Status 2019

To Photograph

  • Wk 15 – Tue 28 May – GlennSMC Style / Main Campus

In Progress

  1. Corsair Conversations #2 – 4 student choreographers re Synapse
  2. KCRW’s New Home, w Martha & Yasamin
  3. Synapse Dance Theater: Jay Carlon
  4. SMC People: Katrina Preiss, anthropologist-baker


  1. New Student Services Building w/ Eric Martinez
  2. SMC Sustainability video @OLG aka "The Viewer’s Eye #1" w/ Victor Noerdlinger & Ana Durães
  3. The Reality of a Performer: Julisa Figueroa w/ Marianna Torne
  4. Metro Regional Connector w/ Michael Fanelli
  5. SMC Cosmetology: Makeup 4 Men w/ Drew Hofbauer
  6. SMC Style, w/ Jackie Sedley & Clyde Bates, Jr.
  7. SMC Board Meeting re AB 302
  8. Cross Campus CoWorking Facility, w/ Jackie Sedley
  9. Canvas is the enemy of Education
  10. SMC Eats, w/ Jackie Sedley & Siri Khalsa


  1. Corsair Conversations #4 – Christine Tai – Director of Student Outreach w/ Joshua Gonzalez, Conner Savage, Victor Nordlinger
  2. Corsair Conversations: AS Dir of Sustain/Student Trustee Brooke Harrington @ Jim Prickett Garden w/ Victor Noerdlinger, Conner Savage, Josh Gonzalez & Ana Durães
  3. SMC People: Tiffany Dong, ballerina-pharmacist w/ Tanya Barcessat
  4. Theatre: Bonnie & Clyde w Ana Durães
  5. Corsair Conversations: SMC AS President Isabel Rodriguez w/ Conner Savage & Dakota Castets-Didier
  6. Flamenco Macbeth w/ Ana Durães
  7. Where Goes the Road to Solving California’s Housing Crisis? A Keynote Discussion with Legislative Leaders @SMC PAC Broad Stage w/ Martha Ramirez
  8. La Luz de Jesus Gallery / Billy Shire w/ Stan Misraje
  9. Gone West @Troubadour w/ Casey Contreras & Nicole Washington
  10. Plastic Pollution in the Beauty Industry w/ Martha Ramirez
  11. Synapse Dance Theater: Aya Nakaguchi w/ Megan McNaughton
  12. Youth Climate Strike, LA w/ Michael Fanelli, Victor Noerdlinger, Pyper Witt
  13. LA Mode 2019 w/ Drew Hofbauer
  14. Carl’s Jr. enters the sustainable century w/ Hazel Siff
  15. Shakespeare in Love w/ Martha Ramirez
  16. Flamenco Macbeth – preview w/ Ana Durães
  17. Organic Learning Garden
  18. Erik Fine, Choreographer
  19. The Scooter Keepers