A Conversation with Brooke Harrington, pitch #29

Section NEWS: A Conversation with Brooke Harrington Proposed Deadline 5/31/2019 Story Description & Significance(Why is it important to SMC) Corsair Conversations #2 SMC AS 2018-2019 Sustainability Director Brooke Harrington was recently elected as SMC AS 2019-2020 Student Trustee. Now is a good time to explore her past experiences and future goals on behalf of the […]


2018-2019 Isabel Rodriguez, A.S. President Charlene Alex Boyd, Student Trustee Hesham Jarmakani, A.S. Vice-President Isaac Maghen, Secretary Maria Damian, Budget Management Kimberly Hernandez, Student Assistance Cole Ten, Instructional Support Vacant, Student Outreach Sam Sham , Community Relations Alexa Benevente, Student Advocacy Jabria Allen, Activities Vacant, Publicity Brooke Harrington, Sustainability Daniel Cha, ICC Chair Paniz Karimpour, […]

SMC Board Meeting, capts

1 – The number of students attending the SMC Board Meeting to support California Assembly Bill 302 (a bill that would allow housing insecure students to park overnight at their community colleges) was beyond the capacity of the SMC Board Room. Students who didn’t get seats in the Board Room waited, listened to the meeting […]

A Conversation with Isabel Rodriguez, Pitch #27

Section NEWS: A Conversation with Isabel Rodriguez Proposed Deadline 4/30/2019 Story Description & Significance(Why is it important to SMC) With the elections for next year’s AS council concluding this week, now seems like a good time for The Corsair to sit down for a conversation with current AS President Isabel Rodriguez. The Corsair can ask […]