Tag: Jennifer Palacios

  • Wk 13 Easy Street

    Wk 13 Easy Street

    So far Art110 superstar Jennifer Palacios has earned 782 points out of 640 possible. She’s on track for a final course grade of “A++”

  • Wk 11 Fiber Art

    Wk 11 Fiber Art

    Great work last week on Location Based Gaming. Now on to Fiber Art. Plus help understanding your scores.

  • Wk5 Deep Ethnography

    Wk5 Deep Ethnography

    Awesome work with graffiti writing last week! This week we’re on to “Deep Ethnography”. Can you survive the challenge?

  • Wk 3 Social Photography

    Wk 3 Social Photography

    Nice work by everyone on last week’s Sculpture Activity. This week on to Social Photography, the SOA Galleries & Marina Barnes.