Independent Study – Spring 2020

Term: Spring 2020
Course: Media 88a, Independent Study
Units: 1
Instructor: Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins
Student: Glenn Zucman, 1716842,

Description of work to be accomplished

I would like to expand my experiences in SMC J22 in Spring 2019 into longer-form Social Documentary works. During Spring 2020 I would like to identify four projects that can be pursued across weeks or months. Some projects may be completed within the Spring 2020 term and others may run longer. All four projects should be able to be sufficiently developed within the time of SMC’s Spring 2020 Semester to submit articles for publication in The Corsair.

Possible Examples:

  • Organic Learning Garden – I learned in Spring 2019 that the SMC OLG is filled with passionate students, many of whom are crafting their own programs. One such example is SMC Anthropology major Katrina Preiss. Preiss intends to travel the world learning baking styles from many cultures with the ultimate goal of returning to California and opening her own unique bakery.
  • SMC Dance – In Spring 2019 I produced several stories and one longer-form story about choreographers and students in the SMC Dance Department. I’d like to identify a faculty member, student, or choreographer to do a long term profile of.
  • LA County Museum of Art – LACMA is about to embark on a massive campus redesign by architect Peter Zumthor. The 5-year project will see 4 existing buildings demolished to facilitate new construction including a "gallery-bridge" across Wilshire Blvd. that will allow motorists to see art on exhibition as they pass under it. I would like to begin a relationship with LACMA to document the entire 5-year project. While the full project will extend well beyond Spring Semester 2020, I anticipate enough material to be publishable in The Corsair in Spring 2020.
  • Homeboy Industries/Homegirl Cafe – For 30 years Father Greg Boyle has worked with Los Angeles’ high-risk youth, former gang members, and the recently incarcerated. Among their many slogans is "Jobs, not Jails". I would like to do a profile of the entire operation, or perhaps of the life of the public-facing Homegirl Cafe and the people building futures there.

Nature of the final report or project to be submitted

I would like to develop both "Publication" and "Gallery" tracks for these four projects. All should have, within the timeframe of Spring 2020, the ability to be publishable in The Corsair. I would also like to explore exhibiting the works as large-screen presentations in an art gallery or alternate space.

Schedule of meetings with instructor

Weekly check-in on Tuesdays during faculty office hours.

Basis for determining the final grade

Quality of the four projects submitted for publication in The Corsair.

Published by Glenn Zucman

Artist & Arts Educator based in Los Angeles.