Isaac, Marie & the Red Pens

students sitting on a large stone
Isaac & Marie drawing “ID Cards” in the SOA Gallery Courtyard
close up of hands holding red ballpoint pens
Isaac bought a whole box of red ballpoint pens. So he gave Marie one. BTW, artists like Ed Fella have published whole books of ballpoint pen drawings! (Fella loves those 4-color pens with red-green-blue-black ink)
photo of 2, 4x6 index cards, each with a drawing in red ballpoint pen
Can you guess which ID Card is Isaac’s and which one is Marie’s?
drawing of a "Red Solo Cup" in red ballpoint pen
B3 – Monday – Marie
drawing of different items in balloons and floating from strings. Drawing in red ballpoint pen
B3 – Monday – Isaac

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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