Wk 6: Social Photography

Wk 6: Social Photography

Wed July 2 is IG Day!!

Please snap 4 (or more) IG’s between the time you get up on Wed morning, and the time you go to bed on Wed nite.
Hashtag: #art110sum14
Full Details: Instagram Page
[box type=”alert”]NOTE: it is not enough to only post pix on Instagram. You must also “analyze” (write up) what you see in our “Giant Group Selfie” on your blog to receive points for the IG Activity. Details on your blog post are at the bottom of the IG page.[/box]

Art History: 19th Century

Art Talk #6 – The 19th Century from Glenn Zucman on Vimeo.

Discussion Questions

Your discussion on the IG Group Project should probably focus less on taking the pix, since most of us have done that before, and more on viewing the Group Creation the 26 of us make under the hashtag #art110sum14 The idea of authorship came up last week. Each of you is the “author” of an individual photo, but the thing that our collaborative 100+ photos is, who is the author of that? 26 individual people? One entity called “Art110”? Or is Glenn the author because he wrote the Activity Brief that sets all of you in motion? Or are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger the authors of our project because when they created Instagram they created the platform from which all future works flow forth?

When we say that James Joyce wrote Ulysseys, or that John Lennon & Paul McCartney wrote A Day in the Life, that seems to make sense. In an era where motion pictures are worked on by hundreds of craftspeople, and every video on YouTube is a mashup of so many cultural sources, does it still make sense to talk in terms of authors? Or curators? Or readers?

What about the money? In an art class we might think about culture, creativity and ideas, but to giant corporations and small individual artists alike, authorship has something to do with who gets the money. Is it fair to mashup work that other people invested a lot of time and money in creating? Or on the other hand when corporations practice aggressive copyright enforcement like YouTube takedowns against college students, or the RIAA suing college students, is that money and power denying a voice, denying the right to participate in culture, to individuals with less money and power?

Don’t hold back, just push things forward from Ithaca Audio on Vimeo.

Enough about the context of our Art110 Class IG Selfie! What about the Distributed, Relational, Selfie itself? What common threads do you find in the different pictures? What differences? Are they just 100+ random pix? Or, different as your lives may be, do these 100+ images define some sort of ad hoc community, some sort of ad hoc culture that connects you to 25 other people, most of whom you’ve never met F2F?

19th Century
Denis Diderot invented The Encyclopedia in 1751. Jimmy Wales & Larry Sanger invented Wikipedia 250 years later in 2001. What does Wales & Sanger’s innovation mean to your life? What might Diderot’s innovation have meant to the lives of people in the 18th century? Can you make a connection between Diderot’s innovation and your life today? What does being a student at the California State University at Long Beach mean to your life? Opportunity? The joy of knowledge? Building blocks to a career? Hoops to jump through? Irrelevant general education classes to slog through? How would your life be different if CSULB didn’t exist?

Romanticism? Realism? Impressionism? Post-Impressionism? What art has the biggest impact on you? Why? What does this work mean here in 2014? Do you think it meant something different in the 19th century?

Nikki S. Lee
Somewhat like our Instagram project, Nikki S. Lee’s photography is less about sublime aesthetic and technical achievements like Edward Weston or Robert Mapplethorpe, and more focused on Social and Relational image making. Does Nikki S. Lee’s work resonate with your life? How so? Or why not? Nikki S. Lee’s Projects seem to suggest that we have more choices in our lives than we often think. Do you think that’s true? Could you switch groups? Could you be one of them? Do you “wear” the same identity every day? Why?

screencap of Instagram page featuring a selfie of Will Smith and Justin Bieber

Artist OTW: Nikki S. Lee

Nikki S. Lee from Glenn Zucman on Vimeo.

Discussion Groups

For groups 1-5 the Group Organizers only need to start the discussion. For groups 6 & 7 you need to get in touch with your group members and find a time. But for ALL GROUPS, Organizers please send an email to your members TODAY, confirming that you’ll all be connecting at the given time. And when you send that email, please include me on your email recipient list. We’ve had some failures to connect and I’d like to monitor who’s getting the word out and who is not.

Week 6 Organizers are: Taryn, Justin, Shivam, Juston, Kelsey, Sami, Jessica!

Week 6: June 30 – July 6

Group 1: Wed July 2, 6pm

  1. Taryn Rescigno – Taryn Rescigno.com < Group Organizer
  2. Glenn Zucman – Mixed Reality.me
  3. Sadie Soto – Sadie Soto.com
  4. Emily Alpaugh – Emily Alpaugh.com
  5. Julia Meinen – Julia Meinen.com
  6. Amanda Peck – Amanda Peck.com

Group 2: Thu July 3, 2pm

  1. Justin Guiu – Justin Guiu.com < Group Organizer
  2. Kaitlin Krumwiede – Kaitlin Krum.net
  3. Andrew Jimenez – Drew Jimenez.com
  4. Siraj Aboulhosn – Siraj Aboulhosn.com

Group 3: Thu July 3, 8pm

  1. Shivam Mehta – Shiv Mehta.com < Group Organizer
  2. Heather Bencivengo – Heather Michelle Photography.net
  3. Polly Nguyen – xPolly Nguyen.com

Group 4: Sat July 5, 2pm

  1. Juston Couch – JustonKaceBlog.com < Group Organizer
  2. Kate Brogan – Kate Brogan.com
  3. Sung Hyun Han – Sung Hyun Han.com

Group 5: Sat July 5, 8pm

  1. Kelsey Hitchcock – Demeires Dose.com < Group Organizer
  2. Albert Le – Albert Le123.com
  3. Ricki Cline – Ricki Cline.com
  4. Soo Kyung “Emilie” Kim – Emilie Soo Kim.com

Group 6: TBA

  1. Sami Focarino – Samantha Focarino.com < Group Organizer
  2. Jennifer Solis – JennsLife22.com
  3. Jorge Ulloa – Georgie Ulloa.com

Group 7: TBA

  1. Jessica Garnett – JeSSS GarneTTT1.com < Group Organizer
  2. Li-Ren Chang – LiRen Chang.com
  3. Mohamed Mohideen – Shamir Mohideen.com

screencap of Miley Cyrus instagram post

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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