Month: March 2015

  • Wk 10: Student Choice

    Wk 10: Student Choice

    Last week we redesigned the Architecture & Urban Planning of the CSULB Campus. This week’s activity: Student’s Choice!

  • Writing about Art

    Writing about Art

    All of our writing in Art110 needs to be better. Most of all when we are writing about living artists. We can do better.

  • Wk 9: Architecture & Urban Planning

    Wk 9: Architecture & Urban Planning

    Lots of great Remix and Mashup projects last week. Now it’s on to thinking about Architecture & Urban Planning and redesigning the CSULB campus!

  • Wk 8: Remix Culture

    Wk 8: Remix Culture

    After experiencing our own “Landscapes with a Corpse” last week, we’ve lived another week. This time: Remix Culture!

  • Wk 7: Portrait Photography

    Wk 7: Portrait Photography

    Last week we tried Yarn Bombing. This week it’s on to Portrait Photography and “Landscapes with a Corpse.” CSULB Printmaking visits Art110.