Week 2: Landscapes w a Corpse

Week 2: Landscapes w a Corpse

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Alexandria & Cindy smiling in CSULB School of Art classroom FA4-311
Alexandria Sandoval & Cindy Do, 1p

Welcome 2 Week 2!

You survived guys! Now that you’re on Slack & WordPress I think things will start to get easier. Thanks to all for your patience and effort in sorting out the new tools last week. I hope in the next couple of weeks you’ll start to feel that the new tools were worth learning.

Wonderful work on the Plaster Casting activity, the Discussion, and your Classmate Conversations. A few of the Classmate Conversations were really short. I said it could be casual and informal, but you should say a little in these blog posts. This week we’re on to a Photo Self-Portrait-with-a-twist project, Landscapes with a Corpse.

First Names on Slack

When I tried to grade the Art Talk OTW discussions on Slack I discovered that it was a monumental project trying to sync up all of your Slack Usernames / Internet Handles, with the CSULB Roster. Can everyone please change your Slack Name to your First Name? For most of you, that’s it. But take a look at the Roster first. If there’s someone in your same section with the same 1st name, than add an initial for your last name. So if:

  • Glenn Smith
  • Glenn Zucman

are both on the roster for 1p or both on the roster for 2:30, then use:

  • glenn_s
  • glenn_z

For most of you, you’re the only one with your 1st name, so you can just be:

  • glenn

Thanks for the changes, it’ll help a lot! For Week 1 I just went ahead and gave everyone who turned in a blog post full credit on the discussion.

Post Naming

Many of you did use correct post naming. And many of you did not. I didn’t take any points off this time for post names, but I will next week. It becomes very hard to grade with confusing post names. The format is in the syllabus:

No Late Art Talk

As you know from the syllabus, there is no late work accepted in Art110. It is extra problematic when you post late Art Talk OTW Discussions, because we get the past week and the next week mixed up. Please do not post last week discussions after midnight on Sunday.

Read the Activity Brief!

For each activity we do there is a page with full details on how and what to do. The page also tells you what to discuss in your blog post. Many of you never read this page. I read a lot of posts about not knowing what the water to plaster ratio should be or about having to Google repeatedly and watch many YouTube videos to try to figure out how to do this activity. Everything should be in the activity brief. Please read it.

Points on BeachBored

All points for Week 1 are now up on BeachBored. Be sure to check your points and know where you stand! So far we’ve had 51 points possible. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level, and how many peeps in 1p / 2:30 are currently at each grade level:

A = 46 points – 60 / 55
B = 41 points – 0 / 1
C = 36 points – 2 / 1
D = 31 points – 3 / 0
F = 30 points – 8 / 7

1p GPA = 3.49
2:30 GPA = 3.52


Here’s our current leaderboard for Week 2!

Top 5 @1pm:

  1. Sara Rivenbark, 76
  2. Maryam Takla, 76
  3. Alicia Castro, 76
  4. Kiara Lacambra, 56
  5. Lyle Adonis, 55

Top 5 @2:30:

  1. Norma Garcia, 57
  2. Jared Malabed, 57
  3. Chelsea Mallinson, 56
  4. Nestor Peralta, 55
  5. Sarina Chansy, 54
  6. Gabriella Salazar, 54

This Week

Activity: Landscapes with a Corpse

Classmate Conversation

Art Talk OTW: Mahsa Soroudi

Samples from Last Week!

Alicia painting on an exterior tile wall and smiling
Alicia Castro, 1p, painting on the Art Department walls at the Cerritos College farewell party for their old Art Department buildings!
Antonella with 2 plaster castings of her hands at Seal Beach, CA, near the Seal Beach Pier
Antonella Redekosky, 1p
Joseph & Khanh smiling in CSULB Classroom FA4-311
Joseph McEntee & Khanh Nguyen, 1p
4 plaster hands sitting on the sand at Seal Beach, CA
Ceasar Mark Nonga, 1p
image from camera pointed up showing blue sky and the tops of 2 faces wearing mirrored sunglasses
Eliza Karpel, 1p & BF Luke @Seal Beach
Pepper the dog sitting on the sand at the beach
Pepper @ Rosa’s Dog Beach. Not pictured: Erin Flores, 1p
Kaylee & Jenni turned around in their seats in FA4-311 and facing the camera
Kaylee Penaloza & Jennifer “Grumpy Jenni” Vega, 1p
plaster casting of a hand on top of an American Flag beach towel
OMG, 1st check out Kaylee Penaloza’s “interesting” plaster casting…
A woman at the Los Angeles Women's March on 21 January 2017 holding a sign that reads "A Woman's Place is in The Resistance"
…now check out this photo I shot on Jan 21 at the LA Women’s March – notice her sign that reads “A Woman’s Place is in The Resistance”. Now notice the Rebel Alliance “Starbird” logos on her poster! Coincidence? I think not! Sure looks to me like Kaylee is part of the Rebel Alliance!
2 photos of plaster cast hands, one using fine mold materials and showing great detail, and Kiara's beach project using beach sand and coarse results. The photos are labeled "expectation" and "reality"
Kiara Lacambra, 1p, got slightly different results than she expected! 😛
Makenna on the beach wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, smiling, and holding a plaster casting of her hand
Makenna LaFortune, 1p
Marilyn & Nathan in classroom FA4-311 at CSU Long Beach
Marilyn Rodriguez & Nathan Moreno
Cell phone screen capture of Siri giving a user attitude for calling her "Cortana"
Did you guys see this one? Haha! Sorry 2B such a dweeb, but it just cracks me up.
Andrew in an orange hoodie sitting on the beach and displaying a large plaster casting of his hand
Andrew Cox, 2:30
Betty on the beach holding a plaster casting of her hand
Betty Escoria, 2:30
3 people sit on the sand at the beach and hold plaster castings of their hands
Courtney Clyde & Co, 2:30
Gabriella & Mark in CSU Long Beach classroom FA4-311
Gabriella Tecun & Mark DeArtoia, 2:30
Garett & Alex in CSULB FA4-311 staring at the camera and making a 2-finger "V" sign
Garett Ramirez & Alex Gonzalez, 2:30
Jared sits on the patio with a number of plaster castings of his hands
Jared Malabed, 2:30
Sohee & Joanne in room FA4-311 at CSU Long Beach
Sohee Son & Joanne Tafalla, 2:30
Maria at Venice Beach with a plaster casting of her hand
Maria Romo, 2:30
Snapchat image of a plaster cast hand standing in the sand and with a caption, "Project Status: Complete"
Nestor Peralta, 2:30
Norma Garcia in a white sweater, smiling at the camera, and holding a large, sand-covered, plaster casting of her hand
Norma Garcia, 2:30

Through the haze of our food comas we almost forgot about our plaster castings setting in the sand! They had been sitting there for about 2 hours so they had to be ready. We carefully dug them out hoping they wouldn’t break. To my surprise, mine came out pretty nice with all five fingers still attached. You could clearly see it was a hand. I couldn’t say the same for my sister though…Unfortunately for Nathalie, the two castings she made looked like the hands of a zombie from the show The Walking Dead. The fingers all blended together and some were awkwardly large and some really short. I couldn’t stop laughing. Neither could our mom. She said they looked like something out of a scary movie. I’d show you a picture of them but I don’t want to give you nightmares. So here’s a picture of mine instead.

Norma Garcia

Miguel, Norma & Tayler in CSULB classroom FA4-311
Miguel Cabada, Norma Garcia & Tayler Martin, 2:30
Chelsea Mallinson & Ryanne Ur, 2:30
Sarina & Laura with their tongues out and wearing Snapchat dog parts
Sarina Chansy & Laura Nicassio, 2:30
Sydnie & Trevor in FA4-311 at CSULB
Sydnie Santos & Trevor Yarger, 2:30
Vicky Wu holding a plaster casting of her hand featuring all 5 fingers spread wide
Vicky Wu, 2:30

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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