Month: June 2014

  • Wk 6: Social Photography

    Wk 6: Social Photography

    For week 6 we’re doing our group Instagram activity and thinking about the 19th century and the work of Nikki S. Lee.

  • Wk5: Painting

    Wk5: Painting

    Our focus this week, besides Painting, The Renaissance & The Baroque, and Artist OTW Victorine Meurent, is to fine-tune our Discussion Groups a bit.

  • Venice Artwalls Summer ’14

    Venice Artwalls Summer ’14

    I metup with Amanda (and her niece) Siraj, and Julia (and her roommate) at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls yesterday. Lostone JSK was checking peeps in yesterday and he was super helpful!

  • Wk4: Drawing

    Wk4: Drawing

    Hello Everyone! Nice work with your vlogs and discussions in Week 3, and now it’s on to Middle Ages, Joseph Cornell, and Drawing our names for Week 4!

  • Wk 3: vlogging

    Wk 3: vlogging

    From Ancient Greece and Rome resonating through Western Culture for 2,000 years, to Francesca Woodman inspiring other artists, to your own “Hi, it’s me!” vlog for visitors to your website, it’s all about connections this week!

  • Wk 2: Sculpture Experience

    Wk 2: Sculpture Experience

    This week in Summer Art110 we head to the beach to try plaster casting, learn about cave art, and artist Ana Mendieta.