Border Patrol
Border Patrol

Border Patrol

In 2005 Amy KnolesMartin Herman, and I produced 2 one-hour episodes of Border Patrol, “a radio conversation promoting active migration across the borders of new music” for American Public Media‘s Classical Music Initiative.

Hans Fjellestad & Ellen Weller

Border Patrol #01 – Musical Ecologies – 24 May 2005

TRT: 1:00 + 54:00

BP01-1 Billboard

BP01-2 Hans Fjellestad & Ellen Weller of Trummerflora

BP01-03 James Tenney & Lucky Mosko

Martin HermanAmy Knoles & Joshua Fried

Border Patrol #02 – Mapping Music – 31 May 2005

TRT: 1:00 + 54:00

BP02-01 Billboard

BP02-02 Eric Singer of LEMUR

BP02-03 Joshua Fried / Radio Wonderland

Stephen “Lucky” MoskoMartin Herman & James Tenney

James Tenney & Stephen “Lucky” Mosko, 9 Dec 2004, unedited

When Amy, Martin, and I interviewed James Tenney & Stephen “Lucky” Mosko in Lucky’s home studio on Thursday evening, the 9th of December 2004, we didn’t know that a year later, on 5 December 2005, Lucky would pass away and that another half year after that, on 24 August 2006, Jim would pass.

In their memories, here is our full, unedited, hour-long conversation with them.

BPxa James Tenney & Lucky Mosko – full interview, unedited, part A

BPxb James Tenney & Lucky Mosko – full interview, unedited, part B


Border Patrol by Glenn Zucman, Amy Knoles & Martin Herman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Produced for American Public Media.

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