Independent Study – Spring 2020

SMC Term: Spring 2020 Course: Media 88a, Independent Study Units: 1 Instructor: Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins Student: Glenn Zucman, 1716842, Description of work to be accomplished I would like to expand my experiences in SMC J22 in Spring 2019 into longer-form Social Documentary works. During Spring 2020 I would like to identify four projects that can [...]

Bonnie & Clyde, capts

Val Castano, Bonnie Parker, Miami, FL, Communication & Music Ethan Eliafan, 20, Buck Barrow, Pacific Palisades, CA, Theatre & Vocal Performance Eugeniu Cuznetou, Deputy Johnson, Chisinau, Moldova, Theatre Arts Francesca Noe, 20, Blanche Barrow, San Diego, CA, Sports Medicine Joseph Martinez, 19, Clyde Barrow, Lancaster, CA, Theatre 1 - Joseph Martinez (Clyde Barrow) a theatre [...]

Gone West, capts

1 - Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat at a pre-show reception for her new band Gone West at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA on Friday, May 10, 2019. The bartender behind Caillat is Alysia Behun-Dubrall from Redding, Pennsylvania who's been bartending at The Troubadour for 17 years and still loves it. Gone West is a [...]

Student Choreographers video conversation, pitch #31

Section CULT: SMC Student Choreographers Proposed Deadline 5/31/2019 Story Description & Significance(Why is it important to SMC) Corsair Conversations #3 4 SMC Student choreographers, Julisa Figueroa, Jade James, Aya Nakaguchi, and Erik Fine have been working this semester to develop new works for the upcoming Synapse Dance Theater on SMC's Broad Stage at the end [...]

New Publication Ideas

Name ideas 4 a new publication Wombat Clever Girl You Can Read Californium Other Voices See Jane Run Monuments of Passaic Entropaedia / Entropedia Swimming Upstream Diptych Triptych Off the Record Phosphorescence Bioluminescence Issue Topic Ideas Water Climate Art in Exile Failure Pink Fear Bliss Wonder Surveillance Posthuman Concept A quarterly online publication. Each issue [...]

Bonnie & Clyde, SMC Theatre Production, pitch #30

Section CULT: Bonnie & Clyde on SMC Main Stage Proposed Deadline 5/31/2019 Story Description & Significance(Why is it important to SMC) SMC Theatre Arts Production of Bonnie & Clyde on the TA Main Stage Background Research (Doc & Links) & Possible Roadblocks Who Intend to Interview & Story Location(Where you Need to Go) Director, [...]

A Conversation with Brooke Harrington, pitch #29

Section NEWS: A Conversation with Brooke Harrington Proposed Deadline 5/31/2019 Story Description & Significance(Why is it important to SMC) Corsair Conversations #2 SMC AS 2018-2019 Sustainability Director Brooke Harrington was recently elected as SMC AS 2019-2020 Student Trustee. Now is a good time to explore her past experiences and future goals on behalf of the [...]


2018-2019 Isabel Rodriguez, A.S. President Charlene Alex Boyd, Student Trustee Hesham Jarmakani, A.S. Vice-President Isaac Maghen, Secretary Maria Damian, Budget Management Kimberly Hernandez, Student Assistance Cole Ten, Instructional Support Vacant, Student Outreach Sam Sham , Community Relations Alexa Benevente, Student Advocacy Jabria Allen, Activities Vacant, Publicity Brooke Harrington, Sustainability Daniel Cha, ICC Chair Paniz Karimpour, [...]

Julisa Figueroa, capts

Julisa Figueroa (choreographer) Giulia Perri Letxia Cordova Brittany Ganiere Noemi Nuernberger Kennadi Davis Taylor Sun Jae Young Lee Mark Tomasic 1 - Letxia Cordova, Giulia Perri, Kennadi Davis, Taylor Sun, Noemi Nuernberger, and Brittany Ganiere rehearse student choreographer Julisa Figueroa's piece for Synapse Dance Theater in SMC's Core Performance Center on Thursday, April 25, 2019. [...]

SMC Style, capts

1, 2, 3 - Quenarii Lampkin, 20, a business major from Los Angeles shows her style on the SMC Main Campus on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Lampkin said her style is simply based on "How I'm feeling in the day." (Glenn Zucman/The Corsair) 4, 5, 6 - Carlos Javier Farias Mendoza, 17, an undeclared 1st-year [...]

SMC Board Meeting, capts

1 - The number of students attending the SMC Board Meeting to support California Assembly Bill 302 (a bill that would allow housing insecure students to park overnight at their community colleges) was beyond the capacity of the SMC Board Room. Students who didn't get seats in the Board Room waited, listened to the meeting [...]

Beach Volleyball, capts

Angelina Burton, FR, 5'10", Pacific Palisades / Palisades Brianna Montgomery, FR, 5'10", Chatsworth / Louisville Brooke Michaels, FR, 5'10", Lancaster / Campbell Hall Caitlin Quijano, FR, 5'4", Brea / Brea Camilla Wilson, FR, 5'6", Los Angeles / New Roads Diana Enriquez, 5'6" Elena Eckardt, FR, 5'10", Palm Springs / Palm Springs Erika Placer, FR, 5'7", [...]