Isabel Rodriguez, A.S. President
Charlene Alex Boyd, Student Trustee
Hesham Jarmakani, A.S. Vice-President
Isaac Maghen, Secretary
Maria Damian, Budget Management
Kimberly Hernandez, Student Assistance
Cole Ten, Instructional Support
Vacant, Student Outreach
Sam Sham , Community Relations
Alexa Benevente, Student Advocacy
Jabria Allen, Activities
Vacant, Publicity
Brooke Harrington, Sustainability
Daniel Cha, ICC Chair
Paniz Karimpour, ICC Vice-Chair
Nathan Silberberg , ICC Communications Officer


President – Daniel Cha Secretary – Nathan Silberberg
Director of Budget Managment – Skander Zmerli
Director of Student Assistance – Tatiana Quiceno
D​irector of Instructional Support – Jisoo Kim
Director of Student Outreach – ​_Tafari Alan_
​Director of Community Relations – Ching Yi Yu
Director of Student Advocacy – Summer Le
Director of Activities – Carla Claure
Director of Publicity – David Alexander Contreras
Director of Sustainability – Hunter Baoengstrum
Student Trustee – ​_Brooke Harrington_

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