Independent Study – Spring 2020

SMC Term: Spring 2020 Course: Media 88a, Independent Study Units: 1 Instructor: Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins Student: Glenn Zucman, 1716842, Description of work to be accomplished I would like to expand my experiences in SMC J22 in Spring 2019 into longer-form Social Documentary works. During Spring 2020 I would like to identify four projects that can […]


2018-2019 Isabel Rodriguez, A.S. President Charlene Alex Boyd, Student Trustee Hesham Jarmakani, A.S. Vice-President Isaac Maghen, Secretary Maria Damian, Budget Management Kimberly Hernandez, Student Assistance Cole Ten, Instructional Support Vacant, Student Outreach Sam Sham , Community Relations Alexa Benevente, Student Advocacy Jabria Allen, Activities Vacant, Publicity Brooke Harrington, Sustainability Daniel Cha, ICC Chair Paniz Karimpour, […]

J22 Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio should be presented for grading at the end of the semester. The portfolio must contain Corsair work. The portfolio-in-progress will be reviewed mid-semester. Portfolios will be presented and critiqued during the Final Exam period at the end of the semester. Requirements The portfolio should consist of categories from the College Photographer of the […]

J22 Project Proposal

Synapse Dance Theater Story Pitch The Corsair’s foremost responsibility must be to covering the full breadth of people and activities at Santa Monica College (SMC). Additionally, when we review events we provide a document of what has passed, but we do not inform the campus community of opportunities present. Therefore, my project proposal is to […]