Wk 3: vlogging

Wk 3: vlogging

From Ancient Greece and Rome resonating through Western Culture for 2,000 years, to Francesca Woodman inspiring other artists, to your own Hi, it’s me! vlog for visitors to your website, it’s all about connections this week!

Week 2 Recap

Lots of nice work in Week 2. Cool plaster hands & feet! Nice group discussions on Cave Art & Ana Mendieta!

For most of you your website, so far, is mainly the place you post your Art110 work. Some of you are starting to make your sites your own. We looked at Sami Unfiltered last week; Amanda‘s starting to shape up what might become an active lifestyle site; Georgie‘s busy on a wrought iron site; DeMiere‘s working on her life and relationship blog; and Jenn‘s been so busy with her health & lifestyle blog! In the video below I use Jenn’s site as an example to talk about:

  • The “More” Tag (Full Posts vs Excerpts)
  • Themes
  • Categories & Menus

Week 3

Activity: vlog

This week’s Activity is to make a vlog. Our vlog isn’t a “real” vlog. Our “fake vlog” is more of a Hi, It’s Me! vlog to welcome visitors to your website. Whether you’re a Health & Lifestyle blogger, The Dean of the College of the Arts at CSULB, or the Sales Guy at a Wrought Iron company, there’s nothing like a short video filled with enthusiasm and eye contact to make peeps feel a personal connection to your website.

AH: Greece, Rome & Woodman

We’re diving into Classical art & culture this week. I’ve broken the videos into 2 parts, one for Ancient Greece, and one for Ancient Rome:

Our Artist OTW is Francesca Woodman:

Discussion Groups

My group with Georgie, Julia & Polly had a very nice video Hangout in Wk 2. Seems like a few of you might have had trouble connecting last week. My best suggestion is not to wait till the end of the week to get in touch with each other. Even if your hangout will be later in the week, get in touch right now. Don’t wait for everyone else to contact you, go ahead and contact them first! The Wk 3 Discussion Groups are now up:

And I show how to get in touch with your groupmates in the Wk1 Welcome video, from 10:45 – 12:25.

Due by Sunday night

What’s due this week?

[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]
Due: 2 Posts: Studio Art (Activity) & Art History (videos & discussion)
When: by 11:59pm on Sunday night.
Rubric: The rubric for what I’d like to see in your posts is here: Rubric for Posts

Oh, and actually most of your “Posts” are what WordPress calls “Posts.” But your About Me Page is a thing WordPress calls a “Page”! 🙂 Posts and Pages are pretty similar. You just say New > Post or New > Page from the toolbar menu in the upper-left when you’re logged in. Give a shout if you have any questions about it!

Hope your summer’s going well so far!


Next week we’ll be drawing, and the week after that we’ll be trying our hands at Graffiti Writing. You can spray paint on a piece of cardboard or wood in your backyard. But if you’re in the SoCal vicinity, you’ll have SO much more fun if you go to the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls. I’ll be at the Art Walls on Sat, June 28 from 10am – Noon if you want to say hi. Perhaps you can even carpool with a classmate to share gas, parking, and paint. BTW, the Art Walls are only open Sat & Sun from 10am to 1/2 hour before sunset. For parking there you can either park super-close for $15, or you can park pretty far on the street for free.

Have a nice week everyone!

— Glenn



  1. Hi Mr. Zucman!
    I just have a clarification on the blog for the activity this week. Do we have to write a blog talking about our video we created or does the vlog count as the blog this week?
    Thank you,
    Sadie 🙂

    1. Hi Sadie!

      Great question. As you know, most weeks you’d do, for example, your Plaster Casting Activity — then do a blog post with some photos or video of the project and a little bit of writing about your experience.

      This week is unique since the Activity is to create “Hello it’s me” video for your website. So you don’t really need to do a Blog Post saying, “I talk about myself in my video!” 🙂

      Instead of doing a Blog “Post” what you should do is make an “About” “Page.”

      Posts and Pages are pretty similar. But Posts are sort of like updates. Diaries. Today I did this. Or here’s my nutrition advice for June. Etc.

      Pages are more “static” content. Like “About Me” or “Contact Info.”

      When you’re logged in and mouse to the Upper-Left, and click on the name of your blog, “SadieSoto.com”

      You’ll see:

      SadieSoto.com > New > Post or Page, etc

      So you can make a new ABOUT page. Or your theme might have set up a generic about me page for you, so you could just edit that and put

      1. your video
      2. a little info about yourself. Whatever you choose.

      And then your About Page should be a menu choice.

      If you made a menu, you can go back and add it.
      Or if you never made a menu, it’ll just automatically add it to your menu, which is fine.

      I hope I didn’t make that MORE confusing! Anyway, LMK if you have more questions about it or need any help!

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