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Finger Painting

Finger Painting

abstract finger painting in pink and green by Allison Cruz
Allison Cruz, 1p

FAVORITE ACTIVITY! Took my Friday night off from my usual ice skating routine to stay at home and finger paint. My fiancé left me to go still, so sitting at home alone was actually quite relaxing (no offense to him)… put some tea in the pot and lit a candle and finger painted away.

I started with the pink and soon realized that I was painting in the shape of a heart. I don’t know if it was the color or what. Then I laid the blue on top. The paint started to deteriorate so it kind of splattered everywhere when I opened it – which I was completely okay with. I loved the effect it made. I got paired with white paint so I decided to lay that on top which only made everything opaque.

I loved the other two colors together and how they moved into one another to create a shade of violet. The only thing I wish were different….I WISH I HAD MORE PAINT! Other than that, it was great and fun to take me back to my childhood as a young Picasso.

Allison Cruz

abstract finger painting by Brian Aparicio in blues and greens
Brian Aparicio, 1p

Hey! Welcome back. For this final art activity, we had finger painting to do. I thought it was really fun because it was sort of reminiscent of my childhood. Being this upcoming week is going to be finals week and most of us are going to have our heads buried in books and study guides, it felt nice to relax and just let your mind flow. The turquoise sort of color represented a sort of mellow and relaxing feeling. There aren’t many days where we can just sit and relax now because there is so much going on in our lives. I basically let my fingers paint the picture. No thoughts, no worries, just free flow. The mixture of paints gave a good mixture in my opinion. It was really enjoyable and has been one of the best activities to do because there were no restrictions and no worries whether it’d be right or wrong, pretty or ugly. This will be one of the last posts that will be going up, at least for a while. It was a fun ride, honestly. Whoever viewed, thank you. Until next time.

Bryan Aparicio

Finger painting on paper by Daniel Puentes
Daniel Puentes, 1p

This week we made abstract Finger Paintings. Our art buckets came with only 3 colors so I decided to go and grab some different colors. Finger Paintings was a pleasant experience, you weren’t trying to create anything you just painted whatever came to mind and moved your fingers whichever way you liked. Using our fingers to paint brings you more in contact with your painting so you can create what ever it is you are feeling. It was also pretty nice to take a break from finals preparations to do something fun and creative. Art is a nice break because all the these finals are just reiterations of someone else’s information when in art you are creating your own material.

Painting something without a subject was liberating. You were able to move your hands over your art in whichever way you wanted. I changed what ever I wanted and created what I wanted. Finger Painting was also nice because there was no way to mess up. I felt like I wasn’t trying to paint something but more create an experience because what you see in the painting is how I felt when I painted it.

Daniel Puentes

acrylic finger painting on paper in red, blue, and white, and with Esmeray Lopez' paint-covered hand held over the photo of the painting
Esmeray Lopez, 1p

This week’s activity seemed a tad bit childish I admit, but honestly it was really relaxing. It was supposed to be abstract and we were to “feel” the paint. So I sat there popped some headphones in and began to feel the paint. I had a bit of a hard time because one of my colors was white which really sucked but I made it work. As I began feeling the paint and frankly making a mess I felt like what I was painting was a representation of what I felt inside. Or like it was what the inside of my head looked like. Either way it was a really cool activity and I loved it!

Esmeray Lopez

acrylic finger painting on Rives BFK paper by Marcelo Ceballos
Marcelo Ceballos, 1p

I really enjoyed the art activity this week! It is possibly one of my favorite activities too. I’m not sure if its because of finals being so close or that this activity is so fun in its own right but it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I put on some music and let my hands lead the way. I’m happy with the results. Having no real subject to draw is what really makes this activity so great. Compared to the graffiti writing we did earlier on in the semester, I prefer this one because you literally get to feel the paint and your creation come to life.

Marcelo Ceballos

acrylic finger painting on paper
Patricia Arienne Avendano, 1p

I usually don’t like to paint mostly because of the pressure of having to make it look like something — I’ve never been very good at that. I’ve been wanting to get into watercolor, but haven’t gotten around to it. Doing this activity made me want to get up and start. It was fun to do because I simply did whatever I wanted to do in response to my setting: midnight in my bedroom with R&B music playing. I enjoyed every minute of it despite not knowing exactly what I was doing.

Making a painting with no subject is no doubt an inspiring and satisfying experience. I tried it out using a glove at first, but as soon as I tried it without, I realized I liked it better. I just felt the texture of the paint and went with the flow.

Patricia Arienne Avendano

swirls of finger painting in yellow, green & blue
Shalane Holm, 1p

Finger painting was very fun. I was especially pleased with the colors I was given. I received one of my favorite analogous color schemes: yellow, green, and blue. They blended to form a nice play between warmer and cooler areas. The project was quicker than I expected. I wanted to fill the whole page, but ran out of paint. This was very different than the graffiti writing, in that the paint could be shaped and manipulated. It was similar, however, to the automatic drawing project in that the image seems to just appear without over-analysis. The process was calming.

Shalane Holm

a cosmic finger painting in deep blues, purples, and magentas
Tina Tran, 1p

This week’s art activity involved Finger Painting! I really enjoyed this process, it has to be one of my favorite activities to do this whole semester, because I was able to create the painting I set out to make and the process was super fun! In this painting activity I created a galaxy sky with various dark colors in contrast with the white and shimmering blue to attract attention to the eyes. I used some of the paint provided in the Art Kit and some other that I got from my house. The process itself was very fun and messy, paint was splattered all the over the wall but luckily it was water-based. For the darker colors, I used my whole hand to scatter the paint all over the canvas, but with the white and green-colored splashes, I just simply splashed the paint all over the canvas in random places to create a less-structured piece. The whole painting came out really nice and I really liked the finished product!

Tina Tran

a dynamic finger painting on paper with a robust brown mass being swirled around by energetic blue waves of color
Erika Perez, 2:30

My first instinct was to think of something to paint on the paper just as I had to think of how I wanted to graffiti my name on the wall. Having to get out of that mind set was a bit of a transition. I used artist Alvaro Alvarez’s concept of using music to put himself in a sort of trance as he used his body to paint. It wasn’t until the third song in where I noticed my stress from finals and work had significantly dropped. This allowed me to freely go with the motions of the melodies. All in all, it was a simple and nice break from all that surrounds me at the moment.

Erika Perez

finger painting on Rives BFK paper. Short, staccato paint marks in blue, orange, and black
Jillian Ayala, 2:30

I’m glad what we had to paint was abstract because everything just flowed together. I put on some music and just started painting. I started with the orange, and used one finger. I decided I wanted to move on to blue and switched to a different finger. I used my other hand and used a couple fingers for the black paint. Then, I just looked at the overall piece and decided which color I needed more of and just kept switching off. I just did whatever I felt like doing and it was relaxing. It started off as me just wiping off the paint on my fingers but then as it progressed, I knew what I wanted to add in.

Jillian Ayala

Finger painting by Megan Salinas in staccato, abstract dashes of green and purple
Megan Salinas, 2:30

It was actually a lot of fun to just sit down and get my hands dirty with paint on an empty canvas. The colors of paint that I was supplied with in my art bag were purple, green and white. The purple and green looked really nice on the paper and the white didn’t really do much to my piece. The white paint kinda just smeared the other colors together.

As crazy as it sounds, I don’t think I finger painted as a child. So it was actually a lot of fun to sit and finger paint while listening to some of my favorite songs.

I think having no subject in this activity is what made it that much more fun. I feel like if there would have been a subject, frustration would have overcome me and I would have been over this activity real quick. But since we were able to just let our fingers run wild and do what they wanted, I enjoyed this a lot more.

Megan Salinas

finger painting on paper by Pamela Ajoste featuring a dense forest canopy of bold marks in green, red, and purple
Pamela Ajoste, 2:30

I thought this was a very interesting and fun project. I felt like a little kid again refusing to use a brush and painting with your fingers instead, and making a mess everywhere. At first I had no idea how to start. But when I placed my finger on the paper everything just went with the flow.

Painting with no subject felt liberating. It was like a stress reliever during finals week because I didn’t have to think of what to do. My fingers just went with the flow and it was fun.

Pamela Ajoste

dramatic, dynamic finger painting on paper by Raul Silva. The painting features confident paint strokes in red and purple
Raul Silva, 2:30

I Started painting at 10:35 pm in my backyard illuminated by just stringed globe lights and in the background “Achievement” by G-Easy was playing. The mood of the song made me reach for the purple since it was a very calm, cool color that resembled the mood of the lighting and the song.

After using up the purple I stepped inside to use the restroom and my mom was in the living room watching a live car chase, I sat with her and watched it for a bit. It had intense moments including high speeds, hitting a bicyclist, and ending in a crash with a civilian pickup truck blocking his path, all while having one of tires blown out. After experience this intense news story I stepped back outside to continue the painting.

Having just watched the car chase my mood was altered and was a lot more aggressive so I reached for the red and went all over the sheet of paper leaving longer, darker streaks of paint including very concentrated “hot” areas using more of my hand to get more intense streaks of paint. after this and listening to the music more I calmed down and mixed the remaining red with the white to make a pink that I would use as a shadow to both the red and purple.

This [Activity] put many things into perspective, for example things that I would see or what I was listening to would affect my painting. I can imagine how artists that spend months on a piece can maintain one mood or theme for it. Painting with no subject allowed for it to be a reflection of what was around me, unlike doing things that involve complex thoughts or a level of skill, this requires none and just demonstrates your emotions in the form of color and shape.

Raul Silva

a color field exploration as a finger painting on paper. The work features deep blues, browns and greens
Valeria Gonzalez, 2:30

This week’s art experience was extremely fun and stress relieving! The colors that I had to work with were brown, blue and green which are colors that I tend to utilize a lot whenever I paint anything found in nature. I started by laying the paper down and placing books on both sides to keep it a flat and firm surface. I then stuck my fingers into the paint tub and simply traced my fingers over the paper in a circular and oval like motion. I kept repeating similar patterns over and over again until I decided to grab some paint and flick my fingers onto the paper. This motion created a little patch of polka dots.

While I was painting, I did not care if my colors mixed together as I thought it looked better if the colors were to combine and flow with one another. As I was about to finish the paint I decided to try to use as much as possible and I tapped the whole container of paint in some places and then I used my fingers to spread the paint all over the paper. After I was done my hand were a mess, but I had a huge smile on my face. Overall, I really like my piece as it helped me relax and forget about finals for a couple of minutes.

Valeria Gonzalez

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