line drawing of the csulb campus

Wk 10: Student Choice

Banner for Art110, Spring 2015


All points through Week 9 are now up on BeachBoard. All of your points questions have been replied to. The total points possible so far is 496. Here’s what you should have to be on pace for each grade level:

441 points = “A” pace – 88 peeps
392 points = “B” pace – 13 peeps
342 points = “C” pace – 7 peeps
293 points = “D” pace – 10 peep
292 & below = “F” pace – 10 peeps

If the grades were final today, then the Class Average would be a 3.24 – pretty good – but it can be better, right!?

Lots of you got full credit on everything. Some of you got more than full credit. And some got less. Here’s the vital info to get maximum points:

photo of students at the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Complex, Long Beach, California
Madison Vanden Berg & Sarah Schneider, with some photobomber


  1. Veronica Meza – 588
  2. Marina Barnes – 575
  3. Amanda Bjornstad – 552
  4. Nallely Silva – 547
  5. Alexx Dunk – 546
  6. Rogelio Avina – 545
  7. Jeremy Lai Thin Feng – 544
  8. Aleks Kivuls – 544
  9. Christen Drake – 541
  10. Lacey Alaniz – 538
  11. Julyssa Juarez – 538

Welcome Christen & Lacey! Both making their 1st appearance on the Art110 Leaderboard! 😀

Photo of Students at the CSULB, College of the Arts (COTA) School of Art (SOA) Art Gallery Complex in Long Beach, California
Lisbeth Acosta & Hannah Drake, with yet another photobomber

Wk 10 Activity: Your Choice!

Full details on the Student’s Choice page.

Plan for a redesigned CSULB Campus made out of candy.
Mina used candy to redesign the CSULB campus. It’s not a very detailed plan, but the media is inspiring and might make us think of new ideas and connections. In a larger project she might combine this media with a more detailed plan that might truly inspire, or might be a work of art in its own right.
Rogelio Avina's plan for a redesigned CSULB campus. Less candy, more details.
Rogelio Avina’s plan for a redesigned CSULB campus. Less candy, more details.

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SOA Galleries – Wk 9 – March 22 – 26

Gatov West & East:

Dawn Ertl, MFA, Sculpture

photo of a woven artwork from Dawn Ertle's exhibition "Radius of Action"
Dawn Ertle, Storyteller

Dawn Ertl, Radius of Action
Radius of Action, was a term coined during World War II from the expression “The Point of No Return.” This term was employed to describe the maximum distance a military vehicle could travel in order to still have enough fuel in reserve to return to home base. Built into this concept is a systematic approach that accounts for available resources and factors in sustainable limits. The works in this exhibition are guided by a similar ethos, in many ways our industrial consumer society is at a critical point were there is no going back, we need to figure out a new plan to survive and sustain life.

This exhibition features two different weaving installations, each dealing with our relationships to one another and the environments we inhabit. I am using music notations and captured weather data as variables to make systems coded for the loom. While making each piece, I introduce a multitude of human byproducts and actions to disrupt the natural progression of the process of weaving. The two installations are meant to create a sense of tension and contrast between one another, for instance one installation has a gestural or aggressive presence while the other has a contemplative or calming effect.

high-contrast black-and-white headshot of CSULB School of Art, Sculpture and Fiber Artist, Dawn Ertl
Dawn Ertl

About Dawn Ertl
My name is Dawn, I’m a graduate student in sculpture, and this is my last semester here. It was fun while it lasted, : ) I got my BFA at Otis School of Art and Design. While going to school here I was president of Fine Arts Roundtable for 3 years, which is the group that organizes the annual GLAMFA Exhibition (Greater Los Angeles MFA Exhibition). I also started a teaching program for grads and alumni enabling them to teach workshops to undergrads. You can read more about that on the website:

Special Note about Radius of Action
The artist is eager to have us come see her exhibition on Thursday! She has a few requests:

  • Please do not touch the delicate artworks
  • Please leave backpacks inside the gallery at the entrance
  • Please only 10 students in the gallery at a time

Merlino Gallery:

Kaclica Chhin & Amanda Ruiz, Illustration & Sculpture

Kaclica Chhin & Amanda Ruiz’s sculptures and illustrations examine vulnerability and sexuality by constructing an intimate bedroom-like environment.

Dutzi Gallery & Werby Gallery

Sculpture Group Exhibition

The Sculpture Group Exhibition emphasizes the material of plaster and will feature works from all BFA majors.

line drawing of the csulb campus
Mary Quach’s “Cognitive Map” of her CSULB experience.
black-and-white screencap from Sims3
Mary Quach used Sims3 as her “CAD Drafting” software to redesign part of the CSULB Dorms


Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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