Zoya: last night I spoke to heaven

Last night I spoke to heaven

Love was on my mind

Rain fell as an answer

I’m no longer blind


For so long I listened

To others who said they knew

Forgetting myself

And what my heart told me to do.


— Zoya

pencil drawing of Art110 sage Zoya


3 responses to “Zoya: last night I spoke to heaven

  1. alexandrabronte Avatar

    hey i wrote that poem 🙂

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      PS: for just about everything else, I always strive to credit sources. In the case of the “Wisdom of Art 110” series, I decided not to list the authors in case any of it was at all sensitive and authors perhaps didn’t want to be cited.

      But you’re always welcome to claim your writing when you want to (or LMK if you’d rather not have something online).

      Anyway, great poem, Alex! Will I ever hear it as a song?

      PPS: I read your post about heading back to NorCal next semester. I’m sad to hear you’re leaving The Beach. 🙁 But I’m also inspired by your courage to examine your life and college situation and take control of things for yourself. As I’ve been preaching this semester, sometimes students can feel like their job in college is to do what the catalog, an advisor, or someone else tells them to do. I’m glad you’re taking the steering wheel for yourself. 😀

      We’ll miss you Alex!

      Be well.
      Do great things!
      Keep blogging!

      Good luck, Alex!

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