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In our Deep Ethnography activity students try to gain some small understanding of human experience from about 40,000 years ago to about 150 years ago, before the introduction of the Electric Grid, and the Light Bulb. Here are student essays about their experience of spending one night without electricity.

Mobile Art Activity Design

Designing a Mobile Art Activity for our class:

Painting: Abstraction

Photography: Landscapes with a Corpse

In this activity my students take as inspiration Izima Kaoru’s Landscapes with a Corpse 25-year photography project. Students are invited to imagine the circumstances of their own passing.

Printmaking: Zines

Independent Studies

Social Practice

in Heidi Schuster's MP3 Experiment, about 100 CSULB students participate in a large campus performance art work
Heidi Schuster, The MP3 Experiment

Heidi Schuster, The MP3 Experiment,

My student Heidi Schuster created The MP3 Experiment, a social practice work where about 100 people participated in activities as directed by 3 different MP3 audio files that Schuster created. This project afforded Schuster the opportunity to produce audio media, to create choreography on the scale of a university campus, and to work with social practice ideas she was interested in exploring.

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