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Rhyane Shanley

Rhyane Shanley

Design for a Mobile Art Activity for our class by Rhyane Shanley.

Let’s talk about home

Whether home be a house, a person, a city, or simply somewhere you feel at ease, lets talk about it.

After coming home from college I realized how much I missed home and yet craved going back to Long Beach. Which is why I came up with this idea, I wanted to reminisce on what I considered to be my home.

3 Pix

To test this idea out I took three pictures of my town, places I have the fondest memories of, places that were addressed with home. Next I posted these pictures on Instagram for my followers to see with the same titles as seen on the photos here. I went onto to explain each photo and why it meant home to me. I was surprised by all the comments from my friends that aren’t from the valley, asking about where I live.

Photo of an agricultural valley by Rhyane Shanley

Patches of the Valley

The first photo overlooks my town, a town I consider home. I call it Patches of the Valley because of the various farmlands that make it look like a quilt with various patches all different shades and sizes. When I think of home I think of the Valley and when I think of the Valley I think of the orange trees that surround my home.

Photo of a stop light in a small town by Rhyane Shanley

One & Only

The second photo is called One and Only because this street light is literally the one and only street light in the town I grew up in! And off to the right of the photo is a street sign that says Ave 196. I lived on that street and I had the some of the fondest and saddest memories there. It is a place I will forever remember as home.

Photo of Lorena sitting on the grass in front of her house by Rhyane Shanley

Home Away From Home

The third photo shows my best friend of 11 years, Lorena, sitting outside of her house. Lorena’s house, her family, and Lorena herself, are my home away from home. She has always been there for me, her home has always been opened to me, and I am forever grateful. I mean I called her five minutes before I took this photo and said, “Hey I am coming over, I need to take a picture of you.” And her response was simply Okay. She didn’t ask why, she just trusted me. I mean how many people will give you their photo without asking why? Not many.

Image of the Slack logo

Art 110

As for our class I thought this would be a good idea for a summer activity. We take this class online, so why not share where we live. By just using our phones we can take pictures and post them on Slack. We can take turns explaining why we took these photos and why they mean home to us.

I think we will get a sense of where each of us come from, and you never know, someone might recognize a place and start a conversation.

“Home” Activity

  1. Using Slack Mobile on your phone, capture 3 pix of what means home to you.
  2. View & discuss your classmates’ pix.
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