennials, then museums will have to change to fit their new audience. I wish I had some idea how this could be done, though it does seem that Youngman has good ways to make museums more attrictive to this generation. I’m interested to see how museums, institutions that have changed little since their creation, could be influenced by a generation that breaks so heavily form tradition.
    Hannah Adams

  19. Janett Moctezuma Avatar

    Janett Moctezuma, 2:30pm

    I definitely agree with Hennessy Youngman’s point about the millennial generation. This generation has become so accepting of technology. It is so interesting how Hennessy mentions that people forget about pictures that are done by painting such as oil on canvas, instead, people are creating pictures with technological devices. For instance, on the computer there are programs that help design pictures like the ones that he showed in his presentation. It seems that for this population technology is everything. People are always on their phones. I remember reading an article a few weeks ago that stated that an average person looked at their phone at least 46 times a day. I never actually thought about it but it is true because I know I am always checking my phone, checking my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It is evident that this generation is moving to a more tech savvy generation.

    1. yonathansahle Avatar

      Yonathan Sahle,

      In response to Janett’s comment,

      I agree our generation is going towards a tech heavy lifestyle. If you think about it, we were born with the birth of technology and the older we got going through elementary then junior high, technology was improving year by year. Then once we got to High school technology was reaching peaks we never thought could be reached. Now look at all of us in College and posting pictures and updates to our social media’s, we were born with the technology and over the past 20 years it has been AMAZING to see the improvements and different capabilities of cellphones, apps, drones, webcam applications, etc. Not to mention all of the high performance technologies that some big companies have made that have not been exposed to the public. Who knows what sorts of technology will be present in 20 more years. It could be both exciting yet frightening.

  20. yonathansahle Avatar

    1pm- Yonathan Sahle

    I believe that Hennesy Youngman makes many valid points by using funny methods to get his point across. He makes very good points about the Millenial Generation being very attached to techonolgical devices. Feeling the need to have your cellphone at all times and feeling the need to post pictures of the daily activity is something that nearly 100% of all millennials are going through. Now this could be a blessing and a curse. For some cases it can be a good thing and for some it could be a bad thing. It could be a bad thing when people are trying to post snapchats while driving. Hennesey had a way of adding humorous photos to his powerpoint presentation that made it interesting. One thing that he said that really stuck out to me was when he said that “millennials are the generation of adapters and that it was just reality and that is how things are done”, when he spoke about how savvy we were with technology. It is interesting to think where us millennials will be doing in 10 or 20 years considering we are already always on our technological device.

  21. cslabell Avatar

    What an awesome speaker! definitely going to be looking into his you tube channel. i love speakers who can do that; provide an informative speech while still making everyone in the room feeling like they are having a one on one with the speaker. i enjoy not being preached on and i think he does a great job of involving the crowd and getting his point across. it was also a great way to start the video; his music selection is current and grabs attention. through his talk and some “googling” i guess i am officially considered a millennial! born in 88′. among looking into millennial, i found that alot of people dont like to be categorized or titled under it; i am one of them. online it says that a lot of people consider the term to be linked to laziness and stuck up. i personally dont like it because i feel like other people dont take me seriously, and i am also somewhat against the heavy use of social media. like Mr. Hennessy said (great name by the way) nowadays a relationship isnt real if its not all over social media. when did that happen? i actually know people who believe this and agree with it, and im just like WHAAAAT?!?!?!?! What happened to the value of privacy and just being happy with your own stuff without worrying about adding up “likes”. i like to refer to myself as an old soul. even though i do still have my “live young wild and free moments” but overall i am a homebody, i like museums, i enjoy the sanctity of privacy and am pretty happy when i do go out with family,, friends, or significant other and not have to post a single picture to any media to show how much fun im having. when he mentioned the definition of museums by his source, i kind of liked it. even though he though it was “harsh” i kind of agreed with it. museums are like a grave site where memories are kept, but its not all sad. its a place with history and pieces of the past that help us learn and understand ways of life and sometimes help us express our own emotions. i really like museums because it is a time still moment and with how crazy life can be sometimes i need a place where time stops and a museum is a great place to visit for such a need. overall this video was great, i enjoyed his talk and i loved his way of presenting his speech. its talks like these that really leave a lasting impression on me.
    By: Claudia Sanchez 2:30pm.

  22. amanateeseawarrior Avatar

    Amanda Martinez, 1pm

    I do agree with Hennessey about millennials being accepting of things that historically most people have not been okay with. However, I think it is important to point out that the millennial generation is a wider range than he says in the video and people in this generation grew up as technology was advancing rapidly. There are some people who let technology take over their lives, but in most cases technology is a great tool that helps makes people’s lives easier. I feel like his description of how interactive things need to be to attract millennials is ridiculous. Having some sort of interaction to get people in the museum does not need to be that drastic and his idea of a LED screen that you paint on is not appealing since you could do that at home on an app. Having classes where people actually have the opportunity to paint would be a better way to attract the millennial generation. To me it seems that he does not fully understand the generation and should talk to people from the generation to learn a little about life from their perspective.

    1. lukasfue Avatar

      Lukas Fuentes – 1:00pm

      Hi Amanda,
      I agree with you here. Although millennials are very engulfed in technology most of the time, I still know many people from this generation that love to go to museums of all kinds. Yes, more interactive activities would be cool, but I don’t think that is an attraction unique to millennials. Everybody loves doing interactive things rather than just looking at paintings, don’t get me wrong that’s enjoyable too. Despite Youngman’s over-exaggeration on this point, I think it couldn’t hurt for museums to do a bit of self-reflecting and think about how they can evolve to stay relevant.

  23. Samuel De La Cruz Avatar

    Samuel De La Cruz 1pm

    This week’s art talk had Hennessy Youngman talking about the millennial’s generation and how they are very open minded about change. Hennessy also goes to explain that the millennial’s generation are very technologically savvy and inclined to use technology for everything in their daily lives. I always thought the millennial generation was from 1990 and above but was surprised to find out that the millennials are the generations from 1980-1990. Hennessy also brings up the point that museums are kinda falling behind for millennials because they are to busy being occupied with Facebook, Twitter, or any online social media app that millennials have grown accustomed to and made part of their normal lives. Hennessy feels that if the museums would follow up on these trends and cater to the new millennials that the museums might have a surge of interest once again and will not be forgotten about.

    1. melissapassarelli Avatar

      I also liked how Hennessy brings up the point that museums are falling behind by being to busy with Facebook, Twitter, and any other online social media. I agree with Hennessy that museums could have a surge of interest once again if they would follow up on the trend and be remembered again. I think the trends would work for museums in order to see different opinions of others and what works and what doesn’t and show others what they are missing from not going to the museums which will help museums from being forgotten. I think the social media is a big part of a business or different locations of keeping them relevant and thriving today.

  24. hrandonbong Avatar

    Brandon Hong 2:30 pm

    Hennesy Youngman makes a point about our generation’s acceptance of technology because we grew up alongside it. How some of us are so attached to technology that we freak out if we lose our phones or don’t have signal to text our friends. Its a convenience to have the world’s information at our finger tips, but sometimes I think about how bad it is for us. You don’t even see kids playing outside anymore. All they do is stay indoors to play video games. It keeps us back from exploring the world and going to places like parks, libraries, museums, etc. I honestly love museums because of all the cools artifacts and history you get to see. I think its great that millenials and all the generations after us will get to have advanced technology, but I also believe there needs to be a balance of technology and outdoor activity. Otherwise it just becomes unhealthy. Museums are actually stepping up their game in ways like adding new tech to their exhibits. Everyone just needs to learn to adapt to the new world instead of complaining about being left behind.

    1. justinphamm Avatar

      Justin Pham 230 pm

      Hey Brandon,
      I like how you mentioned that our generation would freak out if someone took away our phones because I agree 100%. As much as I agree with your points, I would have to disagree and say that kids still love going out and playing, just not in traditional methods. I would see more kids playing sports and participating in school events, but I wouldn’t see as many kids out in the streets. I think video games just opened up an easier access to kids for staying home, but it hasn’t completely taken kids off the streets.

    2. Dabidlai Avatar

      David Lai 2:30 pm

      What’s up Brandon! You have made every single valid point that I have previously talked about in my post and I couldn’t agree more. People rely too much on technology to do their bidding (stop functioning because too much screen time). I’ve experienced in the past what it feels like to be on the computer all day, and I absolutely hated it. I’m different from everyone else obviously, but I hope that the habits of today do not cultivate into the future where socializing becomes a thing of the past. Everyone just needs to get up and go to a Museum because we should look back on experiences, not messaging logs.

  25. lukasfue Avatar

    Lukas Fuentes – 1:00pm

    Hennessy Youngman defined millennials as the generation born from 1980 to 1990, but I wanted to clarify that is actually the generation born between 1977 and 1994. This actually makes me a millennial (I was born in 1994), but most of our class won’t be. The point he is making in this video is one that I completely agree with. He is basically saying that things have change, I like to use the word evolved, and right now these changes are being pioneered by the millennial generation. Yes, we millennials love technology and embrace it, for good reason. Technology is everywhere now and it is responsible for the progress being made in many fields from science and medicine to business and art. Youngman brings up the idea that museums are now graveyards. I don’t think this is true. I know many people my age that still enjoy museums, but I also think Youngman brings up a good point. The world is changing and if museums want to stick around they are also going to have to change to cater to the coming generations, and yes this probably means incorporating technology more. As my Greek Mythology professor likes to put it, they need to put old wine in new bottles. Sell the same product with a different look to appeal to the next generations. Or, as Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” He is talking about species of course, but I think this quote can be applied to anything (businesses, art, science, technology, museums, survival, etc.).

    1. dschmitz137 Avatar

      Daniel Schmitz 1PM

      Hey Lukas,

      Sick Darwin reference. And yea I was thinking that the “millennial” generation wasn’t just 1980-1990, that’s cool that you looked it up. I agree that, yes, technology is everywhere, from art to medicine. And people, especially younger generations that grew up with it, have fallen in love with it. Which is good, for the most part. Technology makes the world a better place, usually.

      I also think museums will start to change their ways. I imagine more TV displays, narrations through speakers, interactive displays, those sorts of things, will be more and more common as time goes on.

  26. justinphamm Avatar

    Justin Pham 230 PM

    For this week’s talk about millenials, I was able to connect more with the video than previous topics. The video briefly explains our current generation’s attachment to technology and open mindedness. I can agree with all of the above, given that I was born into this. I was born amongst many different cultures and races around me, which allowed me to have an open mind of acceptance to each and every race, whereas older generations typically grew up with the same race which could lead to more ethnocentric type of attitudes. For this reason alone, is why I believe being around different races and people allow you to grow more. As for technology, I firmly believe that it’s become more of a necessity than privilege. Technology has become a fundamental aspect of our everyday life and it’ll keep progressing towards that path.

    1. Daniel Martinez Avatar

      Hello Justin, I agree with you as well. We grew up in a generation where technology was barely starting to have a huge impact on the daily life of one. Now, the current generation’s attachment to technology affects many individuals. I certainty like the comment you made that technology has become more of a necessity rather than a privilege. Every time i see people walking on the streets staring down on their phones. Technology has caused a big negative impact on today’s generation in my opinion, yet they are continuing to improve upon today’s technology.

  27. melissapassarelli Avatar

    Melissa Passarelli 2:30pm

    I found this video interesting because I agree that technology had advanced so much that individuals don’t appreciate the moments that they are going through today. I feel like many people care so much about capturing the moment instead of experiencing the moment. However, I feel this is the case because many teens/children don’t know a life without technology so since it was part of their environment from an early age, they adapt to it and embrace it as a natural part of their life. I believe people use technology to much due to the advancement of the technology itself like instead of going out and buying a CD, it is more convenient to download the music on technology while allowing us to have that option.

    1. Felix Huynh Avatar

      Yeah, I agree that people nowadays use technology too much. I can’t blame them for doing so though, because even schools are moving towards more use of technology. Many people use technology to connect with others, other use it to complete homework assignments, and this is important to people of all ages to get through their daily lives. The video talked about how we have become so used to technology that we take it for granted a lot. I agree with it and it does show how millennials are so comfortable using new technology and don’t really worry about possible consequences.

    2. jonathangirgis Avatar

      Jonathan Girgis, 1:00 pm

      I second what you said. It’s like there’s too many people who experience their lives through the cameras on their phone, instead of just looking up from those cell phone screens. I use technology all the time! But sometimes I think it is important to try to separate from all that and just live a little without it. I don’t find it very useful, for example, to check social media all the time. Maybe once a day? For me that’s plenty. And like you said with experiencing the moment versus simply capturing it, it’s like making sure you take the perfect of Yosemite when it would probably be better if you put the phone down and just looked at it. And again, I think technology is amazing, but I do believe there should be more of a balance in how much time it takes from us. It should be a tool; it shouldn’t make us the tool. Some people are practically addicted to something that isn’t exactly the most productive thing. Of course, I’m guilty of wasting time. I do try to make use of it more so than before, though.

  28. Felix Huynh Avatar

    Felix Huynh 2:30 PM

    I always thought millennials were people born in the 1990s and 2000s, and the use of the word by many people seem to reflect that. It’s interesting to see that it’s actually 1980 – 1990 and that millennials now are actually over 25. Hennessy Youngman talked about this millennial generation as tech savvy and always living their lives on the internet. He talked about how museums are losing visitors and what they need to do to maybe attract the millennials to the museum. It has become to easy for people nowadays to look stuff online and see a painting, and museums need new ways to bring in a crowd like interactive activities using modern tools.

    1. nkechiokoroma Avatar

      Hey Felix,

      I was thinking the same thing is terms of when millennials were born. Its weird seeing that someone who is 36 is considered a millennial, but Im glad the video cleared it all up. It was also interesting to learn that art museums are losing more and more visitors as time goes on. I think by making these museums more interactive, millennials would be more interested in not only visiting but relating to the artwork,

      1. nkechiokoroma Avatar

        Nkechi Okoroma 2:30pm

    2. Adrian Munoz Avatar

      Adrian Munoz 1pm

      Hey Felix, I came to the same confusion, I always thought the people who accepted and open to many things and that are much more friendlier were the people in there 20s or early 30s, didn’t really expect the “millennials” to be in their late 30s. I also agree that the museums are losing a lot of people due to the fact that people are less involved in the art. Museums now have to be attractive and entertaining to attract attention, for most young adults that is.

  29. jonathangirgis Avatar

    Jonathan Girgis, 1:00 pm

    I think Hennesy takes a closer, more analytical approach to how and why millennials interact with their world. It’s actually quite interesting to hear how he takes an entire generation and breaks it apart into smaller, more concise detail. A key point he makes in the video is the influence and just how involved we are with technology. There isn’t a day, maybe even an hour that goes by where we aren’t using some kind of device (one that is probably hooked up to the internet). I found it funny how he suggests how to ‘update’ current museums to cater to millennials. He gives an example of hooking up the paintings to some kind of system where we can comment on and give a footprint, so to speak, on the paintings. I thought that was kind of funny if it were to happen. Imagine being the actual artist of one of the paintings from years ago, never expecting someone’s feedback to be anything but verbal (e.g. Hey that was great!). I think the interesting thing about technology is that it has provided such an immense and open way to interact with strangers online, see who they are, what their interested in, etc. but in doing so we lose some of our privacy and/or individuality. It’s like a parent of a child who only talks about their child when hanging out with their adult friends. Perhaps it’s important to, in some way, maintain our own personal selves amid all of this connection. Maybe I don’t really need to know what your opinion is on a random museum painting. Not to sound harsh. Maybe I’d like to just enjoy the painting, as it was meant to be seen and experienced, and then move on. Further, I think it is important to have some kind of a footprint on the world, hopefully a positive one, but I don’t think we need to have that level of involvement on everything.

    1. Nick Lemmerman Avatar
      Nick Lemmerman

      Hey Jonathan. I agree that technology is great at doing, well, great things, like leaving a comment on someone’s painting…but that technology also makes us give up some of our privacy and individuality. Everything we use leaves some kind of footprint that another person can find. I also agree that the idea of an interactive thingy at a museum isn’t really necessary and is probably a little too invasive. I personally think that museums needn’t go to such hypothetical lengths to “catch a Millennial.” I think that we know when to look up from our phones and focus on something else, and that we can appreciate art and museums without relying on our phones.

      —Nick Lemmerman, 1:00pm

  30. Nathan Davalos Avatar

    Nathan Davalos 2:30
    I personally agree with Hennessy Youngman’s views on millennials. Us young adults are constantly on our phones and have an interaction with technology for most of our days. We are frequently checking our phones for notifications and tend to open up the notifications when they appear. I am a millennial and i fit in with this stereotype, I typically spend most of my day on technology or have some sort of technology near by. Nowadays there are televisions everywhere we look and it is somewhat hard to get away from it. Although some older people may say that technology is taking over our young people’s lives, it is only going to get worse in the future. The use of technology has changed a lot of people’s everyday lives. We now do not need maps in order to get from place to place, we can just hop onto our gps apps on our phones and enter our destination.
    With museums I do agree that millennials are looking for more interaction. This generation is not appreciative of drawings, painting, sculptures from the past. Todays art has drastically changed, personally I enjoy to view new art over old art. New art has a less of a meaning but it is more abstract and interesting. This past weekend, in San Diego, I spotted an art museum, at first I didn’t want to enter but then I saw some interesting sculptures through the windows and they tempted me to enter. I enjoyed the museum and all of the interesting art pieces that were being shown.

    1. meganchung07 Avatar

      Megan Chung 2:30
      I agree with it as well. My mom has not hit her fifties yet but still there is a huge generation gap between her and I. I am constantly checking my phone for replies or some sort of update while my mom can sit still in a chair without her phone.
      I agree with Hennessy Youngman when he talked about how millennials are looking for more interactions. Whether it’s an audio recording of their feedback or some sort of projector. I catch myself gravitating towards this style because it makes it more interesting for me. recently I visited the Getty’s museum. They had a room where you could draw on pots with whiteboard markers. For a few minutes, i spend my time doodling on it and then became curious of what these pots are for so I started reading into it and also asked a worker about it.

  31. klauduso Avatar

    Tommy Duong – 1 PM

    In the video, Hennesy Youngman spoke about multiple topics in his speech. Overall mainly focusing on the topic of the latest generation ‘Millennial’. In our everyday life, art is everywhere and most likely it has to deal with technology in some kind of way. Youngman says that people must adapt to technology not because they have to but because they want to. In order to capture the attention of the latest generations, Youngman says that museum can change their approach in getting visitors by adapting to Millennial. He propose that they should include their voices. Seeing his proposition, I believe that in doing so, museum would get a lot of visitors because back then, you needed to be an artist or a expertise to enjoy arts. Nowadays, everyone can enjoy art but not many can share their input. Only ones who get their input shared on art pieces are publishers or blogger. After seeing the Graffiti video, it’s true that younger generations want their voices to be heard and going to a museum and being unable to be heard makes it pointless for them to even go. Of course you can share your opinions on facebook or twitter but you truly don’t get the same feeling as seeing other people’s reaction who went their to see the art. Youngman states that Millennial are highly conscious consumers who know where to spend their money to make the world better. Museum used to be for artists or collectors who want to increase their value but many are going to be just small artists who want to gain infamy. As a millennial, I would spend my money on small artists because I want to make their lives better than the collectors. Youngman states that it’s insane to refuse to listen to the future and I believe it’s true. If you ignore the society in which you’re surrounded by, you won’t gain any attention. Making you outdated and uninteresting to see. The younger generations has the largest amount of power in the world because that’s what society is mostly built on. For the next generation.

  32. Dabidlai Avatar

    David Lai

    This art talk was definitely intriguing as the target audience was the millennial category. Hennessy Youngman talked about how millennials are typically engaged constantly with technology and many innovations.This without a doubt has developed and facilitated the progressive movement of our times. I’ve noticed before, but there is not one minute a tweet isn’t being sent or let alone people walking in public eyes-glued to their screens. Current museums should be of interest to the older generation (baby boomers) but that is strictly the older generation. Most millennials are still learning what it means to appreciate something because our lives are so much easier now. Youngman gives an example of hooking up the paintings to some kind of system where we can comment on and give a footprint of our acknowledgement. Technology is suppose to be an aid to our everyday activity, but we should not let it become a primary motive in terms of our socialization. People rely on technology to meet others via Tinder or even Facebook. It is suppose to help us but people seem to have lost edge with their creative side. The advantages of technology far outweigh the cons, but to some degree, it strips us of some basic human freedoms, such as socialization.

  33. nkechiokoroma Avatar

    Nkechi Okoroma 2:30pm

    This final video of the semester is definitely one of my favorites. It was not only very informative, but also very hilarious! According to Hennessy Youngman, a millennial is anyone born between 1980. As mentioned we are a generation of openness and acceptance. Whether its with interracial or same sex couples. And thats why I believe many millennials loved Bernie Sanders so much; because he was open to many different types of people and lifestyles just like many millennials. Another big thing that Hennessy brings up is the fact at how technology is embedded in our daily lives. We use technology for some many different things so it would be hard to live in a world without it. I really think Hennessy’s idea for museums to attract millennials is a brilliant one. The idea of making artwork interactive makes it easier to relate to, in that sense.

    1. belenbarragan Avatar

      Belen Barragan 2:30 PM

      I agree with you! This video is one of my favorites as well, also because i think its something that we could relate to a lot. Furthermore, I think that it really is a good point for museums to actually attract millennials as well. Although I could see why some people do not want to integrate more technology into our daily lives, i think there are ways to make it work. I would love for museums to have an app where you could try to copy the artwork and post it on like the museum website or “tag” that would be made up of all these cool pictures and comments, etc., that people have done in response to this one piece of art. (kind of like a hashtag but for one art piece). Even making the app have information about the artist, media, time period, etc, could all just be more convenient and at the tip of every museum goers hands, whether millennial or not.

  34. kayaquarles Avatar

    This week we watched a presentation about millennials and how museums can change the way they publicize their exhibits in order to attract and interest that generation more. The speaker was Hennessy Youngman and he incorporated a lot of humor and sarcasm in order to get his ideas across. Youngman described millennials as a generation that is almost accepting of everything especially technology considering it exists in almost every part of their life. Millennials are super tech savvy and will find a way to incorporate technology in even their boring times. Youngman suggests that because the generation feeds off of instantaneous feedback, museums should alter their traditional ways to make things more interactive and have user involvement. Although many people believe that there is an over reliance of technology and it doesn’t have a positive influence on society, I believe that it does because it allows for generations and people to stay connected, no matter how far apart people may be. Overall, I thought that this video was funny and I actually enjoyed his presentation because it can possibly bridge the gap between generations.

    Kaya Quarles, 1PM

  35. belenbarragan Avatar

    Belen Barragan 2:30

    I actually am an avid museum goer. I enjoy going and enjoying the variety of art work that is found in the different galleries. At first, I thought that museums should not be changed and that they should just stay the way they are. After some thought though, i think it would be cool to have some sort of interaction through technology as well. A lot of the ideas that he mentioned were actually really interesting. Yes, technology should not have to over-take the society in which we live in, but the reality is that it is part of our every day lives and if it gets more people to go and become more culturally knowledgeable about what art has to offer, I’m all for it. I think one of Youngman’s examples is particularly great. He mentioned that it would be nice to have some way to have real time response’s from other viewers. It would be nice to have a screen or an app in which you could type your thoughts and responses to a piece of work to be seen by other people at the museum at the same time. This could instigate a discussion board or some sort of way into interacting with others, whether by means of technology or not.

  36. nhitruongg Avatar

    Nhi Truong 1pm

    I really liked this video mostly because of the truth behind it. We see, throughout time, how generations differ from one another. Technology is becoming more and more present in everyday life. Therefore, instead of fighting it or trying to keep it away from everyday life, we need to embrace it. In his speech, Hennessy Youngman states that when millennials look at paintings, they just think, “we could do that”. It’s not to say we don’t appreciate art, it’s just that they think why is this one so special when we can make the exact same thing. The idea of making things interactive is a really great idea to attract millennials. Interactive museums, such as the discovery cube, is a museum that attracts many millennials and even younger kids. Interaction allows one to see how difficult it actually is to create something, eliminating the thinking of “I can do it”. Overall, I really enjoyed his speech and his sense of humor.

    1. nataliesantanablog Avatar

      Hello Nhi,
      I liked your post and I agree with it. I like how you brought up that just because people think “we could do that” it does not mean that we don’t appreciate art. I do think it is naïve for people to assume that they can just do anything that they see when it takes a lot of skill and practice to do it. I also like how you said that instead of fighting the fact that technology is a huge part of peoples life that we should embrace it because that is exactly what we must do. Technology is not going to go away it is only going to be more of a bigger influence on people as time goes on. I also believe that interactive museums are a great idea and it will attract more people. Many people might think museums are not for them because they might get bored but an interactive museum will keep people busy and engaged. Many people think that technology is ruining peoples lives while others think it is great because it keeps people connected. I am somewhere in between. I like the traditional museums and I think altering it alters the whole experience that a person can have however, that can be a positive thing and make the experience even better if museums are altered and incorporate more technology.

    2. superyessi Avatar

      Yesenia Hernandez

      I agree Nhi, interactive museums are a really good idea. Younger people have a short attention spans and this would be a great way to keep them interested. It is more fun and you learn more when you participate. I also like how it reframes the idea that “we could do that”. This will give you a chance to appreciate artists work. When people say “we could do that” they do not take into account the time, effort and process the artist had to go through to make that piece. Yes maybe you can do it but you would not have thought of it as an idea. Artist need more credit for their work.

  37. meganchung07 Avatar

    Megan Chung 2:30pm
    I agree with a lot of what Henessy Youngman is saying. They are pretty tolerant compared to older generations like interracial relationships and sexual preference. Besides of how accepting they are, what defines them is their acceptance of technology. For millennial, this is just the life they accept. Instantaneous feedback is what millennial look for. That’s why it takes a lot for them to spend time in places like museums.

    1. Zack Ngov- 2:30pm Avatar


      I agree that it takes a lot for millennials to spend time in a museum. There is a lot of walking involved and money spent. Because the experience is not interactive and the art pieces can be viewed online, it can be hard to justify the cost. It is also something that, when someone goes to a museum once, there is very little incentive to go again. I think it would be very hard for museums to try and change enough to justify keeping them open.

  38. esmerized Avatar

    Esmeray Lopez, 1PM

    This video was very very interesting and frankly it was a little slap in the face. Even though Hennessy Youngman was cracking jokes most of the time he’s right that technology is a millennial’s reality and our whole life revolves around it. I thought it was really cool that he brought out the bar graph that says that millennials are much friendlier and open minded than older generations. Even though I like museums just the way they are, more interactive pieces would be really cool to see. It was a really good video and I enjoyed watching it.

  39. dschmitz137 Avatar

    Daniel Schmitz 1PM

    Alright well that was actually pretty fun to watch. The guy’s hilarious so the video kept my attention pretty well. But anyway, he talked about how museums can be made more appealing to millennials and younger generations. Is museum attendance actually going down compared to past years? He made it kinda seem like no one wanted to go to museums anymore. Which is weird because just these past couple of years my friends and I have gone to museums a few different times.

    However, I went to Dallas over the summer ~half a year ago and I understand what he’s talking about when he says making museums more interactive. I visited the Texas School Book Repository (where Oswald shot Kennedy from) which the state/city converted into a museum. But it wasn’t any old museum, it was full of interactive and technological displays. The first thing they do when you walk in is hand you a MP3 players and headphones that narrates the displays as you walk through the museum. Not only that but many of the displays were TV/video based.

    Maybe this was an attempt to make museums more appealing to younger people. Or maybe it was just the nature of the subject that made them lay the museum out this way. I don’t really think you can do the same for statues and paintings. Or maybe you could. Who knows.

    But I feel like museums are a traditional thing, a thing that doesn’t change all that much as time goes on. Museums are a way to look back at history. 100 years ago people walked through a museum and reflected on history. Today somebody can walk into a museum that has the very same layout/atmosphere and experience the same thing a person would ave 100 years ago. If you change the fundamentals of how a museum behaves, you change the experience.

    1. leslie2213 Avatar

      Hey Daniel,
      Your story of the time you went to that museum I believe was a successful way to engage the Millennials. Making a museum more engaging does not have to take away from an art museum’s fundamental purpose. Making a museum more interactive can simply be by utilizing electronic devices to convey the information being presented, similar to the museum you went to in Texas. Therefore, I do feel that to a certain extent art museums should moderate the way they display their information in order to appeal to Millennials because the sad fact is one must mold to society to still seem interesting.

      -Leslie Meza 2:30 pm

    2. Ana Maya (1PM) Avatar

      Hi Daniel,
      I agree with the statement you made about how if you change the fundamentals of how a museum behaves, you change the experience. Having museums be more interactive for people can draw their attention. Technology helps in so many way and it’s inevitable for traditions to alter a bit.

  40. Zack Ngov- 2:30pm Avatar

    Hennessy Youngman brings up some good points about why museums are dying out and what museums need to do to appeal to millennials and further generations. I always find it weird when I hear/read people say that technology is doing harm. Regardless of what anyone says, technology does a lot of cool things for us and make our lives much easier. We are all very fortunate to live in a time where things like smartphones and self-driving cars are possible. Museums need to do a lot of changing in order to appeal to younger people. Museums are inherently boring. We just walk and look at art pieces that we could easily just look up on the internet. So, I agree that museums should try to incorporate interactiveness. It is crazy when I see people that take photos of art pieces as if there are not already a million of them online. It makes me wonder if people go to museums for the museum, or to have stuff to post on their social media.

    1. johncrewsavage Avatar

      John Savage 1pm

      Hi Zack,

      I too found that Hennessy Youngman brought up good points about why the museums are dying and not appealing to the younger generations. I agree with you that museums need to adapt to this new period in time where technology is not only important to society but is needed to succeed in society. If museums made exhibits interactive it would make people want to go and actually do the activities and experience the museum in a different way. They could even have social media where they post about these interactive exhibits to draw in people from all over the world.

    2. Bryan Aparicio Avatar

      Bryan Aparicio 1pm
      I agree with your take on Youngman’s words on dying museums and unappealing to younger generations. It’s sort of reminiscent to the radio from a long time ago. It was becoming a dying medium because of television but overall made adjustments and learned to adapt before it was able to rejuvenate itself. I think that is what will happen with museums. Eventually they’ll find something that will spark the interest in musuems again, but we’ll have to wait and see for those results.

  41. nataliesantanablog Avatar

    Natalie Santana 1pm

    Hennessy Youngman was really funny which made this video interesting to watch. He starts off with talking about millennial and basically what they do and spend their time on specifically technology.I really liked the fact that he didn’t talk bad about any generation, he brought up a view that older generations have and that they aren’t as accepting but he ended it with “who can blame them”, instead of saying something rude. I don’t think he should have categorized the whole group because not everyone is the way that he described. There are still people who appreciate museums just the way they are. I do believe that many people are extremely consumed with technology but not everyone. With that being said, I do believe that museums are not as popular as they were before and it is a good idea to include what people are focusing on (technology) with museums. Interactive museums do sound really interesting and I think it will attract a lot more people, I agree with you that many people do see a work of art and believe that they can do it but in reality it takes a lot more skill than what they think. Interactive museums will let people feel more included.

  42. Marlene Rodriguez Avatar

    Marlene Rodriguez 1pm
    This weeks art talk video really had me thinking about millennials. I honestly never realized how bad our generation is with technology, i mean literally everything we do has to involve a phone or the internet from our phone. We hardly take the time to stay off of our phones and really appreciate the beauty around us and even the people around us. To be honest, i don’t think it’s getting any better if anything our technology is advancing even more. I really don’t think our museums should be the ones to change, it should be the audience changing and adjusting to the museums ways of simplicity and beauty. Although Hennessy did bring up really good points, i think we still need to take the time to enjoy the moment and just stay off of technology for a bit and see what a difference it can make to someone’s attitude.

    1. lozano1021 Avatar

      Araceli Lozano 1 pm

      Hey Marlene,
      I have to agree, because of technology we miss out on many things that go around us. But i feel that its also a great thing because we are also able to be connected with loved ones all around the world and also know what is happening in the world, not just the bits and pieces that the media chooses to show us. I agree and disagree that the museums should not change. It would be cool to see more online exhibitions and see the details of it for those of us who cant visit the museums that are all across the world, but as for the actual museums i feel that they should remain the same, maybe just add more details on what we are looking at.

    2. Marysol Jimenez Avatar

      Hi Marlene!
      I agree with you in our generation mostly everything we do involves technology. It is crazy to think of a world without technology because we have come to adapt to it and use it in our everyday lives. But, i also think that museums should stay how they are, they are one of the few things without technology that we can still go to appreciate. Millennials sometimes need a break from technology and a museum is a perfect place to go and escape.

  43. johncrewsavage Avatar

    John Savage 1pm

    I found this video to be very entertaining and ring true to life. I enjoyed his talk about how to make museums appeal to the younger generation who don’t see the value in museums. To make a museum interactive would draw in people so that they could interact with these pieces of history and make it interesting and fun for them. Drawing in the younger generation in through interactivity is one of the key ways for them to learn and experience new things because they can actually do something with it instead of just being told what is important. With them interacting with different things will also make them appreciate works that they think were easy. Overall, I enjoyed the video because it was both entertaining and it brought up good ideas on how to make younger people interested in learning.

  44. reynareal Avatar

    Reyna Real @2:30
    In this weeks videos Hennessy Youngman explains how millennials are accepting of newer technology.Technology is starting to become more prevalent in todays culture. Now a days millennials are all about technology and are constantly on their phones or devices. Hennessy Youngman mentioned that millennials are really good at accepting newer and different things. Overall I really enjoyed watching this video.

  45. reynareal Avatar

    Reyna Real @2;30
    In this weeks video Hennessy Youngman explains how Millennial are more accepting of newer technology. Technology is starting to become more prevalent in todays culture. Now a days millennials are all about technology and are constantly on their phones or devices. Hennessy Youngman mentions that millennials are really good at accepting newer things. Overall I really enjoyed watching this video.

  46. leslie2213 Avatar

    Hennessy Youngman makes a great point that Millennials have heavily relied on technology to function in their everyday lives. The idea of making art museums more engaging is an excellent way to appeal to the millennials who are not used to putting down their phones and visiting art museums. However, I believe that the purpose of an art museum is to visually analyze a painting and its function and creating an interactive would take away from the museums purpose.

    Leslie Meza 2:30pm

    1. Alfredo Gonzalez Avatar

      Hi Leslie,

      I agree with you with how an art museum should be. People should not be on their phones and actually enjoy the art they are viewing. they should analyze the art, and pay attention to the different detail that you are not able to see in a picture you find on the internet. Trying to add something that includes technology takes away from the experience of what a museum should be about.

      Alfredo 2:30pm

  47. lozano1021 Avatar

    Araceli Lozano 1 pm

    I have to agree with many of my fellow peers, Hennessy Youngman is definitely spitting some truth. The song before he began to speak really got me interested in hearing what he had to say. I feel that many millennials are more accepting.. It may be because we are more aware of the things that are going on in the world due to the fact that we are the generation that has really benefited from the world wide web. I found it hilarious how he mentioned the whole posting your relationship status on social media to let people know that it is real.
    But lastly, i feel that its true when Youngman spoke about millennials being more aware about their spending and how their spending power affects the rest of the world. I personally do not like spending my money on chick-fil-a because i do not agree with their stance against gay and lesbian people., so i think that they hit it head on about us being more conscious spenders. Overall I loved the video, not only was it funny, but it was pretty informative.

  48. reynareal Avatar

    Reyna Real @2;30
    In this weeks video Hennessy Youngman explains how millennials are adjusting of newer technology. Technology is starting to become more prevalent in today’s culture. Now a days millennials are all about technology and are constantly on their phones and devices. Hennessy Youngman mentions that millennials are really good at accepting newer things. Overall I really enjoyed watching this video.

  49. dannyvel23 Avatar

    Daniel Velazquez @1pm
    Millennials are changing the way of life instead of playing outside being creative with a nything that you can find outside, children now are staying indoors and stay on electronics. Or even if they go outside they usually stay on their phones and do not look at whats going on around them. People are becoming lazier which could be a reason for millennials not going into museums to see art. Since cell phones are portable it is easy to skip art in a museum by being on their phones. Millennials are starting a different way of if technology is introduced into museums then maybe millennials will pay attention to the art inside those places.

  50. Marysol Jimenez Avatar

    Marysol Jimenez 1pm
    This week’s final art discussion was about millennials. Henessy Youngman explains what millennials are, our generation are basically millenials, the generation that is all about technology. Millennials spend most of their day and time using technology either on a phone, computer, laptop etc. When you think about it, it is crazy how much time we spend on our phones or even using technology in general. Everything in this generation somehow involves technology now and it is true we dont spend enough time in museums appreciating the art there; our new way of art is using technology. I believe that museums should stay how they are, our generation needs a little break from technology once in a while thus, we have tons of museums that we can go enjoy without having to use technology only maybe a gps to get there lol!

    1. Aleah Lomeli Avatar
      Aleah Lomeli

      Hi Marysol! I agree with you about keeping museums open and letting the youth go out and explore what the world has to offer rather than being on social media and home stuck on technology. It isn’t healthy at all. Hennessy Youngman does a good job explaining what millennials are and I agree that are generation consists of many millennials. Hopefully there will be a change in the world that focuses less on technology and more on life itself.

      Aleah Lomeli 1pm

  51. reynareal Avatar

    Reyna Real @2;30
    Hello Natalie Santan
    I agree with you that the video was really funny and it definitely made it very interesting to watch. I really enjoyed his talk about making museums more interesting and appealing to more people. Lastly I agree with you that their is still people who appreciate museums.

  52. beentired Avatar

    Kayla Tafoya-Sablan 1PM

    This video was hilarious. It was probably my favorite this entire semester. As a millennial, I get a lot of criticism from the people I interact with on a daily basis because most of them come from early generations–mostly from The Silent Generation. I work as a receptionist at a senior assisted living facility, and it never fails when I have a resident comment on how “kids nowadays” can’t do anything right. However, today a resident, who owns a smartphone, came up to me and asked my to troubleshoot a problem he was having with his phone’s incoming and outgoing calls. It was only a minor issue come to find out, and I solved it in less than a minute and got his phone back to the way he was used to. He was so relieved and so thankful that the first thing he said to me once the issue was resolved was, “Thank God for you millennials.” I laughed, and I said, “I agree!” For a moment, I felt the generation gap close in! Ha ha I totally embrace technology. There is a stigma millennials seems to carry, and I’m learning that I am not going to be that stigma. I’m grateful the things I know, the things I’ve learned. Technology seems to be a part of me. I agree as millennials, we are definitely conscious consumers. There is so much power in knowledge and I love it! I love how we as a generation are learning to be less influenced by pop culture.

  53. Adrian Munoz Avatar

    drian Munoz, 1pm

    This video is completely hilarious, Hennessy Youngman talks about the Millennials (people in years 1980-1990). He claims this is his first speech and it was pretty good. He talks about how the new generation is very friendly and open to new things, unlike the elder generation who didn’t really accept interracial relationships or many more. Youngman made this talk his own way which made it so intriguing, he added jokes and yet many facts were made. He also started talking about how technology is taking over us, you know the usual and the facts. The idea of art museums was actually quite interesting, that people want to have more interactions with the art itself, showing a little clip of people drawing on famous paintings. Overall this talk was interesting and as well as this class.

  54. Aleah Lomeli Avatar
    Aleah Lomeli

    I agree completely with Hennessy Youngman and his explanation of what millennials are. Much of today’s generation is filled with millennials, as others accept others for who they are. I greatly agree with him when he mentioned that this generation is attracted so much to technology as if we can’t go a day without it which I find true. Everything pretty much is technogoliy and it’s sad to see the world so focused on the use of technology when we should be focusing on the little things in life like nature, musems, and much more. I personally like museums because I find them interesting to see ancient things and the background behind whatever art is displayed. Technology does play a big part of the world, I even believe it will only advance even more but there are people that like to do things the old fashioned way and go out and look at the world and what’s in it rather than spend their days behind a computer screen. Millennials to me are both good yet corrupt by technology and “the easy way out”.

    Aleah Lomeli

    1. Briana Garcia Avatar
      Briana Garcia

      Hey Aleah,

      I got that from the video too, this generation is definitely technology based. I think that’s a good and a bad thing. It’s bad because it’s consuming the children of this generation. They’re so revolved around their phones and tablets at such a young age and they’re missing out on so much. I didn’t have a phone, a computer or anything until I was in the 6th grade. Hanging out with friends was actually hanging out. Today, hanging out means sitting around a table with friends while everyone uses their phones. But it’s also good because it helps us grow and advance.

      Briana Garcia 1pm

  55. Briana Garcia Avatar
    Briana Garcia

    Briana Garcia 1pm

    Technology is taking over. No, technology HAS taken over. My 3 year old cousins have iPads that they never let go of and would be very unhappy if they did. By 2 years old they knew how to work my aunt’s iPhone: how to take selfies, how to use Snapchat and how to make calls. So I agree with Hennessy. For this reason, we have to make things more appealing to people in this generation. Something he said that was interesting was that the LED TV was the canvas and the iPhone is the paint brush. You give a teenager an iPhone and it’s amazing the things they can do, from taking great pictures to creating a design. Like he said, we have to make museums more appealing by incorporating these things and making it more hands on. Even rides at amusement parks are using technology to gain more interest from young people. Overall, his video was relatable and it made sense. He made some good points. Definitely liked his talk!

  56. Jessica Obrique Avatar

    Jessica Obrique 2 p.m.

    It’s so crazy that the amount of technology we have. I can’t even fathom how life was before some of the things we use every day were invented. I feel technology isn’t a lazy way to accomplish our tasks but a smart way. Technology makes life easier. A computer can make calculations so much faster than a human can. There are some downsides to when people become so addicted to technology they are out of tune with reality but overall technology has brought so much benefit to us. The internet, for example, is a wonderful thing. We care share our ideas and connect with so many people through it 🙂

    1. Jose Perez Avatar

      Jose Perez 2:30
      Hey Jessica, I completely agree with you. Technology is just another source of working smarter. Our generation is completely different than how it was before. I don’t think it’s a problem because we evolve over time. We went from physical to eletronical. As you stated, technology he it’s ups and downs, but it has benefit most to me in my perspective.

    2. Christian Gallo Avatar
      Christian Gallo

      Hey Jessica
      I agree that using technology is not a lazy way to accomplish something but rather a smart way. If we are not skilled with our hands, we can use technology to figure out a way to do something. For example looking something on YouTube to figure out how to build something. There are some people who abuse the power but technology itself is a useful tool.if it is used properly.

      1. andyybui Avatar

        Andy Bui – 1pm
        I agree that technology is a smart way of making life easier. There is nothing wrong with heavily incorporating technology into one’s life, but it can help you become more efficient. One example is creating a smart home with affordable options such as Amazon Echo. I was able to experience how it can make life easier. You can program it to unlock the door when you come home and even turn on the lights so you aren’t stumbling through the dark.

  57. Jose Perez Avatar

    Jose Perez 2:30pm
    I found this video to be very interesting. I agreed with many of the things Hennessy Youngman addressed. It really made me think about the millennial. He explained a little on what mellenials do and the certain technology they use. There was also explanation on differences in generation. After wastching the video, it made me realize how materialistic our generation is. We literally cannot live without technology. Everything we do involves technology. It do not necessarily consider it a bad thing, but it i do agree that it is completely different than how it was before.

  58. Christian Gallo Avatar
    Christian Gallo

    Christian Gallo 1 pm
    It is amazing how quickly technology has taken over and i agree that millennials is a generation were we accept technology. When I was younger I remember my parents always getting mad at me for using to much technology, like playing video games or watching TV but now that they see technology everywhere there are starting to accept it. Other generations calls us lazy but with the advancement of technology we can do work quicker and finish quicker, we are using technology to accomplish our task in a more productive way.

    1. Demi Kong Avatar

      Demi Kong 1:00

      Hi Christian! I remember when our generation’s parents were always telling us to get off our technology, but I feel like nowadays we are the ones teaching them how to use their smartphones or iPads lol! Someone else said it in the comments, but I feel like using technology is just us working smarter instead of harder. There is so much to do in one day with such little time so technology assists us to “accomplish our tasks in a more productive way.” I think that technology is there for when we are being lazy, but for the most part it really is just more beneficial than harmful.

  59. juanfvasquez Avatar

    Juan Vasquez 1 pm
    First off, the video is great and very interesting because it is funny and relevant. Technology has been growing exponentially and has changed the way current and future generations are growing up. It has changed the home environment, social interactions, and even how people learn. The growth of technology and its implementation into every aspect of daily life is a field of new ideas as nobody truly knows the effects it will have in the future. Technology has lead to the change of thinking in younger generations and will surely also mold their personality and being.

    1. Jasmine Figueroa Avatar

      Jasmine Figueroa 1pm
      I agree with you in how the humor of this video helped emphasize the reality that was being presented. Technology has definitely changed the way in which we live our lives, and has done some things for the better such as made information more rapidly accessible as well as contributed to greater tolerance among people of different background through the exposure to different viewpoints on the internet or even television, although the sharing of more negative viewpoints has definitely also been seen. Yet as you also stated, we don’t know just where technology will take us in the future and how new advancements will shape who we become as a society.

  60. Nick Lemmerman Avatar
    Nick Lemmerman

    I like that Hennessy explained that Millennials are always on their phones and using the Internet because THAT’S WHAT THEY GREW UP WITH. Do you know why that is? Because we bloody have cell phones and the Internet—they’re amazing, of course we would use them all the time. Wouldn’t you use things that make life more exciting and easy? We use our technology so often because technology is meant to assist and make life easier. The car is technology, and I’m certain everyone was against the car back then because “back in their day” they had to ride a horse real slowly to town to work in the general store…but now we all use cars and we aren’t complaining about it (aside from green house gasses, etc.). My point is, every generation has new technology and said generation uses their technology because that’s just how it works. I don’t think we need to incorporate that into museums, though. It’s a cool gimmick and it would be fun to play around with an interactive screen that connects to everyone’s phones. But Millennials/Generation Z’s know when to the phone down and do something else—we really do.

    —Nick Lemmerman, 1:00pm

  61. Abigail Manuel Avatar
    Abigail Manuel

    Abigail Manuel 1PM

    I loved this video. While I could see the appeal behind the idea of an interactive art museum in order to attract millennials, I love the way that many art museums are still what they are now. I enjoy going to art museums in which art is simply showcased in front of you. I wanna say it is in this way that you are really able to feel the art, and experience it. While interacting with art is an experience in and of itself, I think that just being able to admire art and appreciate it for what it is is an experience like no other, and I feel like that’s something important that not only we as a generation, but we as a people should really hold on to.

    1. mrvillicana Avatar

      Hi Abigail,

      I also think that being able to admire art is an experience like no other, however the idea of interactive art is very interesting to me. It speaks to our desires to create and be seen and admired by others, and our need to be a part of something. I think it’s still possible to appreciate this proposed idea of new art, as that would still be art that someone made for some reason. Ideas like interactive art will probably become an new and innovative way to make art, but hopefully not a total replacement of what we know as art today.

      Carlos Villicana

    2. Daniel Puentes Avatar

      Hi Abigail,
      I agree with you. Interaction at a museum can be allot of fun but I do enjoy simply observing art also. I enjoy looking at different showcases because each one tells a different story and you can spend all day looking at the same painting looking at all the different details. Millennials and newer generations have been labeled as the now generation because we are always looking for and creating new content. Millenials need to slow down take a deep breath and just observe and indulge in the art from the past.
      Daniel Puentes 1 p.m.

  62. Ana Maya (1PM) Avatar

    Millennials are attached to technology in almost every aspect. It’s not hard to see why, and there’s really no reason as to why millennials should be blamed or looked down upon for this. Time is the only answer. As time goes by, we progress as humans, our objectives change and we are motivated to seek advanced methods for everything. In some ways, this can draw us back. For example, I know that older generations see regard millennials as lazy and reckless. They see us as being too attached to our phones and other electronics. For the most part, I think we may be a bit too much attached to them. I myself am very attached to my phone and my laptop for my studies. However, millennials are also using new advances for technology to better our lives, like finding cures for diseases. As seen in the video, Hennessy talks about museums being like graveyards with less people visiting. Going to a museum is a great way to detach yourself from your phone and other electronics. Like Hennessy brings up in his presentation, making museums more interactive for visitors would not not seem like a bad idea, it can be quite successful and bring more people to visit them. Of course, as time goes by, it’s inevitable for places like this have to change to cater to new generations.

  63. andyybui Avatar

    Andy Bui – 1pm

    Hennesy Youngman is correct about this generation’s acceptance of technology. I feel like in this generation, without adapting to technology, you will be behind because it is so prevalent in many aspects of life. When we go to school we are expected to be able to use computers and have access to the internet because generally it is so accessible now even if not in your household. This large dependency on technology however can be somewhat of a crutch or handicap. We lose the knowledge how to do things the traditional way, the way that possibly holds more sentimental value.

    1. andyybui Avatar

      Hennessy Youngman*

    2. Mark Nguyen Avatar

      Mark Nguyen 2:30pm

      Hello Andy,
      I also feel that technology is a big part of who we are today as humans. With advancements in technology, we have been able to improve communication and everything that has to do with socialization. The internet and computers definitely helps us learn more about our world and what goes on in places that we don’t know. I can see why you think the internet is a crutch. It’s more of a new school way type of thinking, but I feel that for the most part the internet is a great tool for many of us, as long as we use it correctly. With advancements in technology, I feel that people in general will be smarter and have more access to bigger pools of knowledge.

  64. Mark Nguyen Avatar

    Mark Nguyen 2:30pm

    I feel that Millenials are always on their phone and internet. I know that I am. I think that this is a great way to view the art of today and be exposed to everything else in the world though. I think that an interactive art museum would be a great idea. I feel that a lot of people today are bored with just viewing pictures and looking at things that don’t move. An interactive art museum would be a great way to get people involved with what they are looking at and ultimately I think that it would be more fun to be a part of. Despite this, I feel that people of today can still appreciate art for what it is. As long as we can put a meaning behind the art we view and feel a personal connection to it, then we can keep the art alive. Technology definitely helps us connect to art and their artists in today’s society though. I think that technology and art go hand in hand, and they complement each other perfectly.

  65. Alfredo Gonzalez Avatar

    This week’s video on millennials was one of the best one yet. Hennesy Youngman was speaking about millennials and how engage we are in technology. He told facts how we are more accepting of interracial relationships and other things that older generations do not see it as accepting. Then he made fun of us millennials as we tend to post our everyday status and pictures of what we eat. He goes on to explain how the gap between the millennials and older generations of people are and how we don’t see eye to eye with many things. This is something that we saw recently with the election. The election showed how the baby boomers are still here and their norms and ideas are still here. He explained what museums could do to catch the younger generation attention to go out and into a museum. I think museums should not change too much, as they give a good lesson of not using technology and just enjoying the art. I think a lot of people just like going to the museums and take pictures to just show that they were there. They do not take their time and actually pay attention to the detail of the art.

  66. Jasmine Figueroa Avatar

    Jasmine Figueroa 1pm
    Technology is definitely a big factor in the daily lives of millennials. While millennials get a lot of criticism for their economic choices, obsession over technology, and almost anything under the sun, i like how this video approached some of those criticisms with humor and highlighted what makes this generation so great. I definitely agree with the part about how the more recent generation is a lot more tolerant toward people of different backgrounds, and although not everyone is, I find that growing up in a more diverse setting has definitely benefited us in having a more accepting mind set. I feel that technology has aided us in that since we have access to people all over the world, from different countries and religious backgrounds at the click of a button. Although it is often said that technology dumbs us down, this is not necessarily the case. While yes, it might be overly distracting us at certain times, it also allows us to share ideas and become aware of things at a much faster rate than ever before. Thanks to technology, we now know things within instants wether they be events that just affected the other side of the country, or political ideas that are now more efficiently shared. For such reasons, Youngman’s statement on millennial being more aware of the power of their monetary spending is true. Thanks to the fast spreading of news, millennial can quickly become aware of brands that may not specifically align with their moral or political ideals, and may chose not to support them.

    1. beansartblog Avatar


      I do agree with your statement on technology and how it’s highly criticized. We often find ourselves in the realm of Twitter and Instagram but I don’t think this should combined with museums. As for museums, I love how they are now. I don’t like it when I see technology on museums. You see this everyday, and you get tired of this, but you have museums that can be seen as an escape. I love seeing paintings and pictures that tell their own stories. But technology will keep on advancing, and sooner or later museums will adapt.

      Arvan Arguelles – 2:30

  67. mrvillicana Avatar

    Carlos Villicana

    Today’s video was about millennials. Though millennials are often derided for their attachment to technology, Hennesy Youngman aruges that this technological attachment can be used for good. This is something I agree with. In some way, most people receive their information through social media. As people who are going into the job markets, we need to be better prepared to use all the tools available, including tech and everything it brings. A professor of mine who was a panelist at a journalism panel earlier today commented that her friends were being fired from newsrooms while her students were filling their spots. Younger people need to take this tech that is available to us and use it to innovate, improve, and connect. Though many older people decry technology for how it manages to separate us from people, but it doesn’t have to do that, and Hennesy acknowledges this. I have seen many people find friends and communities online that support them. People now make friends based on being like-minded and having similar interests. Technology isn’t bad, it’s how people use technology, as with any other invention, that can be bad.

  68. Henry Pham Avatar

    The “To Catch a Millennial” presentation by Hennessy Goodman, although it stereotypes like no other, conveys many truths about our society and our lives as millennials. We are shaped by technology more than any age before us has experienced with our phones and the internet. With this, our perception of art is massively altered also. We spend our time on the internet looking at images, memes, and whatnot versus paintings, rugs, and others that were common before our time. Thus, our standard for art has changed. We tend to gravitate towards things that are easy to access and painting just don’t fit that budget. Of course, there will be people who develop a fascination for paintings vs easy mediums such as photography, however the general public will be different.

  69. beansartblog Avatar

    Arvan Arguelles – 2:30pm

    Hennessy Youngman makes a valid point on how our generation is so dependent on technology. The millennial generation definitely accepts the technological advances that our current generation has. This is very obvious due to the fact that everywhere you look, you’ll see people on their phones, browsing through social media, texting, and facetiming, but this dependence is not something we can be blamed for. Technology will keep advancing and people will keep adapting. As for museums, I love how they are now. I don’t like it when I see technology on museums. You see this everyday, and you get tired of this, but you have museums that can be seen as an escape. I love seeing paintings and pictures that tell their own stories. But technology cannot be avoided in museums. These things make the exhibits more interesting, but it does steal the show

  70. Demi Kong Avatar

    Demi Kong 1:00

    Hennessy Youngman’s presentation “To Catch a Millennial” is pretty spot on. He dives into the topic of the relationship between millennials and technology. We basically can not live without it and I know that this is true to a certain extent because I don’t know where I would be without technology. The whole world is practically on a technology kick, yet the millennials get picked on the most about it because we are kind of the pioneers of the digital age. We know what it is like to grow up without technology and at the same time grew up using it. We are the generation between our parents and first-graders who grew up with similar experiences that they had. Technology shaped the millenials into who we are and is continuing to shape the world around us. I think it would be cool to incorporate more interactive museums, but it is not necessary. I sometimes just want to look at a piece and think about how pretty it is and then move on. I don’t want to know everything sometimes so I think the traditional setup of museums is still appropriate now.

  71. superyessi Avatar

    2pm Yesenia Hernandez

    Hennesy Youngman was hilarious. He is right, for millennials technology is everything. This extends to art for us. The small or big LCD monitor we look at every day is where we experience art. We have discussed this before; art is a reflection of its time. Through the emergence of technology, I think art it is more accessible for people but we also think of it differently. We consider memes great art work, which I bet is weird for people of other generations. Now we all feel like artists with social media forms such as Instagram and Twitter. I do not think millennials appreciate museums as much as they should. They are like lost entities but also I think museums need to progress with the time. They need to incorporate modern ideals and technology to persuade younger generations to go to them. We have to remember that younger people’s focus is only a few seconds.

    1. Shalane Holm Avatar

      Yesenia, I appreciate that you brought up the museums as well. I liked that portion of his discussion, too. I wrote that incorporating viewer’s experiences and comments, unhindered, could be just as valuable as a professional opinion!

  72. Daniel Martinez Avatar

    Daniel Martinez-2:30pm
    I agree with what Hennessy Youngman had to say throughout this video. The Millennials are a group of people whom were born between 1980-1990. These type of people, as described by Youngman, are more open minded due to several reasons. Perhaps the most important reason about why they are more open minded is because this new generation are starting to accommodate fast to the world of technology. Technology has improved so much now as compared to the 80’s through 90’s. Nowadays, a minute does not go by without seeing anyone looking down at a 5×2.5 inch screen. The place does not matter, we can be in class, a restaurant, or simply taking a look outside, there is always at least one person glazing down at their phone. Technology has now become more of a necessity, rather than a reliable contact source. Now, companies are forced to increase the production of technology and find the urge to keep up with other businesses and their technology.

  73. Savannah Avatar

    Savannah Avalos
    2:30 PM
    Young man’s suggestions for museums might make them more popular among millennials, but they would alter their purpose. Instead of encasing history and art, they would aim to entertain. I’ve been to a handful of museums and had an awful time. It wasn’t until I started participating in the guided tours that I learned exactly how to appreciate what the museum has to offer, and I started to have a better time. It wasn’t until I had someone there to feed me information (instead of searching for it on my own) that I started to appreciate it.
    Millennials are very dependent on technology. I can’t even imagine a life without a screen designated to me that provides me with everything I need. And though this can take a negative connotation, it can also be positive. Information has never been more accessible, and in my opinion, that is a stronger positive than it is a negative. I think it’s important, however, to find a balance between screen life and physical life.

  74. Daniel Puentes Avatar

    I ennjoyed Hennessy Youngman’s presentation very much. He is a confident and funny speaker. Hennessy’s presentation is about how to catch a millennial’s attention in a museum. Hennessy believes it is all about getting the viewer interacting with the art. I agree with him because the more that you can capture a person’s interest and further pull them into the environment the better. Museum’s shouldn’t only be worried about how presenting art but also experiencing art too.

  75. Stephanie Arciva Avatar

    Stephanie Arciva 1pm
    I want to begin by appreciating the humor Hennessy Youngman has in this video. I feel through his humor, he is able to convey his point more directly to his audience. Although he attacks millennials in a comedic fashion, a lot of the points he has to say are quite true. However, I do not feel society should be offended by these remarks but rather take them as a mark of realization. I feel that in a world like today, technology is inevitable. Yes, he was right when he pointed out that we find all these kids on their phone or on some sort of technological device, but I feel that progression is what leads to change. Without these things there would be no advancement. In order to stay connected and tie our society together, I feel that we have to make these advances together. If cultural museums lack in finding ways to connect to newer generations, these gaps are going to form between and generations are going to face more and more distance and before you know it we are going to cause problems larger than the simple decision to incorporate technology or not. Overall, I felt this video was very informative of certain trends we find in generations and even though they may seem funny to certain people, they may seem like usual habits in an everyday life of a millennial.

  76. Shalane Holm Avatar

    Hennessy Youngman was not the guest speaker I was expecting him to be. He has humor embedded in every aspect of his talk to Chicago. While I may not have found humor in everything he showed, I appreciated the relevance of each topic. He talked about Millenials and their roles in today’s society. He provided numerous statistics on how they think of themselves, which truly surprised me. I was glad to hear that most millenials thing of themselves as friendly. All joking aside, it is exhausting, as a millennial, to hear the millenials are lazy, rude, and good for nothing. I work a full time job, attend full time school, and I am paying for and planning a wedding. And I know that that is not even an uncommon work load for someone my age. I liked when he pointed out that museums should have things that are more interactive for millenials. Perhaps instead of just professional opinions listed, museums can incorporate vunhundered viewer responses so that viewers may feel more interactive with each other. Hennessy had a great talk, and lots of good jokes!

  77. chknalfredoart110 Avatar

    Alfredo Reyes- 2:30pm
    For this weeks discussion video was about a “To Catch a Millennial” presented by Hennessy Youngman. This weeks video is by far my favorite throughout the semester. He makes his valid points though is presentation by using humor and sarcasm. He uses sarcasm and humor to makes his points across about millennials. He starts to talk about millennials today are dependent on technology. This current generation embracing technology advancement such as phones and the use of the internet. As Hennessy Youngman talks about museums and browsing the internet through your phone to browse images. I personally prefer to see a museums other than the use of a phone to determine my curiosity about history work in the museum.

    1. curlyhairboy Avatar

      Darryl Nguyen 2:30
      I see your point on how it’s nice to be away from technology and experience different things such as museums and outdoor activities. But, I think it’s important to note how amazing it is how technology allows us to see things such as the moon up close or see cultures from across the world through our phones. It is such an advantage to be exposed to new things while being in our pajamas in our living room while watching tv. Of course with all the glory, there will be some setbacks. Experiencing something in person is completely different from experiencing it from a phone. Although it’s not the same, I think the technology today offers a lot to an individual who can’t afford or have the means to travel or go to museums.

  78. seewhychris Avatar

    Christopher Yuen 1PM
    I loved watching this discussion as Youngman is hilarious in the way he presents his ideas. However, I think this takes away from the true meaning of what he wants to get across with this message. Youngman mentions that in this day of technology and advancement, millennials are finding museums more and more distasteful and uninteresting. This is turn is bringing low business to museums and they are failing to adapt to our society today. However, although this may be true and museums are lacking in substance that appeals to the new age, I feel that they are able to keep their content and bring more people in through the simple act of better marketing strategies. I don’t feel that museums should completely change their content only to cohere to one generation of people because I know myself and others that still do enjoy the content that museums produce. To say that we should only be adapting to what millennials want and not what everyone else wants is selfish. We are already surrounded by so much technology and different types of interactive art, why would you want to further destroy a place that brings about relaxation and intrigue. With museums having more interactive and technological art, I feel it would further create more chaos in peoples lives.

  79. linruiwen Avatar

    Ruiwen Lin (2:30pm)

    There is a new word created for new generation, millennial, which is the generation who mostly depend on technologies. Although I’m a 20s generation, I’m surprised about how fast the technologies are developing today. The idea of art museum mentioned in the video is interesting, but I don’t like it if technology can become art and get into an art museum. But I like to see how fast technologies developed because they make lives more convenient. Compare to 10 years ago, we cannot see face to face online or share pictures immediately. I like it how we can live with technologies.

  80. laurajlockett Avatar

    Laura Lockett 1pm
    Although millennials are the main generation that gets the fame for having technology surround us, we are not the only ones using technology to our advantage. Things like hybrid classes and online classes are becoming a lot more common than in past years and will probably become the main type of education in the next few years. 20 years ago technology was not nearly what it is today and i cant imagine what will be coming out in 20 years.

  81. Bryan Aparicio Avatar

    Bryan Aparicio 1pm
    Our final art discussion. Henessy Youngman went on to speak about millennials and what they mean to us today. To start, we are the millennials, our generation. Youngman explained how we’re all about technology. Since we’re so technologically advanced, we are constantly on some sort of electronic device for a good amount of time. Since we live in a world that’s very tech savvy, we forget about taking the time to look at the real world. It’s not a bad thing in my opinion. It just gives us an alternative to view art. Sure it would be great to step into a museum and view art authentically but sometimes we don’t always have that time. Who knows, maybe we’ll make adjustments.

  82. curlyhairboy Avatar

    Darryl Nguyen 1:30
    I find it interesting how people always focus on how society is so focused on technology. People have complained that kids these days are always on their phones and even adults alike. Nowadays people won’t go through a day without seeing someone on their phone or laptop. When it comes to the millennials, they are no different from the people back in 1920s or 1890s. When cars emerged it was a rare sight to see people driving cars. But now, everyone is required to have a car to go to work or visit family. I don’t think it’s fair to say that the millennials are absorbed in their technology when back then people were absorbed in the latest computer or cars. Although I understand there are some setbacks on using technology the way current society does, it shouldn’t be seen any differently then the people finding newspaper as the new thing or cars.

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