Summer ’18 Roster

Summer ’18 Roster

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Week 1

Leave your Name and the URL of your Medium blog as a comment at the bottom of this page! 😀

Week 8

Leave your Name and the URL of your ePortfolio/Website (platform of your choice) as a comment at the bottom of this page! 🙂

Medium Blogs •|• Websites

  1. Alec Ortiz •|• Alec’s Wix
  2. Amanda Recio
  3. Bailey Gilmore •|• Bailey’s Wix
  4. Chloe Gaynor •|• Chloe’s Wix
  5. Clara (Yeunje) Kim •|• Clara’s Wix
  6. Cynthia Harris •|• Cynthia’s Wix
  7. Eric Weinhardt •|• Eric’s Wix
  8. Ericka Thomas •|• Ericka’a Carbonmade
  9. Halie Gasporra •|• Halie’s Wix
  10. Julie (Hyolim) Yoo •|• Hyolim’s Wix
  11. Kewei Pei •|• Kewei’s Wix
  12. Leighla Kennedy •|• Leighla’s WP
  13. Maggie Dague •|• Maggie’s Wix
  14. Majid Shojaei •|• Majid’s WP
  15. Maria Angrisani •|• Maria’s Wix
  16. Matthew Robert •|• Matthew’s Wix
  17. Melissa Viera •|• Melissa’s Wix
  18. Morgan Thomas •|• Morgan’s Wix
  19. Noemi Ramirez •|• Noemi’s Wix
  20. Patricia Luu •|• Patty’s Wix
  21. Thu Nguyen
  22. Vera Yangildina •|• Vera’s Wix
  23. Zachary Mercado •|• Zac’s Wix
photo of Julia Hietke holding a concrete poem
Julia Heitke, #1 Art 110 Student, Spring 2018.


  1. Cynthia Harris

    Thank you! I plan on doing a mommy and me swimming class with son who is 8 months old. I have more time to go on more adventures with him since it’s summer break! 🙂

  2. Majid Shojaei

    Majid Shojaei
    Hello Professor and all classmates. I hope everyone is great. My name is Majid and I’m a construction engineering management major. I’ll be happy to join this class and learn more about art. Currently I’m out of country visiting Asia (Philippines & China) I’ll be back in LA on June 3rd and I’m excited about this class.
    I hope to hear from you guys. Have a wonderful semester.

  3. Great, Thu! 1 class for summer is awesome! I’ve had students take 3 and even 4 classes over summer! SO much work! Sometimes they’re in a hurry to graduate, etc, so they might have to, but it’s pretty intense.

    Besides doing awesome art projects, do you have other summer plans, Thu? Work? Travel?

    I hope you enjoy the class!! 😀

  4. Welcome, Majid! Did you just leave Long Beach at the end of Spring semester? — Fast trip! Too bad you’re coming back so soon! haha — in week 9 we have a Museum Visit. There’s no shortage of great Art museums in the LA area, but it’d be cool if you had a chance to visit an Art museum in The Philippines or China. You might not since you’re returning in a few days, but just in case you want to do the museum visit in advance, here’s the info:

    Is Construction & Construction Management different in Asia & in SoCal?

    Hope to see photos of your trip on your Medium Blog or on Slack! Have a great rest of trip and a good flight home, Majid!

    1. Very cool! 🙂 I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Hawaii! 🙂 So, you’re just “visiting” Long Beach State, then. Nice. Sometimes in summer we do (obviously!) get students from other universities. Although since this class is online, IDK if you’re “at the beach” or not, haha, but anyway, great to have you on the summer art journey!

  5. Dear Professor,
    Yes I left right after my finals for two weeks. I’ve been so lucky to see different cultures and places in these two weeks. Each city and country has a different and amazing touch in every aspect of construction, culture, food and living style. I would be happy to share pictures and my experience.
    Thanks again Professor

  6. Thanks, Julie, Patricia, Bailey & Clara! You’re on the roster now! 😀
    I hope you have a fun summer and a good experience in Art 110!
    Don’t hesitate to shout if you ever have questions about anything, need help with anything, etc

  7. Wow, Week 8 already! 😀
    I hope everyone’s been having a good summer!
    This week we’re making Websites/ePortfolios with the platform of your choice.
    When you’ve got a URL for your new site, just leave a comment here with your NAME & URL
    Happy Website building!

  8. Looks great Majid! I love the photo right up front – I think this approach makes the website much more relatable and connected.

    Your LinkedIn link doesn’t work… it tries to go to a “Linkedin” page on your website:

    instead of to your actual LinkedIn page. In WP, when you make your MENU, you can choose “Custom Links” and then paste the URL for your LI page there. You can also optionally select “open link in new window” if you want them to still have your website open after going over to LI (or anywhere else)

    Your site looks great, Majid. You can, optionally, add projects you’d like to feature there as time goes by. This is what I love about the web — that it’s never finished — you can get something started and then continue to grow it over time.

  9. Thanks, Halie!
    Your site looks great! 😀

    On your Education & Experience — instead of having it be 2 columns side-by-side… you might think about making it 1 column… you might put Experience first… and then go ahead and write a sentence or two under each position talking about Responsibilities & Accomplishments there.

    Your statement is good! You might think about trying to make it even more action oriented. Maybe something along the lines of “in the classroom my goal is to meet every student at their level and help them progress to the next level. I work to make sure no one falls behind, while also striving to keep challenging students who meet the basics quickly”

    Or something like that. What you have now is strong. But if you can focus even more on Action Words and Results, so much the better. People don’t really hire us because we have passion, they hire us because we can accomplish specific goals that they need.

    Again, what I love about websites is that they’re like climbing a ladder. Every draft gets you to a certain level. And every time you can add something or refine your message, you climb another rung on the career ladder. Of course, the ladder is endless! You just keep going. Imagine how awesome your website/resume will be 10 years from now!?!? 😀

    Nice work, Halie!

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