filmmaker & activist Carla Dauden visits CSU Long Beach, College of the Arts, School of Art, Art 110, in room FA4-311

Wk14: Instagram & the Future of College


filmmaker & activist Carla Dauden visits CSU Long Beach, College of the Arts, School of Art, Art 110, in room FA4-311
Carla Dauden visits Art 110


Need Help?

  1. Ask online
  2. Come to before class OH on Wed 11:30-12:30 @Robek’s / Coffee Bean umbrella tables
  3. I can go to AS-120 (AS building is next to The Beach Hut, next to The Library) after class on Wed, at 3:45 and help anyone with anything.
  4. Make an appointment to meetup another time
filmmaker & activist Carla Dauden visits CSU Long Beach, College of the Arts, School of Art, Art 110, in room FA4-311
Carla Dauden & Erika Perez

Fall Break!

I hope everyone had a nice Fall Break! For the freshman & sophomores in the class – lucky you – CSULB never used to have “Fall Break”, it was just 2 days off for Thanksgiving and you had to decide whether or not to ditch your classes in the 1st half of the week. We just invented Fall Break, I think, last year! 😀

Anyway, I hope you had a good fall break wherever you were! BTW, you know, if you did anything cool, went anywhere fun, thought anything interesting, over fall break, you could blog about it on your blog / website! There’s a reason I asked / allowed you to have your own websites instead of just dumping everything in the black hole that is BeachBored: I’d really like to see you take the power of The Net and make it a career tool for your personal brand. Whether you blog or vlog, or use Instagram or SnapChat, these are all powerful communication tools. A lot of you use tools like Snapchat for fun and connection with friends, which is great! But don’t forget these tools can also be powerful aids in getting you hired if you want a job, or finding clients if you want to work for yourself. If you haven’t already, try to post some good work you did in some class on your website. Or some achievement you made at work.

We’ve said so much in the past 2 weeks about how the election results came out the way they did. It was close, so lots of factors on both sides could have made the difference. Donald Trump Tweeted some pretty off the wall stuff. But for the peeps who supported him, whether or not they found his Tweets offensive, I think they found them “real”. They forgave a lot because they perceived him as authentic. Twitter, blogs, vlogs, Snapchat, Instagram and all the other tools today offer a powerful chance to be authentic. And the great thing is, to get elected president you need about 60 million people to believe in you, but to get hired or start developing a client list, even 6 people who really believe in you might be enough.

Art 110 students discussing ideas in the CSULB School of Art classroom FA4-311

The Final!

Don’t forget, The California State University at Long Beach requires me to give a final, and requires you to attend it!

  • 1pm Final is Monday Dec 12, 12:30-2:30 in the SOA Gallery Courtyard
  • 2:30 Final is Wednesday Dec 14, 2:45-4:45 in the SOA Gallery Courtyard

The Final will be: Art Games!

  1. Do not be late.
  2. Do not book an airline ticket for December 11

You can check the final schedule for Art110, or any other class here.

Final Teams & Team Leaders

Both classes will be divided into 8 teams for the final. For team leaders, we’ll use the Top 8 in each class from this week’s leaderboard. Teams can have up to 7 peeps each, or the leader plus 6 more. If you want to be on a team, just message the team leader of your choice, who will either say “OK,” or let you know if their team is already full. Also team leaders can ask anyone they like to be on their team.

To message a team leader, you can leave a comment on their website, their names are linked below. Or you can email them via the roster page on BeachBored. Leaders can recruit members via BeachBored, or by using the roster page here on BeachArts.

Team Names!

Team Leaders – please message me with the name of an artist, living or dead, that you’d like to choose for the name of your team.

Pot Luck?

You can vote in class on Wed if you’d like to have a potluck for the final or not.


Here’s our current leaderboard for Week 14, and also our 8 Team Leaders for our Art Games Final:

Top 8 @1pm:

  1. Hannah Adams, 819
  2. Stephanie Arciva, 768
  3. Maritess Anne Inieto, 750
  4. Melissa Rios, 748
  5. Selena Lara, 732
  6. Brian Sath, 728
  7. Amanda Martinez, 727
  8. Joy Elizabeth Uba, 721

Top 8 @2:30:

  1. Nathan Davalos, 869
  2. Felix Huynh, 794
  3. Zack Ngov, 790
  4. Lydia Chang, 773
  5. Yesenia Hernandez, 770
  6. Jamie Van, 763
  7. Adriana Maciel, 742
  8. Linney Sar, 741

Points on BeachBored

All points through Week 13 are now up on BeachBored. Be sure to check your points and know where you stand! So far we’ve had 688 points possible. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level, and how many peeps in 1p / 2:30 are currently at each grade level:

A = 619 points – 51 / 43
B = 550 points – 10 / 11
C = 481 points – 0 / 0
D = 412 points – 1 / 1
F = 411 points – 3 / 7

  • 1p GPA = 3.62
  • 2:30 GPA = 3.32
filmmaker & activist Carla Dauden visits CSU Long Beach, College of the Arts, School of Art, Art 110, in room FA4-311
Carla Dauden

Wk 14 – This Week!

  • Art Talk Discussionat the bottom of this post
  • ActivityInstagram
  • Artist ConversationNone this week
  • Classmate Conversation@FA4-311

Instagram Activity

It’s Instagram this week in Art110, and Wednesday is Instagram Day!. We’ll take pix on Wed and hashtag them #art110f16. Then after Wednesday you’ll look over the “group portrait” we all created with this hashtag. Full details on our IG page:

Classmate Question OTW

This week’s question is a little different. You’ll still discuss it with your new classmate friend, but also please make your answer part of today’s ID card.

Describe what the College Experience will be like for a student in 2036.

Write next week’s Classmate Question OTW here: Classmate Question OTW

EC: Professional Portfolio

Last week we made “Welcome to my Website” vlogs and About Me pages. This week you can optionally take the next step and turn your Art110 website into a personal ePortfolio. To do this you should take some before & after screen caps of your website. You might look for a better, more fitting theme. Or keep the one you have. For sure you should upload several pieces for your portfolio. For most of you this will be your major. If you have work experience you can upload some of that, otherwise you can upload papers and other projects from classes. This will mostly be your major, but it could also be your band, your health & lifestyle website, etc. Write a blog post describing what your goals were and what you did. Show your Before & After pix. Alalyze the value of your site as it is now and what you’d like it to be like in the future. EC: up to 30 points.

Your Vlogs!

Great work everyone! I know it can be intimidating to talk to a camera and you all made a really nice 1st effort. On our Carla Dauden visiting artist day I mentioned to the 1p class, but not the 2:30 class, that a couple of years ago instead of blogging, one semester we did the whole class by vlogs! Yup! They vlogged every week!

As you can imagine, this wasn’t anybody’s first choice! 😛 (besides me, of course) Even so, it was dramatic how much better everyone was by week 3 or 4. So these first vlog efforts are great! And I’d really encourage you to make more. It might even get to be fun eventually. Or at least really useful.

Many of you said something like “this is my Art 110 website”, which is true of course, and cool. But I’d really encourage you to make your website yours! The class is almost over, forget about “my Art110 website” and just say “Welcome to my website…” Websites & vlogs can be such powerful tools and I really want to encourage you to use them. To make them yours!

Watch Your Video!
I’m sure for some of you, or maybe for many of you, watching your own video can be painful! 😛 But it’s important! Do you say “um” too many times because you didn’t think enough or practice what points you want to make? Do you move around too much and look a little silly? Is your voice super-soft either because you’re shy or because of the microphone situation? There’s no reason we should be born great vloggers! But if you practice a little and watch youself, you’ll absolutely get better! Note what you’re doing that isn’t so great or is distracting from your ideas. Note what you’re doing that does work.

Practice! Watch! Practice! Watch! Repeat!

Andrew Nguyen

Andy Bui

Brian Sath

Brian Aparicio

Daniel Puentes

Daniel Schmitz

Jasmine Figueroa

Jonathan Girgis

Maritess Anne Inieto

Monica Lock

Monique Alcala

Raylyn Diep

Stephanie Arciva

Tina Nguyen

Yonathan Sahle

Amy Becerra

Arvan Arguelles

Emily Tomasello

Ericka Perez

Jessica Obrique

Jill Ayala

Lizzy Stiller

Nathan Davalos

Valeria Gonzalez

I made a vlog too this week. TEDxCSULB is coming and I put in a proposal for “Burn the University Catalog

Art Talk OTW

  1. 3 Million Years of Art History
  2. Joseph DeLappe
  3. Mahsa Soroudi
  4. The Mind in the Cave
  5. documentary: Bomb It
  6. Classical Greece & Rome
  7. Renaissance & Baroque
  8. 19th Century
  9. Aesthetics & Beauty and Realism & Romanticism
  10. 20th Century
  11. documentary: The Internet’s Own Boy
  12. Abstraction & Representation
  13. Carla Dauden
  14. 21st Century

We’re back to our Art History timeline this week with the Art of the 21st century.

  1. Be sure to include your name on your comments.
  2. Be sure to include 1p or 2:30 on your comments.

Interactive Art History Timeline

If you want to play with the Art History Timeline that you see me using in these talks, you can get your very own copy & the Freemind software to view, modify, or make your own, here:


172 responses to “Wk14: Instagram & the Future of College”

  1. adamshannah96yahoocom Avatar

    21st Century art is such a diverse and interesting topic. I want to talk about everything, but a few topics really caught my eye.I was drawn to Professor Zucman’s initial comments about Cyberpunk. I hadn’t heard of that sci-fi sub-genre since Senior year in high school. I actually read one of the books Professor Zucman mentioned, “Neuromancer” by William Gibson. Every month we had to give a short presentation on a book we selected, and I remember spending most of my time just trying to explain to everyone what Cyberpunk was. Looking into the definition I found essentially It focuses on the near future earth. Rapid technological changes have taken place generally in the field of electronics. Despite the advancement, most of these novels have a dark, film noir feeling, with the future being more of a dystopian cityscape than a utopia. I thought it was interesting how Professor Zucman said the genre kind of sets a context for some, though not all of the 21st century. The sub-genre is rather depressing, I find, but it is also one that could be described as quite realistic. Many of the stories like “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (book Bladerunner was based off) take place in a future that may not be ideal, but could possibly predict some of our future. Technology is advancing, but not always for the best. The movie GATTACA really highlighted this when it showed companies using illegal gene testing on applicants to determine if they were genetically determined to be healthy, giving them an advantage when being hired. I’m glad Professor Zucman mentioned this sub-genre. Though many consider good literature and film to be art, these mediums Cyberpunk is expressed in usually aren’t the first thing one thinks about when one considers art. However, as mentioned, they provide some of the feeling of this century, and so the sub-genre is important to mention for its influence in modern society and art.
    -Hannah Adams

  2. moniquealcala Avatar

    Monique Alcala

    We have finally reached the 21st Century and I couldn’t be any happier. It’s cool to see how much we have progressed throughout the centuries with art and it’s interesting to think about how art will still evolve for many years to come! One of the topics that we touched on was digital art. Interestingly enough, Professor Zucman talked about the GPS and how Cory Mervin made GPS her choice of art when it came to expressing herself on the election. It’s hard to imagine a mapping system as a form of art but once doing research on this topic I was able to see that other people have turned to GPS art as a form of expression. When I think of a GPS I think of Siri giving me directions to the nearest cafe or my mom using her TomTom GPS, but never could I have imagined that it can create art. On several websites I saw GPS art with Darth Vader, pipebags, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle silhouettes, and a cowboy riding a giraffe. Very creative and very fun to look at. I will look at GPS and maps differently now because I have to use topography maps which uses GPS in my field and future jobs as an engineer. The art of map doodles only further backs up my point about how diverse and simple art might become in the upcoming decades.

    1. Tina Nguyen Avatar

      Hi Monica!
      I was also really happy when we reached the 21st century, and thought that it was interesting to see how art progressed over the centuries. I agree with you that GPS was interesting. I thought it was cool to use art as a form of mapping. Like you, I never thought of GPS as a form of art. I always thought of GPS as Siri giving me directions as well, but now after watching the video, I can see how GPS can be a form of art. One of the examples of GPS art I found interesting is the Angela Jolie photo in which shows a tattoo that Jolie has on her arm. The tattoo consists of all of the locations where her children were born. I found that to be interesting because the tattoo is permanent and has tons of meaning along with it. Furthermore, i thought it was creative that Jolie decided to have a tattoo of all the places her children were born.
      -Tina Nguyen, 1PM

    2. lizzystiller Avatar

      Hey Monique,
      I too also found the gps art to be very interesting. I remember hearing a story of a boyfriend leading his girlfriend through a run through their city ( I think NY) and he had planned it so in the end the gps spelled out will you marry me. Adorable story and it makes me wonder what my gps route looks like throughout the day. I’m sure it doesn’t spell out anything but I think that would be an interesting project to try out one day. To track where you go throughout the day and see what your day looks like.

    3. Marlene Rodriguez Avatar

      Marlene Rodriguez 1pm
      Hey Monica! I totally agree with you i love how much our art has changed and expanded throughout the centuries, it’s crazy to see how different art was back then compared to now. I think our minds have opened up so much more and we have come to realize and appreciate so many more different forms of art rather than just sticking to one particular way of creating art!

      1. Adrian Munoz Avatar

        Adrian Munoz 1pm
        Hey Monica, It’s really amazing how art changes throughout time, from paintings to sculptures and even more paintings. Finally we get to the 21st century with the digital art, like the GPS. I honestly never saw the GPS as an art, until watching this video. Its crazy how people can make most things a form of art, it’s all about perspective. The GPS can simply take you to point A to point B, but if you make it form a type of shape then bam ART. I will also see the GPS differently and even open up a little more to see other devices as an art.

        1. Abigail Manuel Avatar
          Abigail Manuel

          I felt the exact same way about what you said about the GPS. It kind of made me think about this commercial that I had seen one day where a guy had proposed to his girlfriend GPS mapping a run that he had made her go on with her, and at the end of the run showed her the route that they had taken through his GPS, revealing that the route spelled out “will you marry me?” I love that we live in an era that art through technology like this is possible.


    4. hrandonbong Avatar

      Brandon Hong 2:30 pm

      Hey Monique, like you I am also glad that its finally the end of the semester and we have reached the 21st century, but it saddens me to say that I actually don’t know any artists in the modern age. Usually I see like fan art or instagram which I think has some amazing photos, and hope to one day be able to take photos like those. What surprised me most in this video was that people used GPS as a form of art, and that just surprised me. I didn’t know how anyone could use GPS to make art, but they did. This reminds me of this teenager I saw on youtube who makes masterpieces out of sand and glue. I would never have expected such detail and fine work to come from sand and glue which is always correlated to a mess. It really amazes me what people will come up with in the modern age.

    5. irepbrian Avatar

      Brian Sath; 1PM

      Hello Monica! I thought that the 21st Century did have some interesting aspects. The reason why I chose to respond to your comment was because of your decision to speak out on the GPS. I definitely agree that I did not initially perceive GPS as a form of art. I took it as a resource to help me get from point A to point B, however, under further consideration, I do agree that GPS may be utilized as an art form. An example of the art form would be someone’s comment below as to how they used the GPS to propose. Those are ideas that are outside the box and I can’t wait to see how much further we can enhance our technology and apply it to art.

    6. beentiredblog Avatar

      Hey, Monique! I said the exact same thing. I’m so happy we are finally reaching the era of art we can mostly relate to. As far as the GPS art, I’m super fascinated how creative our generation has become. I think about how I’ve never and probably would have never thought about the use of navigation as a way to express art. It really is a reflection of how we are expanding our creativities across literally a spectrum of almost everything we have access too–our resources, too. I love technology and I think we shouldn’t have to be ashamed of that. I feel like the more we advance we can either drive ourselves towards isolation in a lonely digital age or towards expansion of how we express ourselves and the tools we use to do so.

      Kayla Tafoya Sablan

  3. Tiffany Phan Avatar

    Tiffany Phan, 2:30PM
    Steam carving is also known as liquid rescaling and what it is, is it removes seams to reduce the size of an image or it inserts seams to extend the image. Just like in the video with pictures the women holding a baby and in one picture the table was up to her waist and the other image had the table below her waist which made the image longer. This algorithm was developed be Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir to change the way images would appear on media with different sizes like the screen of a phone would be different from the size of a TV screen. I find it amazing how you can expand or reduce parts of images to make them appear longer or shorter. Although it may be “deceiving” it’s helpful for different size screens for example. This is really unique and I love how the 21st century is what it’s part of!

  4. Tina Nguyen Avatar

    Tina Nguyen, 1PM
    This week we talked about the 21st century which I found to be very interesting, because we’ve moved from the point of history where everything was done by painting to the point in history where more art is being done on the camera and shared onto databases such as Flickr or Color Search. I think this transition is interesting because we are using technology more, and smart phones are easier to obtain. In addition, everyone has a smart phone with a camera, therefore people are able to produce art onto the internet and share it to the world. One of the examples in the video that I found to be cool was the photo of Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie. In the photo, the photographer has a photo of Jolie and Pitt, but if you were to just glance at the photo real quick you would miss the fact that Jolie has a tattoo on her arm. I thought the meaning of that tattoo was interesting because they are grid points of where all her children are born.

    1. justinphamm Avatar

      Justin Pham 230PM

      Hi Tina,
      I thought it was cool how you mentioned modern photography influences art because I feel the same way. I thought your Brangelina reference was unique and cool. I’ve always been an enthusiast of tattoos and appreciate everyone’s meaning behind theirs. I agree that technology is becoming the standard for today’s developing art to thrive. Artists look to different databases to share their work and must keep up to date with the new media in order to be successful.

    2. andyybui Avatar

      Hi Tina,

      I also thought that the 21st century art was very interesting. I feel that the transition to online databases is a great aspect for artists because they can be more easily recognized by people across the globe. Also since anyone can post a picture up, anyone can really call themselves an artist and have their work be recognized. Also nowadays anything can be considered art, such as a website code, sheet music, or a trail you left that was tracked by a GPS.

      Andy Bui, 1PM

    3. adamshannah96yahoocom Avatar

      Hello Tina,
      Wow, quite a few people have been talking about your post and digital art. You and Andy both mentioned how many types of modern art there are now, and there were many examples given here. What I didn’t see yet that I know Professor Zucman mentioned once was video game art. He said it was very important, but he didn’t go into it much. I was intrigued because my dad was a video game designer, and I was wondering if designing characters and settings was the kind of art he was leaning towards. But the definition is more using a video game in a unique way to send some kind of message, not really the original design of the video game. This immediately reminded me of one of our first videos in this class about Joseph DeLappe. He used many mediums for art, but for one of his big projects he used the US army’s military recruiting game for the Iraq war. The project was called “dead-in-iraq”. Essentially he entered the game and just stood there reading the names of people who had been killed in combat in the Iraq war. I thought this was an interesting project, and definitely could have been something like what Professor Zucman was mentioning in the video when he said video games were important for this century. DeLappe used the medium of video games to share the important message of the cost of war. This is such a unique medium though, it is hard to call art, especially for those who view art in the more traditional sense. But as Andy was saying, today’s definition of artwork is far more fluid. More can be considered art today than could be many years ago. This is a unique century, and I’m always excited to see what will be the next big advancement in the world of art.
      Hannah Adams, 1 pm

    4. Tiffany Phan Avatar

      Hi Tina! I definitely agree with you! We have progressed so much to get to where we are today and technology has made a great impact as well! Many people would find technology is “taking over us,” but because of it we able to have many great things and because of is we’re able to create more art in different ways. Technology has given us a way to create art that has never been done before and it interests me to see what else is in store over the next decades! Just look at all the possibilities from the timeline! And there’s so much more from the 21st century!

      Tiffany Phan, 2:30PM

    5. Janett Moctezuma Avatar

      Janett Moctezuma 2:30pm

      Hi Tina,
      I definitely agree with your comment about today’s art being more about pictures taken with a camera. I personally think that art from today is leaning to a more technological aspect. In the past, it was mainly pictures that were drawn and now it’s more about pictures that are taken with a camera. I think both drawn and camera pictures are beautiful. However, I do think we will continue to see more and more pictures taken with a camera.

    6. adrianagmaciel Avatar

      Hi Tina!
      I agree on what you said about cameras allowing more people to take photos and share them onto databases, and ultimately, with the world. Social media is an outlet that makes it very fun and easy to share personal photos online with people you know and people you may not know. Technology is definitely giving us more ways to make our own art and make it personal with different software, editing, and media outlets that we can upload all our photos to. Who knows what else might continue to develop for years to come…it’s all so exciting and new!

      Adriana Maciel

    7. dannyvel23 Avatar

      Hi Tina
      I agree with you that technology is playing a big role in art. Art is now easier to show to the public such as social media and other online websites such as youtube. It is cool how people can post a picture on the social media and consider that art but then the example you gave there is art inside art. it kinda makes art more fun because now it is easier to get more fast critic from people on the social media.

  5. justinphamm Avatar

    Justin Pham 230PM

    For this week’s video, we got to learn more about the 21st century’s artwork and it was very interesting to look over the timeline. Today’s age focuses more on the influence of modern technology as compared to back then. Social media serves as a motive for many, and being able to quickly share it with other artists help as well. The fact that you can pull up any artist’s portfolio in an instant to gain some motivation greatly benefits artists who have a mental block.

    1. Mark Nguyen Avatar

      Mark Nguyen 2:30

      Hello Justin,
      I also thought it was very interesting to see how far we have come as human beings with art and technology. I definitely agree that technology plays a big role in art today. Instagram is a big example of this interaction, as artists are able to post their work online for everyone and anyone to see. I never thought about artists having mental blocks, but I can see how looking at another person’s work would greatly benefit them. It could inspire them and point them in a direction that they may not have thought about before.

      1. alilovesart Avatar

        hello mark
        I also thought it was very interesting to see how far we have come as human beings with art and technology. I too definitely feel that it plays a huge and big role in today’s society. Yes i also agree on Instagram too, its insane how big of a tole Instagram has on our technology today, with just a click of screen literally everything and anything can be posted, prepared to be viewed and criticized by billions. I also touched on that part of mental blocks with artist, and also do agree that it is in fact beneficial to an artist to view other art in ordera to escape from there block, it could potentially open many doors to ideas that they never even thought they had a clue could be created.

  6. andyybui Avatar

    Andy Bui, 1PM

    It’s really cool to see how much art has progressed but also how art is inspired by the past. It’s awe inspiring to see that there are so many different forms of art in the 21st century from the traditional creation by hand or craft, to self creating digitally. One possible reason why we have so many forms of art now is that literally anything can be considered art. When it came to generative art, professor made a point that I didn’t really think about before. Sheet music is art can be seen as art because it was created by someone. However, it also serves as a set of instructions for someone to read, and then turn that art into another form. Another cool form of art was using GPS. Cory Mervis drove a bus across the country to spell out “vote” in her GPS trail. With new technology, maybe something like that could be done on a smaller scale using a flying drone and the journey to create the piece could also be recorded. In addition, professor also pointed out that photos aren’t always a index of the true anymore because they can be altered by seam carving or even scene completion. Although this is cool to get better looking pictures, they aren’t really considered truth anymore because parts of it were taken and put together.

    1. Stephanie Arciva Avatar

      Stephanie Arciva 1pm
      Hey Andy!
      I agree that it was cool to see something different than the traditional art forms. I think for a second there I got used to seeing the types of art like abstract and representational, but they were mainly tying to either sculptures or paintings. But when it came to generative art, I never realized the art of musical/ technical composition. I think it’s funny and true how you considered sheet music as a set of instructions, I just imagine this piece of paper being bossy and animated. But interesting point about we don’t know what to consider as the truth anymore with all of these alterations. Do you think it makes you appreciate a photograph more or less because it has been altered? Anyways, great point Andy!

    2. Marissa Sar Avatar

      Hi Andy!
      Same, I never thought about or paid attention how the things that we can have access to whether it’s a computer or a phone to take pictures with has allowed our generation to art, photography, or self expression to whole new level. Even for Cory Mervis’ spelling vote with the help of GPS, I thought that she was courageous and determined, and definetly with the help of GPS it allowed her to be up for the challenge. Another part I never thought about pictures are that is by altering them it’s giving a perception of whether it’s not real. Thanks for stating your insights on the video!

    3. lukasfue Avatar

      Lukas Fuentes (1pm)

      Hi Andy,
      I think you’re right. There are definitely more opportunities to make new and exciting types of art in modern times than was possible in the past. I think it is an interesting point that photos cannot always be seen as the truth these days. So many photos are being photoshopped or otherwise altered from their original forms. In the past, people were able to take photos literally. They saw a young girl working in a factory and thought “that’s not right we should do something about that.” Now days people would see this photo and have to wonder if that girl was actually in the factory, or perhaps somebody just copied and pasted her into the factory scene when really she was somewhere else entirely. My point is, how do we know what photos we can trust these days? Its kind of scary when you think about it.

  7. Mark Nguyen Avatar

    Mark Nguyen 2:30

    It is quite evident that art has progressed from the past to what it is today in the 21st century. At the same time though, people today are influenced and inspired by what has been done in the past. It is kind of like recycling ideas and using them to try and create something unique and different. I feel that a lot of artists today do that very well. I feel that nowadays, anything can really be considered art as long as there is meaning to it. Art can also be viewed a lot easier in today’s society as well because of the internet and social media. Websites like Flickr and Instagram are easy ways for people to put their art on the internet for everyone in the world to see. In this way, I feel that people of today view more art on a daily basis, as opposed to the people before our time. I think that it is really cool to see how advanced our civilization has become, not only in art, but technology as well. With technology, aspiring artists are able to get out there and be discovered with just the click of a button, which I think is really cool.

    1. moniquealcala Avatar

      Monique Alcala 1pm

      Hey Mark! I related to your post a lot on several points. Before this class I thought of art as the typical photographs and paintings but now I realize that art can be really anything as long as it has a sort of meaning behind it. Many, such as I, create art through mediums such as Instagram and Snapchat. Most young adults are constantly on both platforms but I think it’s a form of self expression and all of the posts we have hold some type of meaning to it. I know that all of the things I post on social media have to have some sort of theme or meaning behind it. Also, I know that many instagram pages have certain themes behind what they have on their feed. Many of the popular accounts have themes behind their accounts whether it’s sticking to a certain filter and applying it to all of their pictures or posting unfiltered photographs of random objects but follow a certain color pattern such as a lavender or a nude. This is the art, digital art, that I think our generation is participating in. Also when you speak of aspiring artists I think of those who get creative on Snapchat. Before there were dog filters and geotags, Snapchat only consisted of the colored pencil in which many people got creative and drew interesting scenarios behind them. It wasn’t until this weeks Art Talk that I was able to put realize that.

      1. Evan Burton Avatar


        I agree that Instagram has allowed many young artists to showcase their work on a platform that works for them. Before social media, every young person didn’t share photographs that they took throughout the week with each other. Artistic expression wasn’t as widespread as it is today, so culture as a whole was probably less “artsy”. Even several years before the 21st century, in the 1990s, culture was much less affected by various art forms. Teenagers in the 90s only had face to face interactions or the telephone. The prevalence of current technology is likely shaping the next generation of artists to pursue their dreams, because the outlets to do so are extremely accessible. Even apps like Snapchat can inspire a person to become more creative in life, without much planning or skill required. This Art Talk video showed me that our modern world is surrounded by all forms of art in a way that has never been done before, explaining why it is actually difficult to get truly bored if you have a smartphone.

    2. duhmarkymark Avatar

      Marcelo Ceballos – 1pm

      Hey Mark, I’m glad that you have an appreciative view towards technology and art. Having seen so many artist over the semester I have really seen how important it is to have a web presence and an ability to reach a wide audience. I have forgotten about how much harder it was to see a piece of art in the pre-internet age and count myself lucky to be able to access and see so many different types of art and culture. I only hope that this access is these spectacles is retained and not restricted to the masses.

  8. Stephanie Arciva Avatar

    Stephanie Arciva 1pm
    For this week’s art talk video, Glenn focused on 21st century art. What I was most surprised with was the significant increase in categories or styles of art. Also, I was surprised that they were able to categorize the various art forms we have, especially from a jump past traditional types of medias. Much like my peers, the topic of generative art surprised me through the discovery that making something through a technological device is considered art, well rather the process of imputing the data. Up until this point, I only considered the musical interpretation as the actual art form, however, I have never considered being on the opposite end and creating the sheet. I find it an art to interpret music, learning how to accent musical notes and how to work with variables like crescendos and diminuendos, but I never really put much thought into the process of actually writing these symbols we interpret. I figure that it is more difficult because even though you can type symbols into a program what you want a musician to play, you have to think about how it will sound on an actual instrument where you have to consider the talent of the musician and the variables of the instrument like tuning. I know this paragraph explains a lot the process of music, but I’ve come to realize that all of these steps are applicable to the other art types in generative art. It makes me realize the amount of thinking behind these process and how much more intricate and complicated the ‘generation’ art type is and just as, if not even more, complicated than the art of music interpretation. We also never really think of the process behind making a song that we find on our playlist or on our iPods. Those 2~3 minutes we listen to may have taken the artist perhaps even days or months to perfect. Overall, it was interesting to give more thought on the art types we find in our everyday lives!

  9. megansalinas11 Avatar

    Megan Salinas 2:30p
    While watching this video, the one topic that interested me the most was on GPS. Global Positioning System, aka GPS, is one of the most used apps on my phone and without it, I’d be lost, literally. I did some more research on the system to find the people and processes that I’m so thankful for. Thank God for Roger Easton, because he’s the one who spearheaded the satellite system. He began the different processes to ensure that his system would work properly in 1964 and from there forward it seems as though there have been no setbacks, only advancements and achievements. Another reason why I find GPS so interesting is because, on my spare time I like watching YouTube videos, and in a lot of the videos these YouTubers are so rich to the fact where they have Teslas, (self-driving cars). And it’s safe to say that without the technological advances of the GPS, that that would not even be on the topic of such things. Self-driving cars are insanely top of the line and freaking cool not to mention and the only way that they are even slightly possible, is through GPS (and a butt load of sensors of course). GPS is one factor of life that I feel will always be necessary, and the things that are going to proceed to make GPS that much more exciting and advanced in the future is completely possible and likely.

    1. amybecerraart Avatar

      Amy Becerra, 2:30 PM
      I totally agree with you! I have no sense of direction and don’t even know the main streets. I’d be totally lost without GPS. I think it is something a lot of us take for granted but the moment you’re in an unfamiliar place and your phone can’t connect to the GPS, you instantly panic and realize how much you take it for granted when you do have it available to you.
      Your post also talked about self-driving cars, an interesting concept. I did not know that some YouTubers were so rich that they owned self-driving cars! That’s really interesting and is news to me. Thank you for your post and helping me learn something new!

      1. alilovesart Avatar

        Hello Amy,
        yes! that is in fact very true in my honest opinion as well! I do also have no sense of direction and dont even know the main streets in the highway and city’s from places i visit often, I rely heavily on navigation ad couldn’t steer my self in the right direction without it if my life depended on it. It is indeed something that the majority here in the first world takes for advantage, when you look at other civilizations across the globe where a navigation is a luxury only the upper class have the privilege of being exposed too.
        I do also free with self driving cars, it is with out a doubt a very interesting idea, That can generate a multi trillion dollar industry, thanks for sharing AMY!

    2. brianamgblog Avatar

      Hey Megan,
      To my surprise, GPS is actually a form of art. Like you, I use my GPS application on my iPhone all the time; in fact, I mostly rely on it. I appreciated it as a tool but not as art. I can look at it differently now. Also, I didn’t know any of that background information but at least I have someone else to thank. I’ve also heard some talk about the self driving cars and I wonder if that will be the next big step in our technology. I imagine, though, that will be incredibly expensive. It amazes me how far we’ve come.

      Briana Garcia 1pm

    3. Monica Lock Avatar

      Hey Megan, as avid user of Google Maps, I am also grateful for Roger Easton. I was really surprised that GPS was mentioned as 21st century art. GPS has brought a new and exciting art form. As you mentioned self-driving cars is an exciting advancement. I also think that how it was used was really interesting. For instance, Cory Mervis usage of GPS to write “VOTE” by driving through different cities. I also liked how Angelina Jolie used the coordinates of the locations where her children were born. GPS is art within itself since it took different coding to create the software, as well as art that was influenced by the usages of GPS.

      Monica Lock 1pm

  10. yonathansahle Avatar

    Yonathan Sahle 1:00pm

    After watching the video this week on Modern 21st Century art. After doing some research I took the liberty of looking up Pixel Art. I learned that Pixel art has its origins in early drawing and painting software and was popularized by computer game design through the ’80s and ’90s which is pretty cool. It is created on graphics software that allows images to be edited at the individual pixel level. This makes me wonder if our School of Arts teaches pixel art with the proper computer design software because that would be pretty cool. The images that are constructed are reminiscent of early computer games or amateur-made mobile phone video games, both of which would have been created by a pixel artist. I saw some pretty cool pixel art by Georges Seurat when he created I the pointillist style that was a reminiscent of modern day pixel art, the title of the piece was “La Tour Eiffel”, which translates to be the Eiffel Tour. Another cool piece that I saw online was also by Seurat named “The Channel at Gravelines, Evening” he used dots of colour whereas pixel art uses squares. I recommend that you all take a look at some of his art its pretty cool to see.

    1. jbpena Avatar

      Hey Yonathan!

      I find it amazing that pixel art has gone through a “revival” these past years. While video games has improved and advanced in mechanics and graphics, our old school games still rely on those classic pixel beauty creates a nostalgia for video game lovers. There have been a lot of pixel art all over the internet, a lot of them are displayed in DeviantART where pixel artists there are creating some outstanding, breath taking, and nostalgic pixel art. Most Indie games these days are designed using “retro” pixel art that conveys the sense of simple nostalgia beauty of a game mixed with the complexity and mechanics as well as difficulty of both modern and memorable video games. Aside from my “nerd moment” there, pixel art does have a lot work and effort as well as patience and time; I admire the people who work on them, they are amazing people who posses a unique and creative mind don’t you agree?

      -Justin Pena 2:30pm

    2. Daniel Puentes Avatar

      Daniel Puentes 1pm

      Dear Yonothan
      I agree pixel art is pretty cool because it is another creative way to represent art. It is also pretty cool because of it’s nostalgia value it reminds me off the old Mario Bros games. When I see Pixel art i can’t help but instantly relate it to computers. All these little pixels that can be filled with different colors all adding up to create one image reminds me allot of binary code. Pixel art may be considered a new form of art but in reality art is all made up by little dots of color kind a like the piece “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat.

  11. jbpena Avatar

    Justin Pena 2:30p
    I cannot help but to notice the limitless potential of Masaki Fujihata. He basically modded his mediums and created a cyberspace for his own work. Each of his work are connected and are displayed in a 3-Dimensional world; this 3-Dimensional world is basically the planet Earth except without the detailed landscapes and whatnot, the lay out is just simply a black space but the white lines will provide the shape and pathways Masaki has traveled. Using the gps, Masaki is able to draw white lines on this world and allow us to track which direction he went from his previous destination. This allows us to track which land/country Masaki is going. In addition the camera he used to record certain interviews during his visits are uploaded and stays in the certain spot or section where he recorded. It is as if that you are able to find a needle in a haystack, it is as if that you are witnessing a stream of data in front of you and you have the power to track and “decode” that data in front of you.

    I might have gone science fiction for a bit there but this is coming from an engineer’s point of view, his methodology seems so advanced and interesting that it could probably make a new way for the general public to learn about people from different places. The true art here to me is that he is creating a world of information with nothing but white lines of information and that we are able to “read” the information laid out along the white line. He is actually “recreating” a cyber world of Earth by using the Earth itself. That is amazing.

  12. cslabell Avatar

    Its really crazy how technology has emerged so strongly and so much in what we call art now. Dont get me wrong im all for advancing in space, technology and science but i feel kinda bad for what i Iike to consider traditional art which is paintbrush to canvas and making movements by hand or body limbs. im not a big gamer so that type of technology art does not appeal to me much but there are sometimes when i watch Conan O’Brian’s ” Clueless Gamer” and i see some graphics and they are pretty awesome. i know though these images in games really mesmerize others and allow them to enter different worlds and bring them happiness and for that i am glad such art exists. Chris Jordan’s type of art is much like we did with our instagram project this week. i always thought this was really interesting and a cool art form. its awesome how so many things can make 1 image. its like a metaphor for someones life; so many moments and experiences make up your life as a whole.every image has its own story such like every experience has a purpose in life so when seen from afar they make Sense, even though at the moment a picture or experience may seem rough, or a picture might be horrible. But when looked at collectively they make one hell of a portrait. i remember a few years back the Disneyland resort asked the public to send in their favorite disney pictures of themselves or family and they would be included in a mass picture of famous Disney movie scenes. i think we sent in a picture of my sister and i in front of the castle but we were not included. crazy that millions of people got in but we didnt, lol. i’m sure others also didnt get in but still it was kinda crummy we didnt. GPS; oh gps, where would i be without you!? lol. “Vote” is an awesome art piece, im so proud of her and glad she did it! seeing all the edits people do on images and pictures especially on social media nowadays is crazy! i mean one thing is helping fix a landscape or brightening up a building, but once it gets to people i do think its a lie, but maaaaaaan the miracles it does! for special events such as wedding photographs or something like that to be honest i would NOT mind a little retouching. and i do think that these type of edits; although a lie, is a form of art work because its fixing thins and making them look better. so as controversial as it is, i thing it makes its own spot under “Art” categories.
    By: Claudia Sanchez @230pm class.

  13. lizzystiller Avatar

    We have finally reached the 21st century and I am very excited because for me personally it is more interesting and easier to relate with as we live in this time. Being a film major I love digital art, it is my favorite as there is so much you can do. I really enjoyed hearing about GPS art as I think it is such a creative form of art that most people do not even think of. We leave an invisible path where ever we go. It makes me wonder what my path looks like over these years. I remember seeing a story about a couple who were marathon runners and the guy took his girlfriend on a run through the city (I think this was in new york maybe?). But he had created a route where in the end the gps track spelled out will you marry me. And that is just adorable but I remembered after reading that story it always made me wonder what path I’m leaving.

    1. Roxana Chavez Avatar

      Hey Lizzy,

      Wow! that is such a cute story! I personally was not very much informed on GPS art until now, and I can agree with you on how it is a creative form of art. Now that you mention what kind of path you are leaving behind it makes me wonder too about the kind of path I am leaving as well. I feel like now a days people are always on the go go go that forget that they are creating a path and leaving behind foot prints of all the adventures and accomplishments they have done.

    2. Nick Lemmerman Avatar
      Nick Lemmerman

      —Nick Lemmerman, 1:00pm—

      Hey Lizzy. That’s a pretty awesome story. I think that use of GPS would qualify as art (well, it does, since “Vote” also qualifies). I think it’s really cool that we can use different types of technology—especially kinds that we tend to not think of more than mere technology—and create art with them. I wonder how much farther we can go…maybe VR controlled drones that hover in the air in the shape of a giant drone?

  14. amybecerraart Avatar

    Amy Becerra, 2:30 PM
    This week, our art discussion was titled “21st Century”. It was to no surprise that the topic of the video was, in fact, about art in the 21st century. The biggest difference between this art discussion and other ones is that we usually talk about traditional art: statues, paintings, etc. These days, art can be a much wider variety of things. Art can be digital, 3D printed, photographs, virtual, and anything in between. It can also be shared across large masses, using social media, quite easily.
    I think this weeks art discussion was pretty interesting because the difference between old art and modern art is highlighted. Although there are many differences between old art and more modern art, there are also some similarities. For example, some ancient art focused on royalty or other icons in society. Now, modern art sometimes focuses on celebrities. Although they are not exactly ‘royalty’, they are icons to our society and art is created of them. I thought that was an interesting thing to think about.

  15. Roxana Chavez Avatar

    Roxana Chavez 1pm

    Was really excited to learn about the 21st Century! It has been very fascinating learning about previous times of art, but now that we are in the 21st century of art I feel like I can connect to it since I have been living in it my whole life! (Haha) As Professor discussed how photographs have tags and different ways in which it can be altered sparked my interest, I found most interesting Angelia Jolie’s Tattoo. I found it interesting because one I did not know she had that tattoo which was very intriguing to learn and also the significance behind it was very heartwarming to know. Her tattoos hold the latitudes and longitudes of the different locations of where her children came from. I also found interesting how photographs in a way have like their own identity because of all the things a photograph had. Such as details of where it was taken time place. Which made me think of how far we have come in technology of photos.

    1. Felix Huynh Avatar

      Felix Huynh, 2:30 PM

      Yeah, I found that little part with Angelina Jolie interesting too. The other GPS art styles were cool, but her style was really on the emotional side. Having tattoos of where every single one of her children were born was really interesting to see, and it was cool to see that she cares so much about her kids too. It’s nice that the 21st century artists can still come up with such interesting ideas for what they choose to do. I found it fascinating how art throughout the ages, from the past art talks to now, can change so much, yet still be artistic to the people in the era. Also, I liked how the data art showed a lot of how our world is now, and what we could do to make it better.

    2. esmerized Avatar

      Hey Roxana!
      You have a great point on feeling more connected to 21 century art because we are obviously living through it. But I didn’t really realize it until you pointed out, traditional art can seem so complex sometimes but in actuality the people of its era probably connected to it so much. Art evolves as people do and so the understanding or even how we see is changes and it blows my mind. And I also found Angelina Jolie’s tattoo the mot interesting because of the significance behind it.

      -Esmeray Lopez 1:00 pm

  16. Felix Huynh Avatar

    Felix Huynh, 2:30 PM

    I found that learning more about the 21st century and our art in modern times was really interesting. I never even knew about GPS art and knew little about the others shown in the video. I found that the GPS art was the most interesting of them, and how it could be done in different ways as well. It’s like how Angelina Jolie has a tattoo that shows exactly where each of her children were born, or how during election period awhile back they made a Vote drawing using the GPS. It’s cool how even though we learned about all these other types of art and stuff, that the people now still have such amazing ideas to show their own art. I liked how in the 21st century, people are adapting this new technology for art, and the future holds so much more in terms of the synergy between technology and art.

    1. Zack Ngov - 2:30 pm Avatar


      I also never knew about GPS art. I think it is creative and interesting, but I think it is kind of lame at the same time. It takes a lot of effort to get the finished result which makes it ridiculous to me, but it is still cool because it requires a unique journey. The Angelina Jolie tattoo is pretty cool aswell. The numbers are symbolic because of technology. It’s understandable that we consider anything to be art these days. If art was limited to drawings and painting, art would be dead. It’s great that with modern technology, people have come with new creative and innovative ideas to keep art alive

  17. Marissa Sar Avatar

    Marissa Sar
    I assumed the 21st Century art era would be more centered in technology in terms of utilizing a platform, such as Youtube or Facebook for art. However, the video had taught me more than I thought the 21st Century’s art forms can be.
    The first broad focus was Digital Art, so under that category is Generative Art. I did not know what that meant, so what the definition of it is that using a computer/laptop and programs to create an artwork.
    Another aspect is Data Visualization, and I never heard of the word “Wordle” before but after the example of what it looks like, now I know. I’ve especially seen that kind of artwork on “thank you” cards. Also It is interesting to learn that the things that we use or see everyday can play a role in the bigger picture of art field in the 21st Century. For example, I never thought about GPS being capable of becoming a tattoo or it’s concept becoming a video stream in a 3D space. In addition, I like that in the video it showed the power of taking a photo of a child working in a factory can make a difference in society’s worldview. So it made me thought about the concept of “Selfie,” and how it can be a powerful tool of statement. Lastly, it’s amazing to how now we are able to edit photos in ways we can crop, make it look better in quality, or even have access to other outlets to save our data.

  18. duhmarkymark Avatar

    Marcelo Ceballos – 1pm

    Wow! Although this is the time that this type of art is being made, I had no idea about most of these different types of art. Some of the stand out types were the GPS, large data sets, and thinking images. I had never heard of GPS art and it is kind of difficult to think of GPS as art due to the fact that it is so reliant on something you cannot see without special equipment or a computer program. The large data sets and thinking images are also such abstract forms of art. I have heard of another idea with the use of technology sort of similar to these last two forms of art. It had to due with the idea of technology and computer power making the creation of new art an almost extinct expression. This was because with the advent of newer and more powerful technology, more and more images and videos could be auto generated by a computer and eventually all the possible combinations of pixels would be achieved and would be composed. This is kind of an out there concept but seeing all of the things that 21st century art is doing, this may very well be the future.

    1. Gabriel Gonzalez Avatar

      Gabriel Gonzalez – 2:30 pm
      I agree, GPS data was something that stuck out to me the most. I had never heard of theses types of arts either, and i am so used to hearing or seeing art from like the Renaissance, or older dates, it was quite confusing for me to see what art has become today, but on the other hand, it is a good thing, because it is simply demonstrating the change in society and advancements. It was really interesting learning about these new types of arts, and with new technology coming out, I can not wait to see what awaits the world of 22nd century art.

  19. Fatima Negrete Avatar

    Fatima Negrete-Farias—2:30 pm
    When I was looking at Chris Jordon’s piece of plastic beverage bottles used every five minutes, I was astonished. The image was crazy and realistic which makes it frightening. People drink a lot of water every day, even though we are limited on the amount of pure water that we can drink. There is only seven percent of water that people can consume. There are millions of people that need to drink water in order to stay hydrated, but this image makes me think that soon there will be no more water for us to drink. In addition, the water bottles resemble an ocean. Personally, I picture an ocean that is polluted by the plastic bottles. When I am in the ocean I see plastic beverage bottles in the ocean, which is very unhealthy or the environment.

  20. Gabriel Gonzalez Avatar

    Gabriel Gonzalez – 2:30 pm
    After watching this week’s video, 21st art is something I now find more interesting and can actually understand. I used to be a really big fan of Renaissance art, Greek art, and anything in that field, yet as of today I have come to officially like modern day art a little bit more. As time goes on there will be more mixtures of technology with art, since society is getting more media advances. Personally my favorite of the 21st Century art was GPS art. I had never heard of it before, but I did a little bit of research and it is pretty much drawings that combine art, with traveling and technology. There are different ways of doing GPS art, but the most common type of GPS art is drawing things around a map, yet it can be as simple as going somewhere and drawing something that represents where you were at. Overall, art will not be the same as it used to be, everything will start to depend more on technology.

  21. brianamgblog Avatar

    Briana Garcia (1pm)

    I think we’ve already established that pretty much anything can be considered art today depending on the viewer and the artist. To me that’s both interesting and unique. It’s interesting to me because many people, like myself, probably assume art is narrowed down to paintings and drawing and sculptures but I’ve learned that it can be anything from a sketch to an algorithm and everything in between. Our technology has advanced so much and the things we have the ability to do with it, such as the things Glenn covered in this video, is really cool. The 21st Century includes a form of art known as Digital Art. A type of Digital Art is GPS. I

    1. brianamgblog Avatar


      …. I didn’t realize that GPS literally meant GPS. Until today, I didn’t know that it was considered a type of art. It’s actually pretty interesting though. It can be personal like Angelina Jolie’s tattoo of the coordinates of where her children were born. Also, I have to mention that my favorite form of art of the 21st Century, which has been around for 180 years, is photography. I have always had a passion for taking pictures. I must say that the saying is true, “a picture can tell a thousand words”. I plan to take a photo class so I can get better at it.

      1. itsjazelle Avatar

        Hey Briana,

        I agree with you that it’s a pretty well known fact that art has no boundaries in the world we live in today. For example, GPS can be used to create art and from the looks of it we both didn’t think that it would be possible. Like you, I tend to narrow art into a more traditional aspect like paintings and sculptures but clearly I need to update my thinking towards art because GPS art is a thing now! Or maybe it’s always been a thing and we’re both just barely finding out about it? Honestly, I think I’m just finding out about it because Angelina Jolie has a tattoo of her loved ones’ birth place coordinates. It’s amazing how much art has evolved and that it can be created in seconds by a snap of a picture. I love how accessible and easy art can be and can’t wait to see what else is in store for art.

        –Jazmin Mejia 2:30

  22. Janett Moctezuma Avatar

    Janett Moctezuma 2:30pm

    This week’s art history timeline was about the 21st century, our time era. Throughout the semester we were able to see various art history timelines and how art has progressed within the centuries. Now, we are able to learn about art in our time period and we can see the influence that art from the past has on todays art. I thought the neurobiology topic of art was very interesting which had to do with the human brain and the idea on why we like the art we do. I wish more on this topic could of been explained because it sounds really interesting to know how the human brain can be studied to determine the why people like the kind of art they do. Also, the thinking images for large datasets were very interesting. I thought FlickerVision was pretty cool because you are able to see the images that are posted every second around the world. You can find out when and where was the picture posting. Then the whole idea of the color search. I never really though about searching pictures passed on color. When I search picture, I search them based on a topic or theme, not color. Overall, much progress has been seen in art and we can see it’s leaning towards a more technological aspect.

    1. amazeeana23 Avatar

      Hi Jannet,
      I do agree that art has really come a long way throughout the centuries and I just like the fact that the art itself is always so unique and so different from one another. I also found the art regarding neurobiology was very interesting.

  23. amazeeana23 Avatar

    Ana Gomez 2:30 pm

    This week’s art talk, consisted of 21st century are which I was really excited about since the beginning, because every time I heard about art they usually meant some really old work like Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci. I realize that as we progressed through the timeline of art, more and more are seemed to be related with technology. I looked up GPS art as soon as I heard it and I was like it’s probably going to be wack because seriously, road maps? I was so wrong people are so creative and sometimes I wish I could be that creative as well. To me the most interesting art that I admire even more now when I see it in the streets is graffiti. Growing up in what’s known as a “ghetto” area, you see a lot of that around, and I like how much detail is put into it. Overall though art has come a long way, and I feel it will never die out because the concept is similar, but the content is very different.

    1. klauduso Avatar

      Tommy Duong – 1:00 PM

      Hey Ana! I agree with you, growing up for me I would see graffiti on almost everything but they’re not always the same style. Like you said “the Concept is similar, but the content is very different”, which is so true! The use of GPS is just a sign that as technology advances, art advances along with it which is amazing. In the future perhaps we will see holograms of graffiti.

  24. lukasfue Avatar

    Lukas Fuentes

    WOW! It seems like art is really undergoing a dramatic change in the 21st century due to huge technological advances. I am astounded by the programs that people have made to modify art in certain ways. For example, the scene completion algorithm is a very powerful tool. However, I think Glenn brings up a good point. Are these photos to be considered real or fake? Well that exact picture never really existed so it could be considered fake, but it is composed of a bunch of different real photos. I can see an argument for either side. Other than these thinking image algorithms, the 21st century has brought about massive media sharing, mostly through social networking. It is easier now than during any other moment in history to find almost unlimited amounts of art. One has to simply go on the favorite web browser and search “art”, and hey can sift through billions of hits that come up on google. The internet is changing art. Artists can now get the word out about their work easier, but at the same time, so can every other artist.

    1. amanateeseawarrior Avatar

      Amanda Martinez 1pm

      Hi Lukas! I agree there are very dramatic changes due to technology which I think is really cool. It opens an outlet for a different type of creativity. Looking at the same example you gave about scene completion people are creating new images with what is already out there. It is strange to think that sometimes we can’t trust an image, but I think there is more good than bad to it. I think the internet is a great tool for artist to get their work out there and be seen and appreciated by as many people as possible!

    2. seewhychris Avatar

      Christopher Yuen 1PM

      Lukas, I like the fact that you brought up how everyone is able to share their art across social media. It really shows how even if you work the hardest and have the most amazing work, someone else may be able to take an opportunity more so than you because they are better able to expose it and share it to the world. Back then, one was simply recognized for the type of art they would create but nowadays the expectations are set so high and a majority of people have already seen it all. To stand out you would have to be revolutionary AND be able to deliver it in the right manner so that it gets out to the world effectively. Its almost as if the goal is not to focus on the art anymore but how you are able to make yourself known for it. You have to have a business mindset nowadays to make it out as a thriving artist.

  25. adrianagmaciel Avatar

    Adriana Maciel, 2:30pm
    The 21st century is so densely packed with changes and technological advances that enable individuals to be able to make their own art. I try to upload nice photos to my instagram, facebook, and twitter because I like my social media accounts to look professional and fun. Therefore, I’m familiar with apps that allow you to edit images but I had absolutely no idea about how far technology has really gone. I cannot believe that our technology is so advanced that we can really crop out a rooftop from a vacation photo because we don’t like how it looks……this is a program I definitely need to learn to use asap haha. But really, it is sort of controversial because the image is fake in a sense. However, when artists painted, they didn’t always paint the truth and had opportunities to change or edit what they wanted their artwork to show or not. I feel like this is the same in a way. By enhancing, editing, and cropping photos we are making our photos unique and customizing them to what we want, which is pretty cool. There are going to be more and more enhancements as technology improves and it’s kind of neat to think about how much will be able to be done to a single photograph or video in years to come.

    1. Bunny Horn Avatar

      Hi Adriana,

      I agree that the 21st century is so densely packed with changes and technological advances that enable individuals to be able to make their own art. I do the same, I want to upload nice photos to my Facebook and Instagram because I like social media and i want to use that account to followed my favorite celebrities. I also used an app that allowed you to edit images like Instagram has a layout app where you can edit your picture and automatically upload straight through Facebook or Instagram. I also can not believe that technology is so advanced that we can really crop out a rooftop from a vacation photo. I also would do that. For example, there once when my someone random was in my background I crop that photo to make it just only me. I agree that by enhancing, editing, and cropping photos we are making our photos unique and customizing them to what we want. Each and every year, there are new technologies that are introduced.

    2. superyessi Avatar

      Yesenia Hernandez

      I had not thought of it in that way Adriana. I like your point that although we edit and crop pictures that does not make them less “real” because painters and artists do the same when they create their art. They pick and choose what they want to depict and focus on. This has changed my view on whether these pictures are “false” or not. I had thought of them as being fake but they are a representation of what you wish people to see, your own twist. I agree I need to this program in my life because there are many times I have taken a picture and wanted to crop out a piece to make it better. Technology is truly revolutionary, I cannot even imagine how much we will have progressed in 5 years because things change so fast in so little time.

    3. linruiwen Avatar

      Ruiwen Lin (2:30pm)

      Hi Adriana, I agree with you. I’m thinking how big differences between 21st century art and ancient art, and it’s all because of technologies. I didn’t even realize that digital things becoming artwork because I got used to it and see it every day. And I cannot imagine but willing to see future art due to newer and newer technologies will be developed and introduced to us.

  26. Alfredo Gonzalez Avatar

    2:30 pm
    As we come to the last weeks of class we get to the art of the 21st century. We have moved from the ancient art that had been found in caves and sculptures that has withheld over centuries. Now we are in a digital era where our technology is so advanced we use computers and devices do to art a lot now. It is easier now to view art than ever before since we have all these outlets to share art across the world. We are able to see new sculptures and pieces that are done overseas online now. It is not the same seeing something online than in person, as in person you get to see every detail of the art piece but you get a good representation of it by just looking online. There is art that involves technology as the “GPS” art that we learned about in the video. It is fascinating that people are willing to drive around and creating art by the roads they travel for it spell out or draw something up on their maps. This is something cool that I would like to try out for myself.

  27. Bunny Horn Avatar

    Bunny Horn 2:30

    This week topic is about 21st century. There are a lot of significant events happen in the 21st century. Each of the topics have a lot of sub categories. The main in 21st century is digital art. Digital art includes cyborg, robotics, digital dissent, game, and etc. Gaming is huge. Under generative art, the video mentioned about sheet music, is a set of instruction if you had it to a machine IE human who read sheet music, and you can have a generated musical performance. Even cooler, when you punched holes in this player role and thread it in a piano, music comes out. For example, wall drawings, dance, and music are sets of instructions that generate work s of art. In digital art in space we know algorithms code that we can write things that computer can make anything whether it is an animated film. A photographer named Chris Jordon, he’s made a huge photoprint of our actual life. For example, United States toss 2 million plastic bottle in every 5 minutes. There are all kind of visualization. Another example is GPA. This is a piece of art that can only be see it data space. We believe that photograph need to be true. Photosynth is special software that has a ability and download it and create a 3-D models that you can’t imagined. Another example is Scene Completion, finding missing photo. Thinking of images is great idea alone.

  28. itsjazelle Avatar

    Jazmin Mejia 2:30

    This week’s discussion video has to do with the 21st century (finally). I thought it was nice to see how much art evolved over time and made me wonder had much more art will evolve in the future. While watching the video, I was baffled to find out that GPS art is actually a thing! When I think of GPS, art is definitely not what first comes to mind. I’ve always thought as GPS as a something that gets people from location A to location B but Cory Mervis changed my perspective of GPS. She actually uses GPS as a form of art to encourage Americans to vote during the 2004 election. She traveled on a bus across the United States and used GPS to write the word “vote.” It’s crazy how creative people can get with art now and I can’t wait to see what new forms of art will be invented as time goes by.

  29. superyessi Avatar

    Yesenia Hernandez

    The 21st century with the creation of the internet and ever progressing technology has created new mediums and methods of art. Social media for instance is a new art medium but these are methods we know as art however, Professor Glenn had presented to us in this video with certain methods of technology I never even considered as an art form. For example, to name a few: GPS, databases, a simple Google search, coding and hashtags. I never thought of the overall picture these methods created. Whenever I use things like Google searches or hashtags I only look a specific picture, not the whole. This reminds me of our art activity of the week Instagram. We made a “giant group selfie” of the community we live within. GPS stood out to me more than a database lookup. I never thought of GPS as art, but as a method for easier transportation. The woman who wrote “VOTE” with GPS coordinates is amazing. This demonstrates how technology is creating new mediums of thought and art, which people might never have imagined. It is truly revolutionary how art has progressed. The evolution of photography was even more alluring. The fact that we can refocus a picture after 2 weeks it was taken or how you can create a false picture from a real picture is amazing.

    1. Valeria Gonzalez - 2:30 PM Avatar

      Hi Yesenia!

      I must say that I was in the same boat as you in regards of looking at a single picture in a google search rather than the whole picture. It wasn’t until I looked under our class hashtag on Instagram that I realized that I had been missing out on a lot by not looking at the bigger picture. Also, I had never thought of GPS being a form of digital media until a couple of minutes ago. I have also witnessed the expansion of art through the evolution of technology. One of my favorite things about digital media is the fan art. People are able to create amazing fan art using technology and then are able to share it in social media through twitter and other popular social media platforms. I imagine that the future photography tools are only going to be more advanced and impressive in the future. I personally love photography and I am really grateful that technology has made it very easy for me to look at and admire other artists’ photography.

    2. melissapassarelli Avatar


      I agree with you that looking at the whole picture is important instead of just looking at the specific picture because I feel like by looking at the specific picture, we are missing so much more which is why it is important to look at the whole picture instead. I also agree with you that art has progressed so much due to technology. I think there are many more things that can be done with technology in terms of art due to the refocusing a picture after a while it was taken like you mentioned and there is so much artists can do with digital to improve their art pieces as well. I believe art will just keep progressing in many forms as technology keeps advancing.

  30. Valeria Gonzalez - 2:30 PM Avatar

    When I think of 21st century art, the first thing that comes to my mind is fan art and digital art. I often see a lot of fan drawings while I’m scrolling through twitter and it always blows my mind that someone is able to create such beautiful art using technology. I already find it hard enough to draw using pen and paper, so it always blows my mind when someone uses a drawing tablet or a computer to create such magnificent art pieces. Fan arts will always have a special place in my heart because some artists take a cartoon that I used to watch in my childhood and draw the characters with their own twists and techniques. Last week I actually saw a digital art of the characters of Teen Titan and I actually felt really emotional as that show is one of my favorite cartoons. As I was watching the video, I was really amazed at the technological evolution that has occurred in our society and the influence it has had on the art world. Also, I was really surprised that GPS is a type of digital art as that thought had never crossed my mind. I loved that this video talked a lot about photography since photography has always been one of my favorite types of art. The evolution of technology has made it easy to view the photography of others and programs like Photosynth and Scene Completion have provided very cool tools for everyone that loves to takes pictures. Overall, I’m very excited to see how art continues to branch out and expand in the future

  31. hrandonbong Avatar

    Brandon Hong 2:30

    When people talk about art in the 21st century I think to myself, not art itself, but the artists. I think of hipsters, and being conceited when making their art. Being friends with art majors, I’ve seen art that’s amazing and then there’s art that could be better. Another thing that comes to mind when I think of 21st century art is Instagram. A lot of people take amazing photographs these days with their Instagrams, and it is just breathtaking. Another thing that this video mentioned was the surprising form of art using GPS. Cory Mervin made GPS her choice of art, and it’s hard to imagine a mapping system as a form of art, but once I started searching it up it was actually quite popular. It’s amazing how people can find new ways to use simple everyday tools into art.

    1. Alfredo Gonzalez Avatar

      Hey Brandon,

      The video really made me get interested in this GPS art and saw the same results. It is a popular thing that many people have done in different sizes. I saw many people do this type of art when they go out on their daily runs. This is something that seems more simple to do and I have plans of doing it soon. Also with Instagram, we see many more amazing photograms all the time. It has really made people to enjoy and take their time with the images they do.

  32. klauduso Avatar

    Tommy Duong – 1:00 PM

    In the video, the professor discusses a few topics that struck my interests, topics such as gaming being considered art; the use of GPS to make art; and how images can be falsified. When I first heard gaming in the video, I was wondering how gaming can be considered. But after thinking about it, Video games themselves and the details that are placed into them are considered art. Games such as GTA V can impact someone’s emotions. Also, using GPS as a way to create art is amazing. For every 1,000 miles you take, it is like 5 pixels on a screen. OVerall, the time and distance it takes to create art with a GPS is amazing. However, all of this can be ‘faked’. Which is the part that sucks because how can an individual tell if this piece of art took time to make? It could have been made up in MS paint and it looks somewhat real.

  33. melissapassarelli Avatar

    Melissa Passarelli, 2:30

    The 21st century video is pretty interesting but one artist that caught my attention was Chris Jordan and his Plastic Bottles art piece. I thought it was interesting how he showed an ocean from afar but if you zoom in, you can see all the plastic bottles that are being consumed. I like how his goals are to show the results of “unchecked mass consumption” by photographing consumer waste products that overflow with scrapes of plastic from the ocean. I respect that his art is trying to portray a message to others by using shocking environmental statistics and capturing as well as creating photographs that symbolize a targeted problem.

    1. allison cruz Avatar

      I think that his messages are great also. I admire those that use their platform to raise issues and cause a discussion about them. It is great that Chris Jordan is using his to talk about many other issues than just consumerism as well. His piece on all the names of the millions of organizations dedicated to peace is great and many others on his website. While some other artist are doing similar techniques, I enjoy Jordan’s approach that is visually pleasing while still having a message behind it.
      Allison Cruz, 1pm

  34. Daniel Puentes Avatar

    Daniel Puentes 1pm

    We have now arrived to the 21st century. Where we will look at the art of our time. I found it interesting when professor Zucman was talking about the provocation of images and said that photography is the index of the truth. Which makes sense because you can paint things that never existed and represent them how ever you like. Photography is different because you do need the actual object to be there in order for you to capture it. People are able to look at a picture and say seeing is believing. The problem is that now a days we have what professor Zucman calls “thinking images”. The thinking images that I am referring to are the images that have been altered to crete an image that does not exist. We know it as photoshopping. Now a days our culture and 21st century art has made it a norm to take pictures edit and photoshop and sell it off as real. Now pictures are hardly an index of the truth. The sad thing is that people look at models on the cover of magazines and are sad because they don’t look like them when in reality not even the model looks like that. These thinking images are deceptive and discredit photography. Now a days we can no longer trust images for the truth.

  35. Linda Nguyen Avatar

    Linda-Linh Nguyen
    1 pm
    This week we talked about the 21st Century and I thought it was very interesting how we now are able to incorporate todays technological advances with our art in order to obtain the product that we want. A lot of art I see today is on Instagram and it is of artists posting art either done on a tablet or art based off of TV or movie characters drawn in the arts own specific style. Learning about how art has progressed over the years and seeing todays art style on social media such as Instagram is really amazing as I was able to see art transform over time. I also thought it was interesting how photography of child labor was able to cause the U.S. to change it child labor laws—the one photo was so powerful that it was able to move the government to change. The photo that showed the truth behind child labor reminded me of how photos are used today to show the truth but also used today to manipulate the truth due to the ability of cropping things out so that the photo would fit a particular agenda.

    1. Samuel De La Cruz Avatar

      Samuel De La Cruz

      Hi Linda, I also found it interesting to see how much today’s technological advances have had an impact on art in the twenty-first century. Instagram and Facebook has changed the way art can be shown to the world and it is not local art anymore because anyone from around the world can be exposed to the artist’s art. Photograph’s are an amazing tool to capture an image that can speak more than words will ever be able to. There has been a few times in history that a photograph of a situation has been used to move people to do the right thing and help bring change to injustices around the world and art is used in many powerful ways. Politics also take advantage of art in order to paint a bad picture and persona of the politician’s they are running against. Art has just been a powerful tool throughout history and technological advances has made art more impactful in everyone’s daily lives.

    2. Linney Sar Avatar
      Linney Sar

      Linney Sar 2:30PM

      Hi Linda

      I agree with you with how art has change throughout history all the way to this day. Seeing how art was made from whatever resources that were available to today with advance technology show how far we had advance in art. Social media has transform art especially with the usage of Instragram and Snapchat along with many other applications. Making art creative and allowing everyone to be able to create and enjoy art using social media. Using photography to create a message with one photo is very impactful. Creating awareness for children labor and the environment using images can create change. Having photos that show the truth about the world give people the ability to glance and see for themselves the reality and the messages that are portrayed. The new programs that are available many people can use the program to there benefits either positive or negative and there are artists who use the program to capture beauty.

    3. mrvillicana Avatar

      Hi Linda,

      I also found the use of the photos to make change interesting. I find visuals to be more essential now than ever, especially as more people prefer to get their news and information from short videos than from reading. I think the ways we use images will continue to become more impactful and help shape what happens in the future, therefore it is important that we look back at cases like the photos if child labor and analyze how they created the impact that they did, so that we can learn to use the tool of image to help promote ideas we believe in.

      Carlos Villicana, 1PM.

  36. amanateeseawarrior Avatar

    Amanda Martinez 1pm

    I did not really think of 21st century art being as technology based as the video shows. I thought maybe art in the modern world was gearing more towards photographs, but it is so much more than that. Since people could alter photographs to show exactly what they want. It is also so much easier to share photos with people all over the world. There is also animation which is not discussed in the video, but is also an important form of art in the 21st century.

  37. Samuel De La Cruz Avatar

    Samuel De La Cruz

    After watching this week’s art talk of the week video it is simply amazing how much art has gone under transformation in the twenty-first century alone. For centuries art was sculptures, paintings, and some buildings that were classified art but today in the twenty-first century a lot of new art has been introduced. Digital art literally changed the face of art in my opinion because art doesn’t have to live in the physical world anymore and can be taken into the digital and cyberspace world. Gaming art has always really captured my attention since I was a little kid and it absolutely blew my mind with each new gaming console that came out because it was so much better than the last one. The graphics of today’s game are so much more intricate and detailed compared to the first gaming systems like Atari and Nintendo. There has also been generative art emerge as Glenn explained that a piano can create music without a human being involved. A person just has to punch holes on a player role and thread it into a piano and the music will play on its own. Data visualization has also been used to create art like Chris Jordan’s picture of plastic bottles. Chris uses the image of millions of water bottles to portray the problem that the United States is creating in polluting the environment with plastic bottles. It gives a perspective of how much waste American’s generate on a daily basis. Another art is GPS art, Masaki Fujihata took to himself to take pictures around the world and then went back to create a 3D virtual space that links all the photo’s to real life locations in the 3D virtual space. Art can be found in many different forms now and it amazes me how people are able to come up with these new forms of art.

    1. meganchung07 Avatar

      Hi Samuel De La Cruz,

      I agree with you. The technological advances today has created an infinite amount of possibilities an artist can do with his or her art. Before the internet, it was harder to get a big crowd to see your art. They would have to see it in person, look at it through newspaper and even magazines. Today, with a few taps on a screen, anybody can search up a particular photo they want to look at and send it out to disperse it to other people.
      I don’t think that technological advances will ever halt. I think that technology will always get better and improvements will be made

  38. Monica Lock Avatar

    Monica Lock

    It’s unbelievable to see how much art has changed every decade. It started merely as pictures on cave walls and later to paper and now to so many different art forms today. Art today is becoming more and more digital in response to vast technological advances. Art such as GPS, like the coordinates on Angelina Jolie’s arm of all the coordinates of where her kids were born. I think the reason why art today is so digital is because technology is everywhere today compared to before. People nowadays are constantly on their phones, computers, cameras making it easier to create art. Bringing in technology such as cameras for photography is bringing in a whole new playing field. People are constantly searching for new and exciting things to the world. I’m not saying art is moving in one way, as in improving upon another, but it’s actually constantly going back and forth. For instance, cameras evolved from black and white images to color photography, which was such a new and exciting thing. Nowadays, photographers are going back to shooting in black and white because it emphasizes the focus of the photo, without the distraction of color. Sometimes people shoot in black and white because it brings emotion and meaning. Another interesting point about the evolutionary of art is emojis. Emojis used to be mainly yellow smiley faces. Recently, (thanks to Snapchat) bitmoji are becoming popular. Bitmoji is a personalized emoji where users can design and create an emoji that resembles their appearance.

    1. Selena Lara Avatar

      Hello Monica!
      I love your idea of how art is becoming more digital with the advancements of technology. I love it because it shows how art is changing along with the people who create it and the people who admire it. People are certainly always looking for new exciting things through art and I feel that its the reason why art has become so expressive and at the tip of our hands with Snapchat and Bitmoji’s where people are free to create ideally themselves. I think that with everything else in the world art does find its self going forward and back because people are constantly changing with things such as trends.

    2. Marysol Jimenez Avatar

      Hey Monica!
      Art has definitely come a long way, especially technologically in the 21st century. I liked how you brought the idea of all the applications that have been created for photographs such as Snapchat and Instagram.They have become very popular in this era. Bitmoji’s are also a very creative way to express yourself because you get to use fashion as a type of art to express your own person. Art has progressed in numerous ways in the 21st century!

  39. Selena Lara Avatar

    Selena Lara @ 1pm!

    So we have finally reached the 21st century in the Art History time line! Well that went by fast! Throughout the video it finally hit me as to how much art has changed overtime. More specifically, how as time went by art became more expressive, impactful and meaningful. What grasped my attention more was Artist Chris Jordan. I was intrigued by his ability not to just show an image but provide the facts to that image. For someone like me I feel that often times you kind of just have to put it out there and present the facts otherwise I’ll find myself lost. I decided to look more into Chris Jordan and found a familiar theme and it is his use of statistics to make his art more meaningful. For example his piece “Cans Seurat” shows what appears to be people at a park. However, in this particular piece he uses 106,000 aluminum cans which are used every 30 seconds in the United States. I think that because of artist like Jordan art shouldn’t be as over looked as it is because often times they send a powerful message on how we need to change as a society. More specifically, we should change our habits of wasting and over consuming.

  40. meganchung07 Avatar

    Megan Chung

    This video is about the 21st century art. There are so many technological advances that can enhance an artists art. It also opens a huge blackhole of possibilities. For instance, one woman named cory melvis used bus and a gps to write the word vote across the United States. The used the technology of the GPS helped her create the art piece. Also, since cell phones are so advanced and easy to carry around, art is easier to manipulate and edit. The thousands of picture editing apps available in the app store allows the user to edit their photos in numerous different ways. We also see pictures as factual so photography has helped raised awareness and help reform the world. I think that is so powerful

  41. allison cruz Avatar

    I think that it is funny that I start out with every art talk discussion by saying the videos are really interesting and informative…BUT ITS SO TRUE! I went to Chris Jordan’s website and looked at some other pieces by him. I thought that he was the most interesting and really agree with his views on consumerism in the world. It is really scary the amount of “stuff” we go through on a daily basis without even thinking twice about it. My favorite show he did was “Midway” – although it was a little out there, I thought that it exemplified the message loud and clear. It speaks volumes to us as a society that needs to make changes in order to better the world for future generations to come.

  42. Evan Burton Avatar

    1:00 PM
    It’s very interesting to think about how diverse art has become in the 21st century. Most people don’t usually think about how the application of art in this current era has spread to so many different industries. For example, video games are applied arts combined with sciences to produce something both interactive and beautiful. But, since video games are interactive they aren’t initially thought of as “art”, because art is still stigmatized as something that you stare at in a gallery room. The best explanation of video games as art comes from their design stages, when characters and settings are drawn for the first time. The game designers are remarkably talented people that create eye-catching visuals seemlessly, making customers not even realize these images had to be created from nothing. But, they are works of art that sometimes get taken for granted in the game industry. I wonder if game developers ever become annoyed by the fact that their creative masterpieces may end up only serving the purpose of being used as virtual battlegrounds. Almost all video games center around violence, and most of the time that purpose takes away from appreciating what has been achieved in terms of design. Some attitudes are changing though, as more people are starting to see the opportunities in non-violence based games. There are many new releases more concerned with artistic pursuit than consumer demand.

  43. Linney Sar Avatar
    Linney Sar

    Linney Sar 2:30PM

    The art talk for this week was very interesting and I am amazed at how many programs the digital world has to offer for art. The thinking images in the large datasets take data storage to a different level. Just like a library full of documents that can be use that can contribute to other creation of new documents. The large datasets that holds lots of data of different photos can be use to edit photos. My favorite from the video was the thinking images with the scene completion. The photo in the video was overlooking a bay area, but the full beauty of the scene was block by roofs of building that are in the surrounding area. Using the scene completion the roof can be edited out. Afterward the database can be searched for matching picture of the area then it can be edited and place into the edited roof photo. Many photos in the twenty-first century are not one hundred percent perfect or free of editing, however the usage of using the programs and database is to create the perfect image in capturing the moment and showcasing it to whoever that view the photo. Most of all sharing the beauty of the world through the lens is an advancement that is significant in keeping data in good condition that can and will last into the future. For those in the future to one day to look back at our discoveries and continue sharing.

  44. mrvillicana Avatar

    Photographer Chris Jordan was focused on for a portion of the video. His work that was featured in the video was a three-picture piece of two million plastic beverage bottles laid out in a large pile. Two million bottles were photographed because two million is the number of bottles used every five minutes in the United States. Often times we will hear statistics that are meant to horrify us by informing us, but a visual element is missing for many. The featured picture provides that visual element, showing us a zoomed in version of the picture on the bottom that shows a few wasted bottles, a more zoomed out picture in the middle, and a fully zoomed out picture on the top that best shows the scale of the number of bottles that are wasted and trashed.

    Lewis Hine also took photos that had a similar affect. He took a series of photos that focused on child labor, which was once legal and common practice in the U.S. The pictures showed the children that worked in the awful conditions of factories. People had known of these conditions, but not much was done to address these issues significantly, if at all. People seeing Hine’s pictures helped change that. Once people had a visualization of the problem in their face, they demanded action, and action was taken.

    Both of these sets of photos visualize real issues in the world, taking them beyond being facts in a newspaper and giving us things we see daily that we as viewers can connect with. Pictures were able to cause change in the past, and now we see videos contributing to that through social media. However it seems to me that these changes don’t happen as much as we may expect images to help. I think that years and years of being bombarded with gruesome images through our media has desensitized many to real images of violence and other awful acts. The ways we use the internet have also disconnected us from people, causing many to not have empathy for other human beings who are suffering injustices. I find it sad that often many people need to see so much graphic evidence to believe that something is happening, but it’s even sadder to me that people sometimes just do not care about these issues or other people. I think these two sets of photos are great examples of how we can use images to make people see what’s happening and inspire them to act on their feelings to make change happen, but we also need to actively make sure we aren’t disconnected from the fact that real people are being affected in the images we see so that we can help make the world better.

    1. curlyhairboy Avatar

      I loved how you brought the relation between pictures and statistics. I think it’s highly important to provide visuals of stats because it makes it more relatable, more understandable, more real. I agree how pictures is a big influence on how viewers connect with a topic. Also, like you’ve mentioned, because we’re bombarded by so much media these pictures may not mean as much as they are suppose to. Technology has allowed us to become numb to it because we’re so used to it now. It is sad how people can’t help one another and that we need to inspire them someway to want to help.

      Darryl Nguyen 2:30 PM.

    2. mrvillicana Avatar

      This is Carlos Villicana from the 1PM class.

  45. curlyhairboy Avatar

    Darryl Nguyen 21st century where you can make art with a click of a button! Let’s not waste our time with brush strokes! No more mess with paint! No more expensive art tools to buy! Who needs a canvas when you can use a virtual canvas! Instagram is the place to be for artists! You can create a fanbase on the art you create and soon enough you’ll even become famous! Maybe just as famous as Leonardo Da Vinci. Don’t like Instagram? Want something less permanent? Why not try snapchat. With Snapchat you could create art and send them to your fans and it’d only last for 3 to 10 seconds! Depending on how long you want it to last! Wow… 21st century just brings an entirely different meaning to art doesn’t?

    Darryl Nguyen 2:30 PM.

    1. Demi Kong Avatar

      Demi Kong 1:00

      Hi Darryl! I loved how your comment sounded like a commercial of you trying to sell something lol. I agree that art in the 21st century is so much more simpler than previous forms of art where you had to buy expensive supplies and sometimes only use it once. It is also interesting how you mention how you can create a fanbase on online medias through a “virtual canvas” such as Instagram. I never thought about how posting your art online makes it so much more accessible and gives so much exposure to yourself rather than limiting it to a gallery. There are so many options for 21st century art!

    2. Henry Pham Avatar

      Hey Darryl, I actually respectfully disagree how you presented 21st century art. I don’t believe that 21st century art is easier to get famous with than previous that of previous centuries. Just because you have a camera where you can take a picture with a click of a button does not make you a professional photographer. Just because you can take pictures with yourself on instagram doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly have millions of likes. It still requires work and dedication, just as how Carla Dauden has shown in class for us. She’s trying hard to promote herself and build popularity. I agree with you that it opens up am entirely different meaning to art, however it would not be fair to say imply that art may be as easy as a “click of the button.”

  46. esmerized Avatar

    Esmeray Lopez- 1 Pm

    This week’s topic on 21 century art has to be by far one of my favorites. Because it amazes me how much art has evolved into anything digital like GPS! Sure traditional art like painting, music, dance, ect. still exist today but modern art is so complex and beautiful it blows my mind. Photographs will always be my favorite type of 21 century arts because it is true how each one has its own true identity. Even though I really also love the idea behind Angelina Jolie’s tattoo and how you can have living art on your body be so significant to each individual. I’m all over the place but I simply love all the aspects of 21 century art!

  47. Demi Kong Avatar

    Demi Kong 1:00

    In the last few weeks of this art class, we are finally on the topic of 21st century art! It was so interesting to see the transition from cave art all the way to digital art and beyond. My favorite parts that was touched upon in the video was the GPS art and more specifically, Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. I think that it is so amazing that there is so much meaning in a bunch of numbers printed onto her arm as coordinates. When I think about art in the 21st century, I think of how much variety there is and how heavily technology influences forms of art. In previous discussions we focused on paintings, statues, carvings, and just really physical forms of art and now the aspect of digital art is so heavy. While I definitely respect and admire traditional forms of art, I am a fan of digital produced art because of how accessible it is. Even a simple photo editing app can express creativity and I think it is important in the modern day world for there to be an outlet for every kind of person to produce art.

    1. nataliesantanablog Avatar

      Hey Demi,
      I enjoyed reading your art post and thought you brought up really great points. I also noticed how heavily technology influences forms of art in the 21st century. You mentioned that you are a fan of digital produced art. I actually am not, I do not have anything against it but I am more of a fan of traditional forms of art, like you mentioned paintings, statues, carvings, physical forms of art. I think digital art kind of takes away from the hands on feeling. Of course, I still consider it art and a way of people being creative and expressing themselves. It’s just so different and art is going into a new direction. I think art is taking on a new meaning now and there are a lot more artist now then there were before and I think that’s very interesting. Art is evolving and it becoming more easily accessible to people and we can thank the internet for that.

      Natalie Santana 1pm

    2. Cindy Le Avatar

      Hello Demi!
      I agree with you on how accessible digital art is. I noticed that more and more of the local artists I follow on social media use some type of digital program to produce their art. I found Angelina Jolie’s tattoos to be very moving. Not only do the coordinates remind her where her children were from/born, to me, they are a form of tattoo art that evokes some sort of emotion if you know the background story or even by looking at it, it sparks some kind of interest to others. Preferably, I prefer traditional art as well.

  48. Adrian Munoz Avatar

    Adrian Munoz 1pm 🙂
    The time has finally arrived with many talks about the past and some about the future, but now lets speak about the present. Digital technology is mainly the focus of this century, like for instance snapchat, Instagram, and even Twitter. We post many photos, videos, and even drawings. The GPS is even considered as an art by creating a type of image using the pathways of your destination. Its crazy how the past art influence the NOW art and it’s just continuing to evolve or even having some originals. I think in the past people were more like, “that’s not art”, but now people are more open minded and see that mostly anything can be a type of art. Even as simple as editing a photo. I really enjoy digital art and let’s see where this type of art takes us.

  49. Marysol Jimenez Avatar

    Marysol Jimenez 1pm
    In this weeks discussion we finally reached the 21st century. Art has came a long way, now in the 21st century technology is more than often incorporated in art. There are now filters to make an image appear better there are applications which help modify photographs or even social media application like snap chat and Instagram. Snap chat offers daily filters in which you can send silly pictures to friends and on Instagram they have a few filters to make ones picture appear better where you may also share it with friends. It seems like in our generation people are obsessed with taking pictures especially “selfies”. Thus, every year picture quality on phones get better, new things such as drones are sold, and many other applications and products to modify photographs re brought to the market. Technology has definitely played a huge role in art in the 21st century.

    1. Nathan Davalos Avatar

      Nathan Davalos 2:30
      Marysol, I agree with your point when you say that technology is beginning incorporated into art more frequently. Technology is being used to edit photos by many people all across the world, people like to edit their photos before they post them onto social media so that their pictures look more professional and aesthetic. I personally like Snapchat filters, they make the app more enjoyable. The app has really came a long way and in my opinion it has been having updates that are for the better. Technology is huge right now, and it will only get bigger with the more advances that we will see every year.

    2. Ana Maya (1PM) Avatar

      Hi Marysol! I agree with you on how much new emerging technology is helping us produce art. It’s also helping us by letting us share our art on a bigger scale. With Instagram, Facebook, etc, you can showcase your art for the world to see. It’s also allowing us to create anything we can possibly think of, like with digital art. I like how you touched on the topic of apps letting us enhance a photograph to make it look better. I wonder how much farther technology will take us in the years ahead.

  50. nataliesantanablog Avatar

    I liked learning more about art from the past then 21st century art. Its crazy how much art has changed and how it has become a lot more digital than hands on. Since there was not enough time to go over internet art and cloud base art, I decided to do a little research on that. So internet art is also known as net art and it is basically using the internet as a gallery, instead of displaying art work in an actual gallery, aesthetic experiences are delivered via the internet. “Internet art in the decade roughly from 1995 to 2005 was characterized by an interest in exploring the possibilities of the network, specifically I relation to interfaces, hacking systems, and disruptive uses of computer code and software.” This to me, is not typical art. It differs from the focus on visualization. I think it takes a lot away from the art people are used to. However, the internet did bring discussion forums, blogs and comment threads to connect online artistic communities internationally which I think is great. It also gave people an easy way to be able to get in contact with an artist that they like. I think internet art is a lot different but it is the 21st century and this is what people are now going to be remembering in the future and it is only to get more digital from here.

    Natalie Santana

    1. Jessica Obrique Avatar

      Jessica Obrique 2:30 p.m.

      I liked your brief summary about internet art and cloud based art! It’s great that artists have a platform to share their art virtually and reach a wider audience. Part of your post that interested me the most was about art with “hacking systems”. I haven’t heard of that art form it was interesting to learn that it existed. I don’t think I can imagine the 21st century without digital art. I love that with the advancement of time comes new forms of media. I’m super curious to see how art will be like 100 years from now. I’m sure new medias that we can’t even think of now will exist then.

  51. irepbrian Avatar

    Brian Sath; 1PM

    Hello Everyone. I find artwork from the Renaissance and the Enlightenment much more interesting than modern art. For me, they are very aesthetically pleasing, however, I must have an open mind and try to understand and find interest in modern art. Modern art has a different taste than the previous generations, however, they are highly influenced from before. In this lecture, I actually enjoyed learning about GPS, and Digital Visualizations. The GPS was an interesting concept as I would never imagine GPS to be a form of art. I took it as a resource to help me get from point A to point B. The interesting point that was highlighted was the Angelina Jolie’s tattoo of coordinates. I relate to this in a way that I got my girlfriend a gift with the coordinates of where we met on a bracelet. At the time, I thought it was creative and cute, however, it’s not that original. Still aesthetically pleasing though. The other interesting topic was the Digital Visualizations section with Chris Jordan. His bottle image had such a huge and memorable impact on me. It is something that I won’t forget, and definitely a fun fact.

  52. Nathan Davalos Avatar

    Nathan Davalos 2:30
    Finally, we get to talk about the 21st century and all of the great things that have been started in this era. My favorite part about the 21st century when talking about art is the rise of graffiti and street art. After doing an art project associated with graffiti and watching the film “Bomb It”, I have had a sudden growth of love and appreciation for graffiti. Graffiti is not only associated with gangs, like most people think, it is a way for people to express their talents with using spray paint and in some cases being rebellious. Another form of art that I have grown to like is photography. Nowadays everyone is a photographer, anyone with a camera phone can become a photographer. There are so many editing apps that some people do not require an expensive camera to post some great pictures onto their social media pages. With the rise of social media, so many people are taking pictures and are beginning to document their everyday rituals and special things that are going on in their life. Living in the 21st century, this is my favorite era in art.

    1. Jose Perez Avatar

      Jose Perez
      I agree with you Nathan. After the graffiti art project, I have appreciated graffiti art much more. I’ve always liked graffiti art, but I never mention it because I know many people believe it’s a bad thing but now I explain to them otherwise. Art in the 21st century has really evolved since previous centuries. Everything is done using a phone, meaning anyone can express their ways of art since almost everyone owns a cell phone. I enjoyed this weeks project and video as it really touched the 21st century, which is something I could relate too.

    2. giancarlovento Avatar

      Giancarlo Vento 2:30

      Hey Nathan, I agree that taking part in our graffiti activity and watching the film bomb it have grown my interest in graffiti. Before watching ‘Bomb it’, I never saw the draw to creating graffiti art and saw it as a criminal marking. I now see the appeal of creating your own graffiti and I have realized that most graffiti art has nothing to do with gang culture. Graffiti is a prime example of how art has evolved throughout time. Now in the 21st century people are carrying art forms and integrating them with modern day technology.

  53. dannyvel23 Avatar

    In this week we learned about art in the 21 first century. Technology plays a big role in today’s art. People display their art in social media and are able to advertise their art fast and an easy way. Not just through social media can you show art but in video games people can express feelings through art. In this class I was able to participate in the many ways that art can be expressed in this era, for example through pictures, graffiti, drawing, and many more. It is fun that art can be enjoyed through practicing different art activities. Social media is my favorite form of art because people get to watch pictures from people’s different daily activities.

    1. Christian Gallo Avatar
      Christian Gallo

      Hey Danny
      I agree that people do use social media to display their art and it is a fast way to show their art to the world, while back than they had to probably carry it or hold a gallery. If we were to put our art in a gallery, we can use social media to advertise it or show the people who could not attend the gallery your art work. We also used our website to show everyone and our professor the art work that we have done and the art work that others have done.

  54. Jessica Obrique Avatar

    Jessica Obrique 2:30 p.m.

    Art in the 21st century is a lot different than other periods in a sense that there are more things to make art out of. GPS art wasn’t something that I knew about before this video but it’s fascinating. The use of technology to create art is something unique about the 21st century and I really like it! There still are traditional forms of art like paintings and sculptures but there added on top of that are so much more. I think that with the advancement of time different forms of media will pop up to create more art. I liked the point brought up about how over time the subject of an art piece can change with time as well.

    1. jackiesanchezart110 Avatar

      Jacqueline Sanchez

      Hi Jessica,

      I agree that the 21st century and the rapid advance of technology has brought about many new mediums of art and I also find gps art in particular to be very interesting. It is fascinating to think that someone can create something that cant be physically observed but still exists. It takes a lot of creativity to look at emerging technology and think of new ways to use it to create art. You mention that there are still traditional forms of art like sculptures, but even those forms of art are being impacted by the rise of technology. Things like 3D printers can now make sculptures with even greater precision than humans.

  55. reynareal Avatar

    Reyna Real 2;30
    This week we talked about the 21st century art and I found it really interesting to see how far art has changed over time. It was really fascinating to see how much art has progressed so much. I find it really amazing how much past art has inspired art today. In this weeks video I learned about GPS art which I have never heard about this form of art. I found it really cool and very interesting to learn about. I though Angelina Jolie’s tattoo was awesome she has a tattoo of the birth place of all her children. It’s really interesting to learn about new forms of art.

    1. dschmitz137 Avatar

      Daniel Schmitz 1:00

      Hey Reyna,

      Yea it is super interesting to learn how art has change over time. It felt like just a few weeks ago that we were learning about ancient art types like cave painting, then worked our way through the Renaissance, and now finally in the modern era. I think you’re right when you say modern art is inspired by past art.

      I too have never heard of GPS art! But I’m about to go check it out, it seems cool.

  56. dschmitz137 Avatar

    Daniel Schmitz 1:00

    And we’ve made it to modern times, finally! So I guess the number of different art types increases as technology advances. Or maybe that’s me just being ignorant.

    When I think of art from the antiquity era, I think of statues and architecture. When I think about art from the middle ages I think of statues, architecture, and writing. When I think of the renaissance, I think of all of the above with lots of paintings. At a glance, it seems like the more technology advances, the more categories of art there becomes. As with this art discussion video, the vast advances in technology throughout the 20th and 21st centuries has caused many new art types to be developed.

    It’s weird because I’ve never really thought about art being so dependent on technology, but I guess it might be. Unless you’re talking about “natural” arts, if that’s a thing.

  57. beentiredblog Avatar

    Kayla Tafoya-Sablan

    This weeks discussion video on modern art was actually pretty interesting only because I feel like I’ve encountered or am able to relate more to the type of art shown especially now in the digital age. What Cory Mervis did was amazing. I thought that her idea of writing out the word vote across the US was just so much more than I would be able to do. But I think that what she did was awesome and really creative–it’s a really great way to get the attention that she was looking for. When someone is that dedicated to a cause, I think it intrigues people most importantly influences them as well. Flickrvision! I don’t know how I’ve never heard of this before but it’s awesome. I think it’s such a cool idea to be able to see the photos literally people around the world are taking of their own lives. I love technology! I’m also kind of freaking out over the color image search. How do people come up with these ideas? It’s one of those things that you don’t realize you needed until its in front of you and you convince yourself that it is really something essential. I’m very appreciative of data space right now.

  58. Jose Perez Avatar

    Jose Perez 2:30
    This weeks video really touched on the 21st century. I enjoyed watching the video because the 21st century is something I can relate too. The 21st century is much different than what it was centuries ago. Today, art is shown more electronically than physically, which is not a problem to me. My generation grew up with electronics, so I will appreciate the electrical art. For instance, Instagram can be a form of art of today’s world. People express their life through pictures on a social network, which many consider art, including myself. Instagram gives you the opportunity to edit your photos, which gives it more of a photography feel. Art nowadays is complete different to what it was before.

    1. aleahlomeli28 Avatar

      Hi Jose, I can also relate to the 21st century because I use a lot of digital to make my pictures look what I like to call, “Fab!” lol. I agree everything is done more electronically than anything especially when it comes to pictures; a lot of people use apps to edit and they crop their pictures to how they want them to be. It’s funny that you mention people posting their lives on Instagram because it is so true, todays generation does that more than anything when we really should print pictures out to keep because social media can always get ruined, etc. Actual hard copies are something to invest in! So I agree, art has changed so much from what it has been before and will continue to change I believe.

      Aleah Lomeli 1pm

    2. belenbarragan Avatar

      Belen Barragan 2:30

      I definitely agree with Jose. I believe the rise of social media also gave way to the rise of making photography a form of art that was of interest to the masses. It is a platform for people to share the moments they capture as well as depicting the aesthetic appeal that they created through their lens. Personally, photography is the form of art that I mostly take part of in a day to day life. Regardless I think one of the coolest things that came out of the 21st century is the ability to so quickly share art through the internet and be able to connect with it from one side of the world to another.

    3. Bryan Aparicio Avatar

      Bryan Aparicio 1:00pm
      I agree with your take on this, Jose. I think it is interesting how we use a different form of medium to express art. It’s not a bad thing. We just have to learn how to adapt to it, just like we would with any other situation. As years go by, the medium will probably continue changing and we’ll adapt to that as well. I can’t wait.

  59. aleahlomeli28 Avatar

    Aleah Lomeli 1pm
    The 21st century consists of a lot of modern things that help shape our lives today. These things play an important part in our lives and we don’t even notice it sometimes. My favorite part was the image of the plastic bottles because the first image was just a vet majority of them together that looked kind of like an ocean but as you zoomed in you realized that it was just plastic bottles. I believe in todays lifetime, people do things behind the camera and do so many adjustments to the pictures to make them look like, “Wow!” from scenery to people and much more. Social media also plays an important role and influences people. If you come to think of it, the 21st century is pretty a pretty awesome era of art to be involved in!!

    1. miisstinatrn Avatar

      Hey Aleah!

      I do agree that a lot of modern art today do shape the our lives and the way our perspective is formed. the art today are not only displayed in forms of traditional paintings or sculptures, but also through the works of technology and social media. We are greatly influenced by different forms of art today and I think sometimes we don’t even realized that they’re there. So many things can be viewed as art now that it allows anyone and everyone to become artists in their own ways, not only based on whether they can draw a good picture or not. Photography have made a huge impact on the modern society today that through technology, people can better share their stories and opinions in a second, in comparison to the older days. It really gives us a larger window into the art and creative world than what past generations have had access to and I think it’s really cool to see how modern and traditional art have influenced people’s daily lives today!

      Tina Tran 1pm

  60. miisstinatrn Avatar

    Tina Tran 1pm

    So we’re finally at the 21st Century! I think most of us are pretty excited about that, I know I am. It’s so fascinating talking about the 21st Century now that we’ve gone over so many critical points in the history of art that everything we’ve talked have one way or another influenced the way art, technology and the way of life is today. Forms of art today is so complex and forgiving that I think pretty much anyone can be an artist and anyone can make art happen. Through the power of technology, anyone can post their own forms of art through social medias and it’s their own interpretation of what art is and how it relates to their lives. A photo now can be considered as art and the even the person who took the photo could not think of it as a form of art but it could be to the person viewing the photo. It brings back the point earlier in the class when we talked about what is art? What can be considered to be art? And I think for the 21st Century, anything can be considered as art as long as there is an audience for that matter. Through various forms of art now, though it could be a photograph, through technology, or an traditional painting, everyone can voice their opinions and the art pieces can be better travelled and shared through the power of technology to all artists cross the world and not being limited by distance.

  61. giancarlovento Avatar

    Giancarlo Vento 2:30

    In this week’s video we cover art in the 21st century. I found the work of Chris Jordan to be quite interesting. The large photo prints are really simple yet really cool just because the photos are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The data visualization were pretty odd too me because they didn’t make much sense to me, the only one that really made sense was the sex data visualization. It was cool to see that all the art timeline videos we have been learning from are examples of freemind. Cory Mervis’ piece where she wrote vote across the United States with GPS was awesome because of how complex it was just to set it up, as well as the political activism that went along with the piece. It’s crazy when you think about how far technology has come especially with modern advancements such as large data spaces. Google image search is insane because you can literally type in the most bizarre/rare object you can think of and there will most likely be an image of the object. The technology that has been created to alter images such as photoshop has helped us to correct images that aren’t perfect through the lens but are perfect in the photographers mind.

  62. Cindy Le Avatar

    For an amateur artist like myself, social media is one way we can share our artwork with the rest of the world. The movement of modern technology and art allows people to not only share their art pieces but to also voice their opinions as well. Artists are better able to get feedback on their art pieces and in turn, possibly grab influence or better yet improve in some sort of way. Digital art caught my eye for the most part because I find it amazing how we can restore or alter pictures that before, seemed permanently locked in time and unchangeable.
    Cindy Le 1p

    1. Jasmine Figueroa Avatar

      Jasmine Figueroa- 1pm
      Hi Cindy! I agree with how you said that modern technology allows artists to not only share their art, but their opinions too. The internet has allowed us to let our opinions be known with the click of a button, and what better way to get your message out there than to do it with a photograph, video, or a sort of creative media that would allow your message to appeal to a larger audience. Artists can reach much larger audiences than they could have in previous time periods with the help of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Snap Chat which allow just about anyone in any part of the world with internet access to be able to receive your message in a matter of seconds.

  63. Christian Gallo Avatar
    Christian Gallo

    Christian Gallo 1:00 pm
    This week we learned about art in the 21st century. This video basically shows that anything created can be considered art. This video also shows that art does not have to be a painting or a physical object, art can be in digital form. In this class we used social media like Instagram to show a form of art and other activities. I prefer to learn more about older art because it has more history in it and it is amazing to learn about how they did that art with the tools they had during that time.

  64. Zack Ngov - 2:30 pm Avatar

    It’s great to be able to live during the 21st century. There is a lot of cool stuff that we get to enjoy. The internet and social media allows people to share pieces of art with one another. Upcoming artists can gain publicity and fame by simply posting their work on instagram, twitter, etc and hashtagging them or by posting them on youtube. I wonder what painters and artists of back then had to do in order for people to see their work. I also wonder about how many great pieces of art there were back then that went undiscovered because the artist was too shy or did not have the connections to publicize their work. It was interesting to learn from the video about how people can use modern technology to create new forms of art. The GPS art is very creative and takes a lot of dedication and effort to create. It really shows how hard it is for upcoming artists to try to make a name for themselves. The photosynth is cool. It allows for cool looking photos that cannot be replicated by a camera shot by itself. I was a bit bummed that gaming was not talked about. But, overall, the art talk was interesting because it shows what is possible as a result of new technology and that technology is not taking over art, but rather, is allowing more art to be possible.

  65. Henry Pham Avatar

    Ah, the 21st century, the century that we as students of Art 110 grew up with. We have experienced how culture and technology have changed around us and now we get to look back upon it and see how it has changed art as a whole. One of the technological advancements that we depend on everyday is the GPS. It has a practical use within our society, leading us from one place to another. However, people have found a way to utilize it express ourselves as an art. Cory Mervis wrote the word “VOTE” across the United States in a feat that could only be seen through GPS. Just as how art has a medium, Mervis utilized the GPS as her medium to express her political motive. Another example of advancing art can be found in the field of photography. We have made technological advancements to where we can view an event from many different perspectives upon choice. This could be seen through the volleyball game in the video. We have many advancements that change the way that we perceive art. Art isn’t a stationary field, it changes as things around us change.

  66. belenbarragan Avatar

    Belen Barragan 2:30 PM

    The video on 21st century art was quite interesting. Like expected, it mainly focused on the integration of technology in the art world. I always thought that “worldle” was so cool in how it looked at the usage of words and made a visual of it. I would have never considered it to be art but after watching this video and seeing all of the varieties that arouse from the 21st century, I have a very broad definition of art (which this class has proven to me all semester long). I specifically enjoyed the small snippet regarding photography. I believe that photography is the most revolutionary form of art that has ever existed. It has the ability to literally capture a moment for eternity and be able to share it to the masses. Like stated in the video, somehow photography seems to have a connotation of truth and reality. We believe the message or the media because it was snapped at one point. Photography has even become a very universal form of art too. Anyone who has access to a photographic device finds themselves intrigued by not only capturing smiles but also nature, geometry and other objects. The rise of social media definitely also gave way to photography being such a big aspect of art in today’s society.

    1. kayaquarles Avatar

      Hi Belen!
      I actually looked up more images of wordle and I have to agree that it is so cool. I love the way the text is all pieced together. I think that photography is also a super important aspect of art because everyone has cameras at hand. They can have kodak moments everywhere they go, and reflect on old pictures as well. Every picture has a story to tell and means so much to some people. I think that snapchat and Instagram have made photography a big deal as well because people use photography to stay connected with distant relatives and friends. Good observations!

      Kaya Quarles, 1PM

  67. reynareal Avatar

    Reyna Real 2;30pm
    Hey Christian Gallo
    I agree with you that art does not have to be a painting or a physical object to be considered art. Art can be in digital form like photography and like Instagram and snap chat which many people use as a form of art. Digital art is my favorite because we can change and make adjustments before you take the picture and also you can choose to alter or restore a picture the way you want it to look like. Art is continuing to change in many different ways.

  68. Ana Maya (1PM) Avatar

    Our art discussion topic for this week was on 21st century art. In the developing years of this century, art has progressed in such a grand scale. Everything can be considered art, seeing as what can be considered art is based on a person’s perspective. I find digital art to be the most interesting of all, for digital art allows us to create anything we want with the help of new emerging technology. In this video, what caught my attention at first was Chris Jordan’s photo print of plastic bottles where he put together a visualization of two million plastic beverage bottles, representing the amount the United States alone uses every 5 minutes. Another one that I really liked was the image of Angelina Jolie, which at first I was confused as to why her picture would even be considered art. However, taking a close look into the picture, you can see her tattoo of the GPS coordinates where all her children were born. I thought it was a cool idea for a tattoo.

    1. beansartblog Avatar


      I really like how you liked the water bottles piece and the GPS tattoo in Angelina Jolie’s arm. Its crazy how art really is innovated now due to our technology, and this is seen to grow. Ultimately, comparing the 21st century to the other eras, it’s amazing how technology has innovated art as years progress. Now it’s more photo based instead of paintings and sculpture. More technological based compared to handwork.

      Arvan Arguelles

  69. jackiesanchezart110 Avatar

    Jacqueline Sanchez 1 p.m

    The 21st century is a very interesting time for art. With the rapid development of technologies we have never had before, the possibilities for creating art are exponentially growing. Today’s technology is enabling artists to explore new mediums that were never possible before. One example that really stood out to me was the woman who drove across the country to spell the word “vote” through her gps. It is very interesting to think that this is an artwork that lives completely in the digital world. It can’t be seen or touched, yet it is there. This influx of new technology is making the possibilities of art nearly endless, however it still requires creative individuals to think of creative ways to implement this technology in an artistic way. When we think of technology and how it relates to art we usually think of digital art, however technology is also crossing over to more traditional forms of art. Sculptures and other historically hand made items can now be easily achieved through things like 3D printers.The 21st century is dramatically changing the way art can be made and it is very interesting to see where it will go from here.

  70. kayaquarles Avatar

    Kaya Quarles, 1PM

    In this weeks art talk, we learn about art in the 21st century. I thought it was funny that professor made it a point to emphasize that games were indeed art. Which is so true because I feel like video games are so hard to design and are often over looked at and just taken for granted, but in reality a whole team of people put hours behind the scenes to create the piece. A crazy stat that I will remember forever was the fact that every 5 minutes 2 million plastic bottles are thrown away in the United States alone. I thought how it was cool how that stat was turned into digital art for more visualization and it actually leaves a greater impact on the viewers. Another interesting thing mentioned was the whole child labor laws ordeal. It was crazy that no one really gave much thought to changing child labor laws until there was an image to put behind the idea. I think that there are so many forms of art today because art is everywhere. It is also becoming easier to create art by taking pictures since all phones have cameras and they are constantly being improved.

  71. beansartblog Avatar

    Arvan Arguelles

    This week is 21st century week! Yay!! The first thing that caught my attention was urban culture, because of graffiti and street art. Seeing these in LA are very pleasing, and it looks awesome. Digital art is pretty cool because it’s seen closely with synthaesia. Generative art is kind of like a sheet music, something like how something can be made with simply hashtags or videos. Going in to data visualization, Chris Jordan created the 2 plastic bottles that looks like a field of water but they’re really water bottles. Wordless are pretty awesome too, it’s amazing how art can be informative such as the Iran piece and the Beatles working schedule. The gps style was pretty Cool too, especially Angelina Jolie’s tattoo, which shows where her children were born. Images that think now is very powerful, such as the Child Labor Laws by Lewis Hine that really gets to the audience by drilling emotions to the audience. Ultimately, we can see that photography has changed to show and make audiences think. Comparing the 21st century to the other eras, it’s amazing how technology has innovated art as years progress. Now it’s more photo based instead of paintings and sculpture, and we can definitely see it in art galleries such as LACMA and the Broad today.

    1. maritessanne Avatar

      Maritess Inieto 1pm

      Hey Arvan! I was also so excited to get to learning about art in the 21st century! Urban culture is so interesting because it’s so evident in our world today. Living in southern California, we get to see so much street art and graffiti. It adds so much culture to the area. I was born and raised in the bay, so I’ve also seen their version of street art and each area has their own kinds of art. I love it. Digital art is so cool because it is so versatile. You can do so many things with it. There are some youtube people that I know that have hired digital artists help with their content, and they are able to create more interesting content. Data visualization really makes a difference when looking at data. It really leaves a lasting impression on you to actually see data than just read it. Wordles was really interesting because it was a very unique way of putting out information. Looking back at art from where it started in comparison to now really blows my minds since it has come such a long way. Technology has really pushed the limits of art. For example, another way to create sculptures is through 3D printing. I bet people from back in the day would have their minds blown from the technological advances we have made.

  72. maritessanne Avatar

    Maritess Inieto 1pm

    I feel like with a lot of the technological advances that has been made, 21st century art has really become more and more diverse. Whether it be digital art or physical art, there are new and improved ways of creating art. The data visualization tab was very interesting to me because it incorporated information with art. I appreciate art that is involved other things like GPS and so on. It opens up art and makes it more versatile. I think it opens people up to finding a form of art that they really like. Seeing how far and how much art has changed from the beginning to the 21st century truly amazes me. The use of technology has really changed art. For example, photography back in the day would provide you that one picture. Nowadays, you can snap a photo and edit it and make it a completely new photo. I can see how photography is the index of the truth because when you capture a moment, that’s what it is. Then again, a picture can be worth one thousand words, meaning it could be defined in many different ways. Photography can also really make an impression on people. The child labor photo made a huge impact on how people felt about it. Animal cruelty photos have also really changed peoples minds on eating meat.

    1. Rei Cayabyab (1PM) Avatar

      Hey Maritess!
      I agree that back then individuals would snap photos in order to keep record, show proof, or for sentimental purposes. However, now that anyone can, like what you said, edit or change how a person perceives a photo takes out the importance or value of an image. Since we do consider pictures as sort of a “factual” object, it creates an imbalance as I mentioned in my comment. I think it creates an imbalance because if, for example, a photo of “big foot” means photoshop to someone and truth for another then it creates a ripple effect that will not help progress us towards seeing the big picture, pun intended.
      And what bothers me the most is that instead of having pictures as proof, others use it in a way to frame others. Instead of sentimental purposes, it is starting to become something not worth seeing because it might not be what you actually saw. Instead of seeing what is really happening, it is covered by a nice blanket of photoshopping or editing.

  73. Rei Cayabyab (1PM) Avatar

    It got really interesting on “images that think” link. I love the idea that there are variety of ways we can communicate through pictures, whether it be through taking pictures, looking at scenery, or seeing it through social media. However in the “images that think” part it took photographs into another level because it is applied for a specific use. For instance, Lenis Hine’s photos of children in sweat shops or hard labor companies influenced law makers to rethink child labor laws. And that is a great use of technology, and photography because it not only displayed what is on the picture but created a strong ripple that affects even our daily lives now.
    On the other hand however, I did not know”scene completion” was even available. I knew there was photoshop but I was not aware of using images from Flickr or other sites to fill in the part of the photo that you cropped out because you were not happy about it. That was really cool. And this ties on to an important part of photos, in which we think it is “factual.” That alone makes significance because now that we can alter photos our way and make individuals think it is how it is in the photo totally messes up the balance of whether it is trust worthy or not.

  74. Nick Lemmerman Avatar
    Nick Lemmerman

    —Nick Lemmerman, 1:00pm—

    I think it’s great that art can literally be anything in the 21st century. With all of our technology and new thoughts and ideas (except in Hollywood—Hollywood, please stop remaking movies) we can create all kinds of art. I would never have thought of GPS being used to create art—but it happened. Same with using algorithms to create or recreate or recycle something—it’s all technically art. So long as someone cared about what they were creating, it’s art.
    I also found interesting what Glenn said about photographs; that a photo can be real in the sense that we took it and it accurately represents the location/subject, BUT it can be fake in the sense that it might not necessarily capture our emotions and feelings at the time of the photo. The photo can also be fake if it is edited somehow. I also like that he said that a photo can just a photo, but when we say something about it (a description, a title, etc.) we then give it meaning and a whole other purpose.

  75. linruiwen Avatar

    Ruiwen Lin (2:30pm)

    In the video for this week, Professor Zucman talked about 21tst century arts. For me, living in 21st century, I didn’t realize 21st century arts, it may because I got used to it in my daily life, I didn’t consider them as artwork. In 21st century, digital art is main artwork, such as robotics, games, digital dissent, and etc. Games can be considered as arts. Professor Zucman mentioned about the GPS and how Cory Mervin used GPS to make art when it came to express herself on the election. It amazed me a lot because when the word “GPS” comes to me, all I’m thinking about its function, art is always discovered by people who love it. I like to check out fan art when I’m browsing online, fans create different things such as digital drawing, photographing, short video, and etc. for their artists, this pattern of art become popular in 21st century, and I think it’s a big different from ancient arts due to new technologies. I can’t imagine how art will be in the future if newer and newer technologies developed.

  76. Jasmine Figueroa Avatar

    Jasmine Figueroa- 1pm
    What I find interesting about this video is that just as technology developed the way in which we live and modernized society, it also did the same with art. Art is a form of expressing what we as individuals and societies experience, and just as our encounters with one another are modernized through the use of the internet and social media, art goes along with it. Just as we got to experience with this week’s art activity, hashtags have made it possible to share our own personal photography with one another. Art has become more accessible to people around the world and has the potential of being looked at by anyone around the world. It also allows just ordinary people to get their voice out there and even develop an audience of followers. Technology also serves as a way to give out a message such as the example of Chris Jordan’s “Plastic Bottles,” photographs, which not only serve as something to look at and appreciate the physical aspect of, but also promote a social message that encourages change.

    1. nhitruongg Avatar

      Hi Jasmine!

      I totally agree with you. It is very interesting to see how technology integrates itself into our daily lives, including art. Technology gives people a different platform and a different way to express what they need to say. For example, in one art discussion, one artist used video games to inform the world about how many people died in war, while he was in a video game. It’s amazing to see how far art has progressed and changed throughout time and I can’t imagine what else it could evolve into. Art is accessible to anyone. Therefore, we are all given a platform to voice our opinions.

      Nhi Truong 1pm

  77. seewhychris Avatar

    Christopher Yuen, 1PM

    The 21st century is by far one of the most prominent eras in relation to art. Our generation is mostly focused on electronic evolution and technological advances which greatly affects the type of art that is produced and the skill level involved with these art pieces. I feel like it took a lot more skill in the past to create masterpieces and art that brought awe to its audience but nowadays we are able to create that same effect with a simple code or with a program we are able to download off the internet and it can be exposed to the whole world through one click. Although I do feel that we are able to produce much more and set the bar higher as to the types of things we can create now. I also liked how Glenn brought up the idea that we can now alter photos to better express the experience or emotions we felt during the time that picture was taken even if it isn’t actually what was experienced and to me that is revolutionary because the whole idea of art is to be able to express ourselves. It’s crazy to see the types of things that are have been brought to life recently and what really has me thinking is the creation of holograms and robots. A lot of people may not consider it art but with our age and time it is definitely something that has never been done before and we our generation will be the first to experience art to be showcased in this form.

  78. juanfvasquez Avatar

    Juan Vasquez 1P

    I wish you were able to go into the art of games but it is indeed far too much to cover. Was definitely confuse when you brought up thinking images and attempted to explain what it was. It was interesting to see the use of complete search in “perfecting” an image by filling in what is missing. The concept of making a 3D image based on thousands of photos from different people is also amazing since someone programmed a website to create such an image from a pool of pictures. The 21st century is the most expansive period of art due to the internet and digital technology.

    1. Shalane Holm Avatar

      Juan, I too had a hard time grasping the thinking images concept. However, it was interesting none the less. My favorite part was the scene completion technology that you mentioned. I really could use that in so many of my pictures. I wonder if you would remember the contents of the picture based on what the original photo looked like or what the new photo looks like.

  79. nhitruongg Avatar

    Nhi Truong 1pm

    I find it so interesting how far we have progressed in art. It’s so weird to me that we first started off with cave art, and now we are discussing modern 21st century art. After watching this discussion, I really do feel that everything and anything could be art. Art is powerful, and it can persuade. One thing that struck me was photographer who went around and documented children working in factories. Like Professor Zucman said, before that, no laws were passed. But after the photos were released and people saw with their own eyes how horrible the conditions were, people prompted change. I also find it interesting how in this era, we are switching over to technological art. Artists such as graphic designers and web designers are becoming high in demand because people are now realizing the importance of art. Art attracts people. Something aesthetically pleasing attracts people. Controversial topics attract people. Art to me, gives you a voice to say whatever you want to say and stand up for your beliefs.

  80. Melissa Rios Avatar

    Melissa Rios, 1 p.m.

    This weeks discussion was regarding art in the 21st century. The art we are surrounded by today, has come an extremely long way. Art is no longer only expressed through paintings, but through photography, sculptures, video and so much more. However, technology has impacted a main source of modern art, and that is digital art. My favorite form of digital art has to be Cory Mervis’s road trip across the United States in order to write out vote with GPS. I think it was extremely creative of Cory to go through with that idea of hers. She must have been on the road for months in order to complete the form of art, but I’m pretty sure it must have been worth it.

  81. Shalane Holm Avatar

    Shalane Holm1:00

    Art of the 21st century is my favorite time period of art, because we are in it right now! We are shaping and changing and living this experience right now. I loved the summary of the different kinds of digital art, considering I had never sorted it that way before mentally. Mt favorite digital art would be the thinking images. Scene completion is something I had no idea existed. It would solve the problem in hundreds of my vacation photos. I had never thought to leave it to a computer to compare the metadata of photos to match them together and complete a portion of the photo I had taken. I also found the photo in which the middle was taken out to essentially take out the “boring” section. I also, did not know that could be done. I just wonder, would your mind start to remember it as actually looking that way? Or would you have the memory of the original image in your mind? Chris Jordan, the artist who makes art about pollution and global warming, really stood out to me. He used stats to create large impactful works. His method of working is called data visualization. Photography is now part of large databases where everything is tracked and connected.

  82. Abigail Manuel Avatar
    Abigail Manuel

    I personally love 21st Century art. I love the fact that art is able to evolve in the way that it has and that it is ever-changing with the way that we live and the different media that we are able to use. I think that 21st Century art is definitely a type of art in itself, and I wonder what different forms of art are going to take form in the future.

    1. laurajlockett Avatar

      Hi Abigail,
      I agree with you it is awesome the way that art evolves so we can create something new but keep the same original techniques. I would like to see how it will change next

      Laura Lockett 1pm

  83. chknalfredoart110 Avatar

    Alfredo Reyes
    This week discussion video is about the 21st century art and I was amazed how much art has changed overtime. I was really intrigued by how much art progressed in the 21st century. Also how past art has influenced others today about art in numerous ways. For example the urban culture of how people used graffiti art to express their creativity and considered it as art. It became more interesting in other ways art can be expressed through digital or physical art to show in different ways. Since technology has improved throughout the years it has really changed art in numerous ways to express online with people around the world. Another thing i found very interesting is under digital art was GPS, found it very cool how Angelina Jolie has a tattoo on her arm of GPS coordinates of where all her children were born.

  84. laurajlockett Avatar

    The 21st century is a huge shift from the use of paintings and sculptures to the main use of cameras and technology to create art. The use of new technology and using it in new ways has transformed the way that art can be created. Computer programs can create almost anything if you know how to do it. It amazes me with what you can create if you really try. 21st century art is something we have not seen before but i hope to see more of. trends will always change which will bring about new artistic techniques but i hope it sticks around.

  85. Bryan Aparicio Avatar

    Bryan Aparicio 1pm
    We’ve finally arrived to the 21st century on the timeline. I think this one is really important because the art here is what may play a big part for the upcoming generation. As years go by we may have more resources leading to more creative pieces that will be made. Technology will play a huge rule in the coming decades and decades and it’ll be really interesting to see what medium artists will use to create their pieces. Maybe we’ll see a medium that isn’t created yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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